Ocean of Art! Dive in and discover some amazing HIVE artists / Minnowsupport Curation Team

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Ocean of Art is a weekly curation featuring some of my favorite art finds on the HIVE blockchain! These are all voted on using msp-curation (you can follow the trail on hive.vote)! Please follow the @msp-curation account to see all the amazing posts from our curation team!

Half a Year of Dailies (Lots of High Res Pictures) by @kristyglas


Goddess of fire / Original Character Illustration by @huascargarcia


Sheep Head Demon Alien Painting by @williamlax


I create artworks (digital vídeoart, NFT) and this is my Collection: TokioLadyAliens - Digital Videoart in Tokio defrag the reality (Part II) by @nahupuku


Karma Screams by @jemzign


If you enjoyed these artists please give them a follow and some encouragement!
I would like to invite all the artists featured and those who are reading this to join the Minnowsupport Project! It's a great way to network, gain followers and chat with your peers in a more relaxed environment https://discord.gg/p5tYmdW


Wow awesome I'm very honored to being here




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Thank you for the mention!

so fun seeing them all together like that <3

There is so much good here. Holy moly.

awesome art thanks for sharing

So honored to be listed here - THANK YOU!!!