Hosting company Privex now accepts Lightning BTC payments via @v4vapp

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You can now pay Privex hosting bills with Lightning Network Bitcoin.

There's a new button on a Privex invoice:

Pay with Lightning Network (BTC)

Privex Invoice page for Lightning

That will take you to their Lightning Payment page. There's a

  • copy paste link for a lightning invoice (the text which starts lnbc...);
  • a Pay in Wallet button and a
  • QR code.

If you use any one of those, in a few seconds your invoice will be marked as paid!

I have the Alby extension installed in my browser so when I hit the Pay in Wallet button I get the popup to pay.

Paying with Alby

Paying with a mobile wallet is as simple as taking a snap of the screen. Couldn't be easier! Fantastic work over at @privex and it really shows how easy it is to accept Lightning if you're already accepting Hive or HBD.

You can pay invoices between 1,000 sats and 400,000 sats (which is 17c to around $68 at the current BTC price, I'm looking at lifting that upper limit. Currently the fees are around 0.8% + 200 sats but those may be going up very slightly soon. That fee is nearly always less than a full chain BTC transaction.

Back story

Yesterday I noticed a couple of test payments go through with @privex as the recipient. I use @privex myself for hosting all my servers which run my Witness Node and the various components of the @v4vapp service. I've used them because they accept payment in Hive and HBD natively and that's a big deal for me.

Following those couple of experimental payments, @someguy123 messaged me and within an hour or two he deployed Lightning payments live on their production system. This all uses the API I built exactly for this purpose.

The @v4vapp API is described in this Hive post. All @privex had to do was make a couple of calls to that service, ask for a fixed amount of Hive or HBD, and then show the resulting data as a QR and a link.

As soon as an invoice is paid, the @v4vapp service receives the Lightning and sends Hive as fast as it can (which is usually around 2s more details here.)


The @v4vapp service konws nothing about Privex's customers from this interchange. Privex send a one time random string which is embeded in the Lightning invoice, when the invoice is paid that string gets sent back to Privex so they know who has paid. The service doesn't have a clue!

What is Privex?

I've been using Privex for over a year now and I'm a happy customer! This is what they say about themselves:

We are Privex Inc. A small technology company that currently focuses on affordable privacy-minded infrastructure, primarily Dedicated and Virtual (VPS) Servers available in various regions of the world.

At Privex, our services are designed to protect your personal data, without breaking the bank.

We promise you'll be happy with our offerings, and if you're not, we'll give you a full refund*

Privacy Matters

Many companies handle your information as if it were their property; to be auctioned off to the highest bidder, or handed over to Government Agencies for their unlawful and invasive surveillance programs.

Unfortunately, the few companies that care about your privacy generally charge massively inflated premiums that many people can't afford, or they would rather sacrifice their privacy to save money.

We wanted to change that. Our two slogans are Privacy is Affordable and Privacy Matters, because we believe privacy is a human right; you shouldn't have to pay extra to keep your personal data safe.

What we offer

As of early 2019, we offer both dedicated and virtual servers (VPS) for a price comparable to "normal" hosting providers.

We accept various cryptocurrencies for payment, we don't demand a credit card or PayPal unlike certain other hosts, and we only ask for the bare minimum information required so that we can provide our services to you - a name and an email.

Privacy matters. Help us change the world by ordering from us.

Value for Value

For the last few months while building @v4vapp I was generously supported by the DHF. Going forward I have a much more modest support which covers direct server costs and a little of my time.

If you apprecieate the work I do on and around Hive, you can express this directly: upvoting posts on Hive is great. Also consider a direct donation (there's a Tip button on Hive or a Lightning Address) on all my posts.

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Sorry I didn’t read the fine print before acting :)
Saw the message you sent. All is good
Service works great :)
Cheers good Sir

That’s an awesome update!

A very good initiative is to maintain privacy at low cost. Because privacy is very important in these cases.

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Great work!

There is a huge opportunity to offer merchants the ability to accept Lightning payments using the @v4vapp and Hive as the backend for holding payments in HBD.

It can appear completely seamless to the Merchant (who does not even need to know about Hive) and avoids the huge mess that setting up and running a Lightning node involves. It even allows Merchants to earn 20% on a US$ equivalent (HBD).

Someone should commercialise this as a plugin to existing popular merchant payment gateways and in Africa. @mcsamm

That will be a great opportunity.

Privex is interesting. I shall have a look !

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This is really awesome to know @brianoflondon and thanks for sharing every part of it.

This is really awesome to know @brianoflondon and thanks for sharing every part of it.

Perfect timing, noticed unconfirmed transaction times are creeping up again with the recent surge in price. Good to have other channels of payment available for BTC.

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I am a fan of that hosting company and I'm so happy that they're embracing new modals of thought and financing. We need more companies to follow trendsetters such as them.

Saludos amigo me parece una excelente red para un ecosistema de Bitcoin

Saludos amigo me parece una excelente red para un ecosistema de Bitcoin.