Dramatically changing and reducing the funding request for my @v4vapp and @podping DHF proposal

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It's coming up on one month since my last DHF proposal ended and I put in a for a new one. I have picked up a large number of votes and received a great deal of positive feedback but I haven't met the threshold for funding and I want to address that and change the approach.

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Behind the scenes some people have told me they thought I was asking for too much and I've taken this on board.

A much smaller base request

I'm going to cut this proposal down to a much lower amount, $40 HBD per day as a maintenance and running costs amount. This will go toward the upkeep of around $200 worth of servers per month and 20 hours per month, 5 hours per week, at $50 per hour for my time keeping it running. I will slightly increase the exchange fee from 0.8% to 1.2% to make sure that the service is commercially viable to run in the long term.

Development and improvement

I will continue to develop software and services for Hive to the tune of much more than 5 hours per week as I have been doing for a while now, but I will produce results and then come back to the community and see if there is an appetite to fund specific piece of work. I suspect I will do this retrospectively anyway.

My main thrust continues to be to open source the back end for the Hive Lightning bridge. As soon as I'm over the hump with configuring a new computer following the total collapse of my main development machine, I'll be cleaning up the code and carefully checking for any keys before I open up the source.

There's still a lot more to do before someone else can run a service but that's where this project needs to get to.

Keeping up with Lightning

I'm also carrying on watching the Lightning and BTC Maxi world closely. The latest hot topic is Nostr and I'm paying attention to that.

If you want to experiment with Nostr yourself, I can give you a way to get a "verified" badge on your account, verified by your Hive Account.

I'd recommend going to astral.ninja and creating a public/private key pair. You can follow me via my Public key: Brian of London on Nostr. Tomorrow I'll explain how you can get the little NIP-05 Tick as a kind of verified status that points back to Hive.


Support Proposal 244 on PeakD
Support Proposal 244 with Hivesigner
Support Proposal 244 on Ecency
Vote for Brianoflondon's Witness KeyChain or HiveSigner

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What´s the point of Nostr, when we have Hive?

It's interesting especially for more ephemeral stuff but it's very crude as a basis for a social network.

What is this whole Nostr about? Is that a kind of Web3 Twitter? Heard the name there some times but didnt really care to check but now you mention it too… 🤔

I'll do a post about it soon. Too much to say in a comment.

Ok great. 👍🏻

This is a good change of strategy and an additional approach would be to add a roadmap for the project with story points of how much would take to implement. Making a poll for the community to vote and show which they consider the most important, would improve communication and reflect what the market says.

Sorry I took so long to vote. Finally got to it.

I heard of nostr but not really checked it. I think it's a decentralized network based on keypairs, not like p2p. I need to further research it now that you mentioned it !

Support the proposal, I hope that this time it will be accepted. Keep up the good work.