INCREDIBLY CREATIVE! - Reviewing and Curating Hive Bangladesh Contest Entries!

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Getting out of the box, challenging limits, and coming up with incredible ideas to tackle the prompt is the name of the game in this contest.
Hive Bangladesh has put out the first community contest, it is open to everyone. We have had some amazing entries, and while I write this description, one more entry has just been posted. Unfortunately, we won't be reviewing that on video.

But, the contest was aimed towards raising awareness about Hive, bringing light to how Hive is actually marketed vs. how it is believed to have been marketed. And get a statistic on that. It also aimed to challenge the contentors to get creative and share a post that fights the boundaries of norms and making something powerful, considering how simple the prompt is.

We wanted to know about everyone's backstory and journey. To know how Hive has come to their life and what it has brought to their lives.

In this compilation you will get to see, with me, some of the extra ordinary work put in to make amazing entries.

Looking at all the stories about how they came to know Hive was emotional, to say the least.

Some of these entries have humongous potential to onboard a lot of users if it goes viral.

Make sure you visit the posts and give them some love.

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Sotti vai sobai j eibave participate korbe eta vabi nai.
Aro valo legese sobar improvement dekhe, sobai motamuti besh valo chesta korese. Ami ashabadi samne era aro valo korbe eder sei juggota royese.

I was so amazed to see all the beautiful entries and everyone has done a really good job. Our community is new and on that point, I saw love and dedication from our members which really means to us... Thanks for overviewing most of the contest entries...

@blind-spot Thanks for your great appreciation.I really proud of this community.I am very happy to see this great entire🤝🤝

Exelente post, muy intructivo he interesante, saludos.