Finally a skincare routine that works for me

I've never been the kid who takes care of her skin like some other people would. I would take it for granted and I was lucky enough to have good skin despite just using a normal body soap on my face lol.

As I grew up, hormones change, and it gave me acne and some other zits here and then. Since I didn't have the habit of taking care of it, I would treat them temporarily and still go back to the good ol ugly habits.

Now I'm getting older and skin aging is starting, I have to take care of it to prevent developing whatever skin problems in the future.

Where to begin


Products that I have at the moment

With the amount of products in the market, it is easy to get intimidated especially when you don't know where to begin. Luckily, I was able to know about this company called The Ordinary and how they are cheap + effective in treating whatever problems you have with your skin. They sell per ingredient in every bottle unlike most products that combine these ingredients so it was really complicated at first but became really easy to understand once you get the hang of it.

I was able to research about them and I found out that you can actually email them about your skin problems (or what you want to achieve) and they will recommend you some products and an actual skincare routine.

That's what I did. You can do that on their website as well and they will reply in a few days.

My skin problems

I have a combination type of skin and it can get really oily and dry on some areas. I have a lot of dark spots from my childhood and teenage years and I also have clogged pores which are really evident.


March 2022, 2 months before I started a skincare routine

I also have a lot of texture on my skin because I like picking my pimples and whatever zits that appear (it's almost an addiction) and it was clear it's not healthy both physically and mentally.



After The Ordinary's reply to my email, I started researching about the products even more. It was really confusing at first, but slowly it became clearer to me on what to do and so I learned what to buy.

Apparently, facial cleansers aren't as simple as what I used to think. I thought any cleansers as long as it says it's for the face is good enough but big no. :O

Most skin products will only tell you its purpose but if you don't know what the ingredients are and what they are for, then it might irritate your skin especially if you use it along with other products. And that is the reason why there's so many facial cleansers in the market.

Basically, if you are planning to use an exfoliant in your routine, then you have to use a gentle cleanser. The one I used for the first two months was The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser since it doesn't complicate using with any other products.

I slowly replaced it with the Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser since I'm running out of the Squalene and it's because it wasn't really practical given how small it was and how expensive it could get compared to Cerave one. I use this as a gentle cleanser and whenever I will be using other exfoliant and acids on my face afterwards.

I also use the Cerave Renewing SA Cleanser if I'm using some more gentle products afterwards. It has salicylic acid and using other acids after this will irritate my skin so I use them both in an alternate schedule.

Morning Routine


My morning routine consists of the following (in order):

  1. The Ordinary Squalene Cleanser (or the Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser) (I use Cerave Renewing SA Cleanser if I'm not gonna use Glycolic acid)
  2. The Ordinary Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution
  3. The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics
  4. The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA
  5. The Ordinary Niacinamide 10% + Zinc 1%
  6. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA
  7. The Ordinary Mineral UV Filters SPF 30 with Antioxidants

As someone who don't know anything about skincare products prior to this, I had to constantly look on the list to follow until such time that I got used to it that I don't even look at the bottle name anymore. :D

Apparently, it's also important to wear sunscreen especially while using these in daytime as they can increase the skin's sensitivity to the sun. What only sucks about The Ordinary's sunscreen is that it gives a white glare which looks quite ugly to my brownish skin. :/

Overall, this gave my skin a refreshed and really hydrated feeling because of the Marine Hyaluronics.


I also use The Ordinary Ascorbic Acid 8% + Alpha Arbutin 2% from time to time but I don't really know how to use it so I prefer to follow my usual routine first.

Night Routine


  1. Cerave Foaming Facial Cleanser
  2. The Ordinary Marine Hyaluronics
  3. The Ordinary Alpha Arbutin 2% + HA
  4. The Ordinary Mandelic Acid 10% + HA
  5. The Ordinary Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA

This is the time to use exfoliants since there's no sun. :P I really love the effect of Mandelic Acid on my skin as it balances my skin tone and calms down the irregular texture due to my small scars.


I also use this The Ordinary AHA 30% BHA 2% Peeling Solution once a week to exfoliate the skin. It's really strong and has to be used alone as it will irritate the skin if there's other product present (aside probably from a moisturizer) but it really works well on my skin. It deep cleans it and somehow "dissolves" the oil clogged in my pores and it gives my skin a shiny look and soft feel immediately after using it. I have read there are a lot of people who experience intense stinging, irritation, and even burning of the skin and I am lucky enough to be able to tolerate this. Doing a patch test is really important!

My skin now after 4 months of use


It has now been 4 months since I started using these products and they are ALL worth it! I don't actually use it strictly like day and night because sometimes I get lazy to wash my face but most of the time I can complete the routine.

It made my skin breathe by unclogging the pores and the appearance of some random zits are now less. My skin texture is a lot smoother and I can clearly see that it has become healthy which I really love. There are still a lot of dark spots but I don't know if these products will be able to totally erase them since they are literally decades old but some of the most recent ones are gone.

It gave me a brighter and glowy skin tone as well. :D

I still have blackheads on my nose tho cos I don't really wanna touch it cos I easily wound them if I try to pick them out myself - I don't know the proper method of removing them. The exfoliants helped with making them less tho.

It also helped me mentally since I was able to develop good habits and discipline with washing. I also don't have that urge to pick my face now which is also nice.

I know it has been 4 months but I am really positive and confident for this to continue improving in the next months. If you have the same problems with me (clogged pores, dark spots, uneven skin tone and texture) then you can start researching these products as well and see if the routine works for you.

What is your skin care routine?


My routine is just water. I am basic

Quite same :) I would almost say primitive ^^

You can't go wrong with water.

Haha yeah sometimes I wonder how other people have nice and clear skin even if they literally don’t do anything! Might be your genes! :D

But yeah water also really helps a lot and I forgot to mention that I need to increase my water intake!

Lol you're so lucky

I know thar CeraVe is really hydrating, I am suprised it works well for more oily skin, I would totally break out if I would put any moisturizer on my skin as I had acne.
I have heard about the Ordinary products.

The glicolic acid does wonders. I have also struggled to find a sunscreen cream without white marks. Still did not find, most of them are like that.
For the moment I stick to La Roche posay, Paula's Choice.
Clay masks are awesome if you have time to do them and wait until they dry on your face.

Yeah Cerave is on more popular section and I’ve seen a lot of people recommend it and it works well on me too. I heard some sunscreen that doesn’t give a white cast but I forgot the name hahah. Surprisingly enough those sunscreen that I bought for swimming don’t actually give a white cast. I have one I bought from a convenience store too but it has Vit C in it so it was not easy wearing it.
Hmm the La Roche Posay looks like the one I saw though but I could be wrong as there are a lot of sunscreens that are orange🤣

I stopped using clay mask as I’ve been too lazy hahah but I don’t know how to use it now that I use other products as well, might complicate things🤔

I am in the club of the lazy ones... 😔
So for me your routine looks like science combined with persistence 🙌

The only thing I remember is to put anti-age face sunscreen during the summer, as I noticed some darker spots around my eyes and above my lips (after being exposed to sun).

Well done for you and achieved results 😃 and don't stop :))

A lot of science indeed 🤣 haha I guess if you have no skin problems then being lazy will be good. Like they said if it’s not broken don’t fix it or smthing.

if only there would be a treatment for getting more time...? then I would definitely try it, as seems that it is broken - the clock just eats up all the hours and days 😱😑

I really don't have a skin care routine, but I have a product that worked for me. It worked but I was so lazy. Plus I always go out, in the mountains or in the sea, so it felt like there's no effect. 😂

Glad you found the products that really worked for you. It's a different feeling to see some positive changes to your skin after using a product for a while.

Right?? Laziness is real with me as well before this hahaha. Thank you! It really does make you happy especially when all the hours of research you spent was worth it.

Wooow, tienes una amplia variedad de productos para el cuidado de tu piel, realmente pasaste de un extremo a otro y en tu piel se notan esos resultados. Con respecto a la puntos negros que comentas, aunque con los exfoliantes se hace una parte de trabajo yo suelo visitar al esteticista al menos una vez al año para eliminar la impurezas más profundas.

Gracias por contarnos tu experiencia.

Thank you! My first visit to a beauty salon for an extraction… it was painful! Hahah it didn’t scar afterwards though which is great cos they follow the proper way of doing it. But you’re right I should do it soon as well since I don’t want to risk scarring

Sin dudas cuando toca extraer algunos puntos negros que están muy profundos causa un poco de sufrimiento, pero al final vale la pena por un rostro libre de impurezas.

I like the results you got, I have the same problem of not being able to leave my face alone, and wanting to remove every little thing that I see that appears, I understand that there are treatments to erase old acne marks, my dermatologist told me but I know They need some conditions and care afterwards.

Seems like you really found what works for you the best, that’s nice ;)

My girlfriend use quite a small range every morning and before bed, and the only thing I join her sometimes, is washing my face with orange tree flower water, love that smell and as we keep it in the fridge, the cold effects on skin !

Oh right haha I also read that some actually keep their products in the fridge. Aside from feeling nice, I wonder if it has some other effects like in pores or better absorption? 🤔 I can imagine how nice it would be in the face tho :D

So I don't really know, it cleans very well but I guess like cold showers, it firms up :)

FFS. How am I supposed to write a meaningful comment on this post? Pfft

Hahah maybe compliment my photographs instead or something, I think they look better than my other product pics cos I was using a flash 😎

I really like inkey list products...they are not pricey pretty compared to the ordinary. there are tons of videos in youtube comparing both brands, I never tried the ordinary, but since it worked with inkey list i kept with it! I had lots of problems with redness and dryness in my nose zone.

I honestly just heard about The Inkey List on @wolfofnostreet post, they aren’t quite popular here. Nice to see that there’s also cheaper alternatives that works, I thought The Ordinary is the cheapest but decent one. Happy to hear it works for you :D

Damn we have opposite, I have really oily nose. I don’t think I’ve ever met someone with a dry nose so I didn’t think that’s possible

My skin is terrible it took a while to understand what was the best product… most of the products that you use will just make my skin more red and dry lol! After watching some youtube channels i learned a bit more… i recommend looking for dr dray and cassandra bankston( she has also a oily skin and uses a lot the ordinary)

I watch Cassandra too and she helped me a lot with understanding as well! That must have been really terrible buying something and turns out it irritates you :/

The Ordinary is cheaper than the Inkey List over here but every store I checked was out of stock. But I think Inkey List is great and affordable too.

The ordinary is the best!!! 💛

Yeah!! 🥰


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My daily routine is the same as @derangedvisions. I use soap with water too hahaha. My skin gets oily very fast and soon I will have to see a doctor about it.

By the way, about the ingredients you used, they were a bit too much for me. Too much even! I don't know how you use all those things every day, but it must take you an hour to apply them all.

Hahah it just takes like 5 minutes as you can layer them in an instant. I also don’t apply much, just enough to be absorbed. I also found it “too much” at first like how can the skin take all that but then I remember some products even have a mix of these ingredients in one, so you can just imagine I’m just putting my own recipe on my face :D

You need to see a doctor? :o it bothers you too much I guess? Or did it cause you some other skin problems too?

Putting your own recipe on your face sounds good, but 5 minutes? Five minutes in the morning and evening is too little. At least you don't spend hours.

It bothers me, actually people say it's very healthy and I'll age late. But it can be annoying to see my hair oily in 12 hours. So I have to do it.

Yeah haha but the research took me countless hours tho.

Hmm yeah if it bothers you better to check it and maybe prevent some future problems.

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Your stash is so beautiful...I want 😩 I really want to try the Cerave foaming cleanser

Your skin is glowing and clearer for sure, your money's working 😁

Thank you! Hahah yeah the money and time was worth it. They aren’t a joke but I’m glad I took the more affordable brands and they still worked. The Ceraves were expensive tho but they work! Hopefully you can try the foaming cleanser soon, it’s really good - cleanses well and has hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, it hydrates my skin even more. :D

That's a lot of products :)
Your photography presentation is stunning. It's weird but I love the fonts used on the bottles. It gives it a very modern feel.

Thank you! Yeah they are nice especially the overall packaging design of The Ordinary ones. No bullshit, just put the text in there and get on with it. 🤣