Is it Love, Actually?

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I wanted to take some moments before the day was done to reflect. I needed to center my thoughts on the things in life, I love my life most days, and, there is much to love. I had a lot of messages that I was reading from the weekend, playing catch up, my morning coffee, and I. Looking beyond all this, the perfect day, for a perfect day, smiles back at me. How can you not be touched beyond words at so many giving pleasure? Thank you, beyond measure, for all that were thinking of me at this time. I have found through time that I love people. It has nothing to do with money or where they come from, it has everything to do with their heart. I am not looking for perfection, my friends come from all walks of life. There is no agenda, which makes it all the better. Only then can it be people to people. When you actually think about it, being able to reach across the globe to see how you are today, as an everyday occurrence, gives us the power to spread, ever-so-randomly, wonderful seeds of kindness.

I love you.png

Whenever I get gloomy with the state of the world, I think about the arrivals gate at Heathrow Airport. General opinion's starting to make out that we live in a world of hatred and greed, but I don't see that. It seems to me that love is everywhere. Often, it's not particularly dignified or newsworthy, but it's always there. Fathers and sons, mothers and daughters, husbands and wives, boyfriends, girlfriends, old friends. When the planes hit the Twin Towers, as far as I know, none of the phone calls from the people on board were messages of hate or revenge - they were all messages of love. If you look for it, I've got a sneaking suspicion... love actually is all around.
"Love Actually"

I love that movie!
I think I want to watch it again!
Who's in?? Raise your hand!


Never forget the joy in what you’re doing, even the simplest things, making the most of every experience, making all of your moments count for something.

On my day off, I drove a few hours to see someone I had never seen that had become very ill. It was an afternoon to me, but, it was a lifeline to her. Someone cared. It felt good to me too, it went both ways. Something so small, I might not have done it, but swap places with her, being mostly alone and sick and afraid. Reach out and touch someone.

Heart Vine (L).png

Kindness counts. Wherever you are, whatever you do.


Located inside the walls of the city, looking out towards San Juan Bay, in San Juan. Puerto Rico is the four bronze statues that are called La Rogativa or translated into English, The Procession. According to legend, a Catholic bishop and his companions paraded through the streets during a British invasion. Spanish reinforcements were unable to access this area by land and the governor ordered a religious procession, praying to the saints for their help. The Bishop was joined by men and women of the city, holding their crosses and chanting hymns to the saints. The British retreated, thinking reinforcements were called to protect San Juan. The sculpture was created by Lindsay Daen in 1971 to commemorate San Juan’s 450th-anniversary.

Teamwork! Working together, we can achieve surprising goals!


I promised I would try to remember to post one Christmas picture each time I posted. Just to keep the count going, there are 73 days 23 hours 29 minutes, and 49 seconds.

All I have are my words, armed in my mind, written in pen, stand by stand. Oh, yes. Still by hand. It has a different feel. Altered not by keys, backspace, and delete, I write, erase, tear it to pieces and start all over again. And again.

It’s my way. I walk out to the deep end of the page and dive right in.


May there always be a flower to color your world. #alwaysaflower .... And jut like that , this post is over! Come back tomorrow and we will do it again!

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The Naming of Cats

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn’t just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I’m as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.

TS Elliot

#TeamUSA is a growing community of quality-content people from the United States or those living here. Check us out on Discord!

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It is all about the love in the end. It's like the blue sky really. We feel your love too, beauty:)

It really is, isn't it? It's as plain as the nose on our faces. Can you tell me why it is so hard for some to see? Good morning, my friend.

Love is all around us. I can feel you from here. ❤️

Suffering gets in the way.

I so agree with what your saying to break this cycle of anger and hate that is all around these days especially on news and social media we need to focus on love and compassion

This post has me thinking about random acts of kindness we need more of them in the world which may lead a change and we all have to do our part

We really do, don't we? We do need a few more random acts of kindness, genuine and true. It cannot help but change the heart, in some little way.

I have never understood people that are mean-spirited to others. If everyone does a small part, you would see a definite change. How could you not?

Good morning from here!

Exactly I to can not understand mean spirited people

What a post and what a sculpture!

You are such a bastion of hope and positivity on the blockchain! Bravo!

A honest, genuine and true compliment to Denise. I wish that I could give you more with my upvote than $0.016, but this is the value of my current 100% upvote. Recently I upvoted many posts and comments, and my voting power went down to 63.76%. I really need to wait for it to recharge, which takes 1 day, 19 hours, 29 minutes. At least I can give you some !PIZZA. Have a wonderful day. All the best.

It's not about the upvote with me. It is the honest, genuine words. I don't care if you have five dollars or $500,000!

It's not about the voting power either. After #MarketFriday I had less than 50% ... Harsh, but, that is the way it always is. I need to choose to control it better or skimp on the rewards.. I thank you for your thoughts, not your money. :)

What a great comment @zekepickleman!
You and your words just made my night! Thank you so much!

How special that you could brighten her life Denise! What grabbed me, seeing that quick selfie, is the beautiful splash of colour on your clothing. It is how I imagine you. A kaleidoscope of colour despite any gloomy feelings you may hide you show such a glow of colour to others. Hive's very own sweet @dswigle!

A kaleidoscope of colour despite any gloomy feelings

I love that you think that! It makes me feel extra bright and happy today!! I tend to dress colorful, just like my flowers, the colors make me deliriously happy. 💖 I am usually pretty transparent on my feelings if I feel out of sorts or a little down. But, if it is a little melancholy, I probably don't shout it out. :)

Thank you, always. Your comments add so much joy to my post.

Have an amazing day, you and the whole family. 💖

Thank you Denise! Which is probably why you always(love)aflower! They are bright and happy. Plus they seem so strong in their delicacy. Colour is also an integral part of my day and my clothing! I often dress according to the colour I feel - or want to feel. I see from your posts that you express your feelings often and eloquently

Often, but not always as eloquently as I should. Sometimes, I just lay it all out there.

But, you are right! Color is my thing and I do like to make good use of it.

Nothing like someone else's big troubles to take our mind off our own. Makes ours shrink to a very manageable size most times.... right??

Still loving those painted cans. I wonder if this will be the year I finish my nutcracker painting... hmmm... if so, I better start now....LOL.... I have still put it out some years in it's half finished state and have still enjoyed it. I don't know when I started it, but at least 5 or 6 years ago. Yep... it's still hanging around after all that time. heh...

As an idea in your spare time, I saw last year where someone had taken cheap or old nutcrackers and repainted them in fun colors. I wish I had seen that before I passed on most of mine. I only have 5 or six now and those are the ones that other's gave me, so they have sentimental attachment.

Oh!!! What a great idea! I have seen some pretty old ones that have lost their wow. I never thought of that, but, I am guessing it would have to be sanded down a bit so that paint would stick to it. The ones I am talking about are the cheaper version of the nutcrackers and are all machine-done.

Okay... really cheap! I wonder if it would work on those? Spare time? You did not seriously use that term. Do you have some time I could possibly buy? :)

I remember when you started the nutcracker painting and I am guessing it is five years or more. It was before steemitthe other place, and I was still tooling around with facebook,the other place.

... yeah... yeah... that WAS when I started it. LOL

..and yeah... the spare time bit was suppose to make you laugh.... I know it did me !

I guess I was thinking that if a nut cracker was old, maybe even a little broken or very cheap, you would not be too concerned how the painting held up if you were making it look crazy and maybe adding some fake bling.

I say that and I find that one of my flaws has been that I wanted everything I did (or bought)to be able to last forever. Learning and accepting that some things are ok, like funny painted nutcrackers, if they only do well a couple of years. I mean, if you are not taking a grand amount of time crazying them up.

With my mad skilz? No. They are lucky they are not tossed in the trash usually. :) Although, my sisters still like them.

The spare time did make me laugh! Can't you hear me from there? It's not like you are across the continent or anything. So, seriously, do you know where I can buy more time?

If only I could sell you some. I waste so much of mine. LOL !!

I know, it could make you want to slap me, but I do !

The point is, the crackers are not supposed to be painted with mad skilz.... just fun skilz and I know you have those. You could even glue something ridiculous in their hands. So many things could be done. We'll see if I find an el-cheapo or too somewhere to desecrate ... I mean... fix up. ha ha Bad thing is, so many these days aren't even all wood.... oh well.. .it was just an idea I thought you might think was fun. Maybe you gather a few cheapys, put out all your craft doodads and make it family time where everyone gets to go crazy on one.

Oh! Yes! A slap is needed, but, I will not be pushed to violence. Today. :)

I think you hit the nail on the head. All of the nutcrackers I had and grew up with were wood and it seems that the manufacturers do their best to find something other than that to make them. Some are not even paintable, but, I bet I could use a magic marker on them! LOL

It is a great idea. We should hold a contest on the best redo of a nutcracker! :)

Wouldn't that be fun ??

I saw some in the last few years that were not the redone one, but new ones that had pompoms and cheap glitter and stuff and although I could see the draw in a way, I thought, those will never last nicely like the wooden ones have.... and I am just SURE I am right about that....LOL

No violence..... not even a thump..... you need to go check... I think you might have a fever.

ha ha


Lol... is it okay if I just think about the thump?

Ticky-tacky. That is what I say to those crackers!

Living by your words is a virtue that you're always practicing. I often see the following two words appear, kindness counts. They may seem like a nice thing to say but putting them into practice is another thing. I hope you two had a nice visit and I wish we can all have someone like yourself do this for us when it's most needed.

These type of acts come back to you in the most unexpected ways.

Thank you so much for your kind words. I do say that a lot, maybe even too much, but, it is so very true. If in doubt, use the kinder remark, tone, even thought. I did have a nice visit and she is leaving the hospital soon, so that is a bonus.

It's funny that you should say that:

These type of acts come back to you in the most unexpected ways.

Yes! I admit to receiving a major one last week! Thank you, always. You leave the nicest comments. Always!

Reach out and touch someone.

You surely do it every day. Mostly with your warm and kind words, and today also by giving me $3 HBD. I am very grateful and very happy. Thank you so much again. I wish a wonderful day to you, and to everyone else. All the best.

You are welcome! It is my pleasure to stick little gifts in here and there. It is part of my fun in life. Someone did it to me when I first came to the blockchain and I can remember the feeling. It never gets old. Give of oneself in one way or other.

Then pass it on ... and on... and on... It never has to be money, but, it always has to be given with the heart.

Your friend appreciates the concrete way you have shown her that you care.
And when you can't see her, she knows that you pray for her!
Bless you, @dswigle !

Blessing to you,my friend. xo

Kindness counts

I couldn't agree more. Your posts are always refreshing and inspiring. I'm sorry about your friend and hope she gets well soon.

Indeed, love is all around us and sometimes, it takes a crisis to bring this emotion to light. But it's there. Reaching out to know how our friends are doing is a sign of care and love. I always watch the movie Love Actually every Christmas! 😄

... my friends come from all walks of life.

I like this! 😊 Have a great day, ma'am.

Isn't that the best movie? I know it's silly, but, I watch it every Christmas too. Sometimes during the year. There is something about people reaching out to people that touches my heart.

Kindness does count, doesn't it? If we all just used a little bit of kindness and tolerance, the world would be a better place. I hope you have a great day too!

Great post. Lovely couple.

Is that flower shot yours?

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Wow,very intelligence post and beautiful too.i learn something new everyday from your amazing post.thank you

Wherever one might happen to travel in the world, despite political or even religious differences, the vast majority of people really are the same and want the same things: peace, a good life, and a better life for their children than what they themselves have had.

I've been having some Life Issues here at home, and have been trying to remind myself - and my boys - that as contrary as it might seem, the day is lifted just by the simple act of being kind to someone else. A complete stranger. Seriously. Hold a door open for someone and give them a smile. They'll appreciate and smile back, and it will make the day all that much better.

And then celebrate by petting a dog and the day continues to improve. It's hard to be sad when there's a dog with wag. (I need to make that a t-shirt)

I think you need to coin that phrase! It's hard to be sad when there's a dog with wag. Absolutely brilliant!

Do it!!

I absolutely agree that there is so much the same in the world of people. No matter where I have been, there seems to be the same basic needs, it just shows up in different ways. I think my world shattered with 9/11 because I could not grasp that kind of hatred. I did not understand where this all came from, this feeling of wanting to decimate another. Like you, I believed that reaching out to touch my fellow man could change the world.

I still believe that my day is better by doing for others, and I think that there is no changing my thoughts on that. I can see firsthand how much good it does, not only to myself but eventually to the people that you reach out to. It is hard to ignore someone who consistently is nice to you. Besides, it still makes my heart feel good. You are an exceedingly good father, understanding more about teaching young people how to set their Arrow straight. I wish you everything good in life, because you certainly deserve it. Have an awesome day! And thank you, always, for stopping by.

Bang, I did it again... I just rehived your post!






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Thanks for the LUV!

Thank you for the repost @pixresteemer! Much appreciated by me!