2022 Reflections


This has become one of my favorite traditions on Hive.

I don’t per se make new year resolutions but I do take the time to reflect on the past year to help determine what I have learned, how I’ve grown and in what ways I can improve. I also like to process the happenings that went on around me and in the world. I love doing all of this right here with you.

I decided to keep the same style or theme I did last year since this will be an ongoing tradition of mine.

You’ll see a series of collages with the photos I have taken throughout the year. Most of them might be familiar to you since they were used in previous publications.

Honestly with how busy things have been in my life I’m just glad to be able to reserve this time to share with you 🤗. I hope you enjoy reading this reflection.

Hιve αɴd Me


You see, Hive and I go way back…like way way back 6 years ago. 🥹

I have to admit that it was pretty epic celebrating that longevity this year 😎! It wouldn’t have been the same without you joining in to help me celebrate.

Throughout that time I’ve been so passionate and motivated to get creative and explore different areas I never thought I’d dabble with. There were times I was so exhausted but didn’t let it stop me from taking photos and setting up a post to share with you.

Not only has Hive been a place of leisure and learning but it has been a financial haven that has helped get my family out of a bind…on more than one occasion. I will forever be grateful for this outlet.

My focus now is building up my wallet savings and raising my HP to have a better vote weight.

With all that said my priorities have changed quite a bit. We’ll get into details a bit later but those new priorities have lessened my time to be present here. 😢

Due to having less time Hiving I feel I’m just on the surface of things trying to keep up and stay connected. This is way different from how it used to be when I was consistently in the know and was able to catch your posts more often.

Does it sound crazy for me to say “I feel like we aren’t as close any more?

Seriously, you know how it is when you have all the time in the world to go through post after post keeping up with folks. This is how we get to know each other and closely connect. Well, when you don’t have all that time to be here you kind of loose touch and feel like you really don’t know what’s going on any more.

At least this is how I feel. ☹️

It’s crazy when something has become so much a part of your life that when it’s not as prevalent you began to feel a big part is missing. Maybe it’s because I don’t just consider myself a blogger here but I have accumulated quite a bit of responsibility and work within the platform. I feel a sense of obligation which I have spoken about before.

For 2023 I can’t say how much I plan on being here or even go as far as setting a frequent goal but I will say that when I’m here I’m here. This means I will:

• Continue to put my heart and soul into every publication I make
• Take care to thoroughly read and genuinely respond to your posts/comments/messages
• Actively support and curate your posts especially with nominating them for OCD curation. ❤️

All Aвoυт тнαт Hoмe Lιғe


It’s getting real y’all.

The luxury of being a SAHM has been quite an amazing journey. Being able to homeschool and do all the things a housewife does is really incomparable.

Can you tell I love my job? 😁

I haven’t worked outside the home (a clock in job) in over 12 years.

However, with prices rising and necessities increasing with growing kids we’ve had to shift our financial plan. I won’t go into details here since I already laid it all out in my DoorDash post. If you missed it make sure to hop on over there next to get caught up.

Anyhoo, DoorDashing is what is taking up my free time as I briefly mentioned above. It has become a priority, a family need and a blessing.

By the time I am done homeschooling and doing housework, dashing and cooking dinner I AM DONE! I’m pooped my friends. Drained of any creativity that might have wanted to come out in a post. 😫

It’s real. The motivation for posting is really hard to come by without my daily nap. I don’t even want to think of taking photos or trying to formulate a plan for a publication.

It does sadden me because this has been what I’ve done for the past six years. Even between me taking breaks here and there I am always ready to come back with new ideas and inspirations. Sadly, that’s not the case right now.

Literally, by the time you read this post I would have worked on it for several days compared to my thoughts just coming out fluently and writing up a post within a day or two. When your brain and body are tired it’s hard to create. I was determined to prepare this post no matter how much rest I was able to get lol.

In all honesty though I miss being more active here what I’ve been doing in my spare time has tremendously helped my family. This is the way it will be for now as we continue to try making ends meet. As circumstances in life change we have to adjust for the betterment of our loved ones.

Home life is great though. Things won’t always come easy and sometime we each have to have our fair share of toil and sweat. I have no regrets about getting out the house to support my husband in providing for our family. ☺️

Wнαт ιɴ тнe World?


When all else fails…COFFEE!

When all hope seems lost…COFFEE!

When confusion hits hard…COFFEE! 😜

Lately coffee has been a close companion of mine.

We were gifted with a new Keurig machine and I purchased a carousel holder for our pods. Although the world may change I can depend on my trusted cup of coffee to stay the same…DELICIOUS! 😋

With that established, it seems things have slowed and calmed down over on my side of the globe. I’m noticing more and more people showing their faces and leaving their masks at home. I’ve also spotted an increase in personal contact.

I can say that it is good to see people greet each other again in a not so frightened way.

I’ve also noticed the grocery shelves looking rather bare again. I’m hoping we are not heading into some kind of black winter where things won’t be readily available. It takes a bit longer to stock up our deep freezer and pantry these days.

Along with that we have all experienced the bear crypto market. It seems for most of this year that’s what it’s been. Come on 2023 please do us right. 🫣

I’m really hoping for a rise in crypto value but not looking forward to seeing cost of living keep skyrocketing. 🥴

As the jewelry states above I strongly believe the former will actually happen.

Rise on beautiful crypto, rise on! 💪🏽📈

It’s been fun hanging out with you as I reflect on this past year. I am always looking forward to what a new year can bring.

I wish my Hive Family a year full of good health, peace and prosperity!

I hope that when you take the time to reflect you will be able to celebrate your growth and success in all areas of life for 2022. Celebrate the victories and appreciate the trials and tribulations as they continue to make us wiser and stronger. Be sure to help others along the way as you share your experiences and lessons.

You just never know who you might bless just by telling your story. 😊


May you each have a Blessed and Wonderful New Year full of love, excitement and adventure ~ 💓🎉

Goodbye 2022! Hello 2023! 👋🏽

God Bless and Keep You!

With Love,



We're in so many different parts of the world here, yet I think that many are experiencing similar shifts in their lives and seeing similar things happening in the economy. Empty shelves is definitely becoming more and more common. Taking on extra work where we can is too.

I guess even keeping that small presence keeps those connections here though. I'm glad we can still reach out to one another.

You're absolutely right. There is definitely a commonality in what many are facing right now.

I am also glad we still get to reach out to one another. Even if it is just for small portions a week. Thanks so much for your input, it made me feel better ~ ☺️😘

I love this post, I feel identified with some of your reflections.
Working at home is nice but also is a 24/7 job.
Coffee is also my friend, it always supports and helps me to continuou.
I really admire you, as a woman, mother and blogger,
Thanks a lot for your friendship.
Blessings for you and all your family.

Working at home is nice but also is a 24/7 job.

This couldn’t be more true. I feel my work never ends at home. It is truly a 24/7 job.

Gotta love our coffee companion! ☕️😍

Thanks so much sweet friend. I have really enjoyed getting to know you better throughout this year and working closely with you here on Hive. I admire you as well. Your friendship, creativity and support are greatly appreciated ~ ❤️

Blessings to you and yours as well!

I can’t imagine the stress being a SAHM comes with, but from this post, I’ve gotten a bit of enlightenment how energy draining it can get. You’re doing a great job sheille, and we’re happy to have you around as often as you can be. Just keep doing you and come back to us whenever you can. That is enough.😁

I hope the crypto market get’s better too, but it’s not looking like it will any time soon. But we can only hope. 2023 hopefully will be a better year in all prospects. Have a great ‘23!

Yes, it's very draining. On top of the many things we have to do we also get emotionally drained with whiny kids that like to argue with their siblings all day lol. 😅

I really appreciate your comment. I will definitely be here as often as I can. 😊

I hope the crypto market get’s better too, but it’s not looking like it will any time soon. But we can only hope.

These are exactly my thoughts. I truly believe it will get better but how soon is the question. Hopefully sooner than later 🙏🏽.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope you have an amazing 23’!!

Love those collages 😊

My focus now is building up my wallet savings and raising my HP to have a better vote weight.

Same goal this year. I also want to save more HIVE for trading.

We’ll get into details a biworldter buttakesse new priorities have lessened my time to be present here. 😢

My work in the real word often take much of my time...of course, it's my priority than blogging. So if I am not online or my power vote is full, that means I have a lot on my plate.

Happy new year in advance 😊

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Thanks Jane! I'm glad you loved the collages. 😊

So cool we have similar goals.

of course, it's my priority than blogging

Absolutely. This is exactly my situation now as well.

Thank you! I hope you have a marvelous New Year ~ 💗

Looks like you have a great plan going on - Door Dash sounds pretty fun. Nothing like that really exists around here except in the bigger cities. There might be a delivery guy here where we live, but I haven't ever used him! Anyway, you do sound busy, but I'm glad you're able to get on here on occasion and make a post! I hope you had a great Christmas and blessings on your New Year!

Even though it's work I do actually enjoy it. It's a time for me to get away from the house and all the cares. I have found so many new food places I didn't even know exists while Dashing.

Thanks, I'm glad to. I need to be more thankful for the time I do get to get on. 😊

Same to you my friend. Many blessings on your New Year!!

The hive platform have been so great with the positive impact it have showcase in most people's lives in the blockchain. I have always appreciate been here and very much excited to meet new friends which is very nice. I appreciate you @crosheille with every impact you've showcase in the platform and I say a very big thank you to that.

The reasons you stated are the very ones that make me so sad for not being able to be as active. This platform literally became my second home...it's been a little hard adjusting to this change.

I always appreciate you taking the time to read my posts and comment. I hope you and your family have such a wonderful and blessed new year!!

It have always been my pleasure and have a blessed new year as well.

I also wish you a happy new year too. Congrats on your 6th anniversary here in the blockchain. I remember that I will also turn 2 years in read.cash which is the reason why I'm here. Just sad to say that the rewards donated by the huge whale was now drained more than a week ago. I hope that I could aim to write an article in that platform about commemorating that year + my farewell speech. But you know what, always remember that there's nothing permanent in this world and we are always choosing in life. That's why even you are not much active here (if I understood it right), I wish that you would not blame yourself. The bear market is one of the reasons why I started to have trust issues unlike before huhu.

Thank you @iamboring.

Yes, sometimes things change and adapting to those changes can take some time. I appreciate that. I haven’t been too hard on myself about not being able to be here because I have my priorities straight. However, I literally miss being here as much as I was but as a friend mentioned previously I’m just glad to be able to still connect when I can.

So are you saying you are leaving read.cash?

Thanks for the visit and comment ~

Not yet, but after my second year milestone. Most of my co-authors there already leaved and focused here more


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