Gronholm tips Huttunen as future WRC star

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Every rally fan knows who is Marcus Gronholm, tall Finn who won two World Rally Championship titles twenty years ago. He finished his WRC career long time ago but he is still very much man of authority and when he says something, it's something to think about.

M-Sport Ford's Jari Huttunen made a debut with the latest machinery called Ford Puma Rally1 car. He did good through out the rally but problems with the fuel pump costed him valuable time so he managed to finish only 10th overall.

To be honest, he would finish at the same place even with his usual car Ford Fiesta Rally2 which is his class for this season - WRC2. He is very consistent and he doesn't make some stupid mistakes which means no crashes.

Just to add that he was WRC3 class champion in 2020 with the private team Kowax from Poland, the same that ran Nil Solans for two rallies in the European Rally Championship this year. Yeah, the car was Hyundai i20 Rally2 because Kowax team is Hyundai's private outfit.

Anyway, Marcus Gronholm has high hopes for this 28 year old Finn and maybe this could help him to find more budget for the future Rally1 outings.

Credit for photos and videos to WRC and Youtube

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