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You might have had a tough time previously, but with new platforms come new tokens and that means, new opportunities! I know that you are excited - and that is why I have created the newest and most innovative community on Hive. This is a community designed specifically for those that love engagement, connecting with strangers and sharing content from all over the internet. This is social media after all - let's interact!

Welcome to

The Black Plag

This is a community to keep an eye on for sure and I envisage it is going to be a fast mover up the ranks as it welcomes in the most active users on the platform, the spammers, the scammers and the plagiarists!

Yes, that's right!

I know so many poor spammers who have had their "Nice post!" and "Follow me dear" comments systematically censored by the likes of those meanies at @steemcleaners. So many scammers just phishing and spinning away, just minding their business and then bam! they get blacklisted. And the plagiarists, the poor plagiarists that have done nothing other than want to share the great work of others and claim it as their own - downvoted to the auto-gray point.

I say, no more! Hive is a new day, a breath of fresh air and all inclusive. The Black Plag offers a safe space that they can be themselves, interact with like minds, learn from each other, copy each other and become colleagues, nay friends.

As thick as thieves!

I know, I know - you might be on @themarkymark's blacklists, but you are welcome at The Black Plag, and I hope it will be your new home, a place you feel you can let your hair down and be your true self, let the real you shine! Be free!

At The Black Plag you are welcome to post as often as you desire and remember, the more the better! You don't have to hide your "Win bitcoin" hooks or "Join our Pump and Dump crew" comments on Discord any more, as TBP has got you covered! And as the name suggests, The Black Plag is the perfect place to share all of the best content you find from other sources that you can spin or, just post as is!

As you know, a community of users such as yourselves are thinking about getting support for all of your effort and time spent commenting inanely and collecting the hard work of others to claim as your own. It is because of your enthusiasm for wanting something for nothing that I have worked very hard behind the scenes to assemble a star-studded line up of some of the most active and largest curators as Mods to spread "The Plag" as it is infectionately known.


You are welcome.

Please adhere to the community guidelines of quality and behavior.


  1. Post at least 10 times a day
  2. Self-vote every comment
  3. Keep comment length to a minimum
  4. Beg loud, beg often
  5. If another wrote it, it's yours

Now, I know you don't want to spend any more time reading than you must before getting to work doing what you do best on this chain - so please, start posting and make this community your community and show all of Hive who you are!

And remember The Black Plag slogan:

Great authors write, great thieves steal!

Note, we are unfortunately restricted to one post every 5 minutes and only 1 comment every 3 seconds.

[ Gen1: Hive ]

@acidyo @azircon @blocktrades @pharesim and @theycallmedan do not endorse this community in any way - yet!


I thought I'd write my own set of rules for the community:


  • Post at least 10 times a day
  • Self-vote every comment
  • Keep comment length to a minimum
  • Beg loud, beg often
  • If another wrote it, it's yours

Way better than yours.

Please up vote and follow dear.

Voted for the dear :OD


Upvote I give you soup thank you.

You are vary welcome for the opportunity

If you could have reeled in @themarkymark, I would have said you have yourself a real winner here. 🤣😀

We are in negotiations!

@acidyo @azircon @blocktrades @pharesim and @theycallmedan do not endorse this community in any way - yet!

The most important question is how many nested sub tags it took you to get it that small.

This community is a RewardPoolSink basically

What's not to love?

Roses on Fire?

This would be fitting for Steem, in seriousness very seriously :P

Plux deer sir, I gib one potato bag, for your bags of moneyz.

This would be fitting for Steem, in seriousness very seriously :P

I might crosspost it over there ;D


#hive-108476 <<<<<<<<<<< The money for nothing community

You act like I'm not already a member of it. I was born into it. It was created just for me.

You get a label too :)

Its quite an accurate label. Label everyone and everything.

Hahaha, awesome. Gonna be crowded here !

I gave you a label there, I hope you love it.

Thanks dear.

If this is true where people can post whatever they want and readers can vote for the type of junk they like, then this could actually work as real social site. Too bad it sounds like an April fools joke

people can post whatever they want and readers can vote for the type of junk they like

They can in The Plag - and anywhere else really too.

work as real social site.

"Real" social sites don't have an inclusive economy

read the post I just did on my profile. It refers to this a bit because I have spent time trying to bring influencers onto steemit and the community didn't accept them. Now I have a facebook of 160,000 that I would love to teach to monetize their posts. It takes me getting big votes so I can spread the wealth to them. I never happened on steem. I would love this to happen on hive. Facebook, twitter and instagram spent a decade training people how to create, distribute and consume content. We should honor that and accept it all and vote for it or not vote for it. No downvotes ever is my motto

“I've been imitated so well I've heard people copy my mistakes.”
― Jimi Hendrix

You can't plagiarize greatness

That gave me a good laugh, thanx man! 🤣

Glad I could be of service :)

Whoever thought of the name is a genius!!! LOL

I personally know he is

Please vote me


I got kicked in the placks once - not fun

upvoted for such an awesome link!

Dude!! LOL

Ready to stat Mod-ing? :D

 2 years ago (edited) 

Why not? I do it anyways...

As long as I can downvote at will.... and hopefully there will be beer in the horizon at some distant future... one can hope!

We should have a remote drinking session :D

There's only one way to properly mod this community. Anyone not begging gets downvoted to oblivion. I feel like @hiveqa would love this.

He loves anything that stands still long enough ;D

I DO! you know me!


Upvote Please and Lambo

What is this, a Lambo for ants!?

Ahhhh... It's that time of the year again.

'Tis indeed - The WHO will make an announcement today

Great idea for a community Sir Taraz! You are a very and humble kind soul.

Mind you, where may I post my link for promotion?

All links go to the one place and be sure to tag Bernie :)

Ok, thank you, but I thought that he is busy doing research in his flat earth debate community. I was muted for proposing a sausaged shaped Earth.

The first is your article, which I cannot understand. I hope this is sarcasm?

Just a little :)

So got me
I'm like wuhhh du . . .
Awww bruh

Wonder if there will be any takers on this. Wouldn't surprise me

It wouldn't surprise me :D


But what about the memes?!


Yes, memes are welcome of course, the less sense they make - the better!

Great post.

thank you deer

How did you create it? Thought that feature is still bugged?

Didn't even know it was bugged at all :D

Just the normal way - this is my first.

It's bugged for some people. I asked artbees if we were going to make a community and spodey and thilah tried but neither of them could find the button. It was clearly visible for me and worked when I clicked on it but I chickened well out of doing it XD

Until you have a community, feel free to use The Plag!

With peakd? Dangggg

Ahhhh that’s the Trick... OK!

If you can't beat them join 'em, isn't that what they say!

it's all about building a community

well I really do believe that there should be a place for everyone, that is what community is all about x

well actually, a community here can contain and separate any content well enough, but many will want to earn on it too so will post it outside the community also, and onto their blog.

that is true x

acidyo azircon blocktrades pharesim and theycallmedan do not endorse this community in any way - yet! April's fool is until tomorrow dude hahaha.

When it is daytime on one side, it is night on the other.

Oh I see, yes you are right!

Oh shit, This is real?

It's on the blockchain


Now with The Black Plag community, We Finally Are Done!!

Be Positive

Oh. At least 10 times a day.
Am wondering how I can cope with that

This must be an April 1 joke. I always wanted to be spammer, scammer and plagiarist.

I want to post 10 times a day and shit comments to everybodies post.


I have Spamafobia and Shitpostafobia because of the community =P

I have subcribed to The Black Plag. Can I shit comments without being flagged and beg for votes?

I always wanted to do something without caring. Hope someone won't blacklist me because of you.

I've always thought about ways to actively contribute significantly to the hive community through spamming and plagiarism. This might just be the unique opportunity I have been looking for. I also know one of my very good friend one steem who might want to join as well. Well we are not in good terms currently because I flagged all his shit posts some time ago but hey, this might just be a good time to make amends.

Do this project works?

Nah, it was for April fools :)

LOL What a prank. I am still looking for it. You smart people know how to do good pranks. Hive is for April fools too?

Hive might be - it is the "long con" :)

OK Upvote me some before everybody understood that. LOL. A Real Plack Plagger