A year on Hive Blockchain

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How time flies, I become a year old on the Hive Blockchain and there is a lot of memories to look back to. I was onboard by my friend @peterale. He told what hive is all about and I fell in love with it instantly.

Hive been a life saver and I never regret the day I knew about it. During the journey of being a year old, a lots has happened and through dedication, patience and preserverence I was able to made it here today.

Hive is good, better and the best but at the beginning it is very tough especially when you don't really know how things work here. Thanks to amazing people on Hive who have make things easier for the newbies by putting them through with good guidance and one of them is the #newbies initiative thanks to someone like @starstrings01 for the opportunity and how he put the newbies through and I am happy to see how good they are growing and excelling.

Challenges faced

In everything we do, there will always be a time for challenges for us. Sometimes this challenges make us or break us but what it teach us is very important to deal with the future.

After I started on Hive by first making an introductory post, I am afraid of the kind of challenges ahead of me but nevertheless I put up my mind and I feel like I can do this. After some months of blogging, I was fed up, I want to give up because of how slow my growth is on the Blockchain. But I later realized that for one to grow on this platform then you must undergo some process like:-


As a newbie on the Hive Blockchain, you can expect to grow as soon as you started because know matter how higher the reputation or the Hive power of one maybe here on the Blockchain then you understand that he or she started just like you do before he or she got to where they are today. Like they used to say that "Rome wasn't built in a day" then you should have it in my mind that you have work to do and a lot of patience is needed


Engagement is one of the factors that helps one to grow on the Hive blockchain because it is through engagement that you build a connection with different hivers just like you and different community also and from that you can come across a curator who really loves what you do.

Good Content

Good content is very important. You can't just keep posting rubbish and expect a huge curation rewards back but when give a good content out then a great curation will surely happens.

Avoid greediness

During the first three months of my Hive journey, I went through a great set back which nearly make me give up. My account was taken over by some who is impersonate leofinance on the blockchain. I fell victims because of the good offers. I was lure with the offer and greediness cover my eyes. I exposed my keys and my account was taken over. I lost more than hundred hive with all the HBD in my account in the process. I was down, I keep blaming myself for what I did because at that time I was preparing to make my first trade on hive. It was so painful but I learnt my lesson. All thanks to @flaxz who introduce me to @cardboard, and my account was regained.

Avoid plagiarism

Plagiarism is one the most important rules here on Hive and one needs to be careful. During my journey of being a year on Hive, I fell in to victims of plagiarism in which my account is blacklisted by the hivewatchers. I created another account to avoid the blacklist but at the end I was made to go back to my former account and make an appeal to the hive community all thanks to the hivewatchers.

In conclusion

Hive is a big journey and that is the reason why one have to be prepared. Hive is not just about blogging but also a place of learning. I remember when I first started my writing skills is so poor and right now I feel like am a little better. Hive is a live saver because it's has save me through different obstacles and challenges.

I am happy to be a year older on the hive blockchain and appreciate all the amazing people who have in one way or the other support me. I always open for learning and I am someone that can be corrected. Hive is life!

Thanks for visiting my blog and have a wonderful day
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Happy Hive Anniversary bro, wish you complete many more years here and long live HIVE, Good to see you with my brother @peterale Long live your friendship.

Thanks so much @shohana1 for your comments. I really appreciate it

congrats on your anniversary my friend. :)
so you can get your compromised account back? that was such a journey for you.
keep on going, and you have been doing much better than me.

Thanks so much dear friend

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Happy Hive Birthday man, and fantastic to see you growing here, and pushing through the tought times and being stronger because of it, keep it up and stay !ALIVE

Thanks so much man. I really appreciate your support.!ALIVE

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Wow that's impressive, happy one year anniversary on the blockchain.

More years excelling on the blockchain.

Thanks so much

You're welcome.