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Hello Hive
I hope everyone is doing perfectly alright?


On my quest for more knowledge in the crypto world, I decided to enroll for a beginner class on NFTs through a whatsapp platform.

So far so good, have been able to create my trust wallet and metamask account which I have also been able to connect to my opensea

Then I have been taught how to mint without gas fee using polygon instead of ethereum where you have to pay for gas fee

I have also been taught how to mine with pow.nft

Out of the class of 50 students, she picked 5 students which am one of them and gift us with a free NFT, though am yet to receive it.

The learning process seems really slow and am looking forward to getting another trainer who can put me through



@tipu curate 👍🏾

Thanks 🙏

It's my pleasure 👍🏾

This is beautiful sis, the world is digital and its good to flow along

Thanks sis

Congratulations to you

Thanks so much 🙏

You're welcome

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Thanks 🙏

You're welcome @temmylade 😊🌹
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Congratulations sis