Chimpanzee - In Thoughts

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Here is my new digital art.
I made a drawing of a Chimpanzee in thoughts.

This chimpanzee is ageing with some wrinkles depicted squiggles on his face.

I went radical here by using scribbles to build my forms.

The piece was done with AutoDesk sketchbook application and aided with an S-pen.

Screenshot_20230109-144533_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230109-145240_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230109-145852_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Screenshot_20230109-151151_Autodesk SketchBook.jpg

Thank you.


Nice, you way to use de lines is wonderful. Congrats

Very impressionistic. The scribbles themselves do not create the detail. It's almost coincidental.

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Thank you.

Oh wow! The emotion on his face is very present - specially the eyes! Very nice work! 👍


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Thanks dear👍

Looking really good!

So this has been your favorite subject.

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Thank you!
Yeah, cause they possess some of human characteristics.

beautiful drawing as usual. looks so simple and powerful.

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Thank you.

Excelente trabajo, muy bien definidas las líneas. Felicitaciones

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Gracious ✌

That's beautiful my friend good work 👏🏾 @tipu curate

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Thank you👍


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Okay thanks.

Interesting choice to use black pen for this one! I think it enhances the effect of aging quite well. Nice work. 😊

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Yeah yeah, it brought those few wrinkles out.
Thank you.