Cheap yet good monitor arm - Amazon basics arm

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I have a small desk and my recent purchase of Huion Kamvas Pro 24 (4k) just takes almost all of the space on my table. It also doesn't help that I have a laptop with no stand as well and I like to have just a bit of extra space on my table and not cramped. :D

As shown in my previous post, the pen display only has this one-angled built-in stand. I was able to research on some stuff to save some space and I found out that a monitor arm can be used for drawing as well.

Huion has their own monitor arm for their pen displays but when I did my research, it sucks. I was wondering why there wasn't any sellers on the local online stores and even the store where I got my pen display from so I had to look in Amazon. Apparently it's so low quality and not worth the $120 price, that's why there's only a few people who bought it lol.

Luckily I found this Amazon basics monitor arm which offers the same movements you can do for drawing and it is in fact used by digital artists as well. Upon checking the compatibility to my pen display, it is pretty much okay and it was also on sale that time. I was able to buy it for $65 instead of the usual $110 price and pretty good timing for me that Amazon also recently just introduced a free shipping to my country for selected items and this was one of it. Sweet!


It came from the USA and it arrived in 2 weeks here in the Philippines. Pretty good shipping time considering it wasn't a priority shipping and it came all the way from the other side of the world.


When I first picked up the items inside the box, I was really surprised by how high quality these look and feel. It feels heavy and the actual build itself is really good as well considering the price of this one compared to some other big brands like Ergotron which costs like $300 or so.



The concept is simple. You just have to install and tighten this thing on your table and there was no need to drill or make some other permanent adjustments on your wall or table. It can be mounted on a wall too I think but who got the time to do that. XD


After securing the base, all I had to do was put the other arm on top of it. This can move sideways and can also adjust the height of it but only like 1 inch up.


The clamp and the base look strong and sturdy so I already was confident enough that it will hold my pen display safely.

Most monitors nowadays have a universal standard for mounting so it was pretty easy to screw the display to the arm.


The included manual was confusing AF so I had to look for videos on Youtube on how to adjust the tightness so I can move this thing freely. I didn't find any helpful videos as the ones I found were the old versions but luckily I found an instruction on Amazon where one of the customers sent a video review lol. Even with stickers, it was just confusing so yeah.



After screwing the display, I just had to connect it with the arm and it's all done! Thanks to the customer who sent a video review I was able to adjust it properly haha.


The adjustments were fairly easy to do but it could be tricky and confusing for the first time. I had to repeatedly watch the Amazon video instruction as well so I could get the movement and position that I want.


For cable management, you can only tie it with zip tie at the bottom of that arm part but in the other arm there's a removable plastic so you could neatly tuck them in. Unfortunately for me, I can't really fix the USB-C here since my cable is way too short (only 1m) so that sucks.


Here's how the cables look like. For whatever reason tho the USB-C to USB-C stopped working so I had to test the other cables which also don't work perfectly because sometimes it would disconnect or won't turn on after my Macbook slept for a while. So I had to disconnect and connect the cables again so I don't really bother about fixing the cables at the moment until I find out what the problem is.

I'm also not gonna bother reaching out to Huion cos I read about it everywhere that their customer support is garbage. XD It might be the cable or the drivers that are faulty so I might have to order a different brand of cable soon.


Viewing position if I want to use the pen display as a monitor

I love this arm and it is surprisingly good for an Amazon brand. It is sturdy and can hold my display well which weighs 13.64 lbs (6.1 kg). I can adjust it the way I want with the height, tilt, left and right, and forwards and backwards as well. You can check out this video by David Zhang so you can see the wide selection of positions you want for your monitor. :P


Drawing position

I can also put it in this position if I want to draw. I can also tilt it backwards even more so my wrists won't be in an awkward position (and possibly painful lol).


And lastly, I can adjust it so I can draw while standing up. I have pretty bad back pains at the moment so standing up from time to time definitely helps.


Do I think it's worth it? Very.
I love the range of motions it can do not only for maximum comfort but also for saving space. My pen display is quite heavy so moving it and carrying out of the way (without the arm) if I wanted to use more space in my table is not an option but with the arm, I can easily just move it away from my face. I can even lie down a bit and can still view the monitor since I can just tilt it down.

It kinda wobbles a bit but I think it's because of my shit desk (my desk wobbles) so I can't tell if the arm itself does that too. XD But for $65, I think it's really worth it. :P Good thing I didn't have to spend $300 just to get the same quality. :D


Thanks for showing us your desk setup, it’s always interesting to see how people work.

Thanks for stopping by! :D

Oh my! It looks sturdy and can hold the 6.1 kg display you have. Isn't it a bit pricey for $65 although it is discounted already? Hmm, perhaps it's because it is a high-quality product. I would love to buy a drawing table in the future.

I think for pen displays, it is. The Wacom brand was about $400 and some brands could range from $200 and up so I was comparing it to these prices. :D There are lots of arms I found on Shopee too but I'm really not sure if they have the same range of motion for pen displays since you'd need to have more movement and not just for viewing. Besides, I don't know if pen displays are heavier? Haha so I wouldn't risk buying the very cheap ones 600-1000 pesos considering the price of the display. 😅

2 weeks for an Amazon purchase? That's interesting. Glad it turned out okay! I've bookmarked your post too if it ever happens that I'll need one in the future too. For now, I'm settling with my XP-Pen tablet x)

Ohhh XP Pen is good too! Huion and XP Pen are on top of my list when I'm looking for tablets aside from Wacom. They're really improving a lot and being competitive :D

You have a nice working space there.. But it was quite expensive for me.. But I guess it's worth it?

There are cheaper options in Shopee too if the purpose is for viewing only but I can't say about the build of those. :D It could really depend on your purpose and the size and weight of your monitor but for me as a purpose of using it for my pen display it is worth it. :D

Im checking DSLR on amazon.. 2weeks waiting isn't bad

Yeah.. and also maybe depends where you are but from my experience they’re always 1 week earlier than the estimated time of arrival when you ordered it. :D

It looks very useful. I love products like this that are cheap but also incredibly useful. You're so lucky to get it with some discount 😅.

Yeah and days later it went back to its original price hahah

That's nice! I will have to buy one too next year after I have bought my Huion.

Nice!! What are you planning to buy?

Probably the Kamvas 22 Plus.

Nice! There are cheaper options in Shopee but I can't really trust the quality especially for pen displays when you need to move it often. Maybe this would be the best choice but I don't know when their free shipping will end, or if it is a permanent one.

It all started when there was a big backlash to Shopee cos they got an apologist endorser haha so Amazon took advantage of that by having free shipping to PH. 🤣

I really hope free shipping to here becomes a permanent thing, or at least long enough to make us happy. 😅

A good product in terms of price and performance. You also designed my dream desk design.

Minus the messy cables 😅

Whoa, this is soo cool. How can they invent somethinf awesome like this right. This must really be helpful to others too. And you really found a good product that is not that pricey, di masyadong masakit sa bulsa no.

Yeah and definitely worth it ang quality talaga. :D

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All a spectacle to see these high-tech equipment to work very organized your area the white color looks spacious the place a good ergonomic gamer chair.

Thank you! I like white set up cos it looks neat :D This ergo chair is really good as well!

You are so lucky. We can order from Amazon and allegedly have the import duties covered at source but when ANYTHING arrives in Thailand, it gets caught and held at the mail centre in Bangkok and they make you go and pick it up, where they invemt duties and charges based on the the value and cost of shipping, then double it. You can negotiate but its not worth the hassle and I know many people who've ordered stuff, or even had stuff sent from home have ended uprefusing to pay and losing their things.

Shopee and Lazada though have free reign to send anything in from China without hassle. Stuff we order from shops there gets here in just a few days...talking of which....your chair! We have the same one. Best value thing I ever bought!

Your set-up looks awesome and the arm looks very sturdy and well put together.

Pair of yous have a great week :-)

Wtf. That's so bad. Here we don't even have to pay for additional fees cos it's all covered on checkout and they deliver it door to door. That's too bad... Shopee and Lazada are too limited. :<

Yeah this Sihoo chair is so good!! @acidyo loves his so much cos he got a footrest. 🤣 It's also amazing how this mesh chair doesn't stretch too much. Definitely the best so far! :D

You too!!

Hello dear, most of all welcome to the community! I hope your stay, short or long, will be to your liking.

Excellent acquisition, these stands are very useful for monitors as they save a lot of space on the desk and can be manipulated at will. I must say that I did not imagine the way you are using it, I have been surprised.

What good news to have obtained the product at such an economical price, congratulations for that.

Clearly your next purchase should be a slightly better desk to support that big arm XD. Cheers friend, excellent selection of images, very nice all of them.

Thank you! It's a nice thing I found this community recently, as there are a lot of unboxings and product reviews I see on Hive as well. :D

Hahah yeah I would love a standing desk someday but I have no budget for that yet. Luckily the desk is still doing okay, hopefully it will last longer considering there's a heavy monitor on one side. :D Thank you!

I think it looks perfect on the screen. I have tried amazon branded gadgets in the past and have been amazed at the quality, despite the low cost compared to other brands. Congratulations on this, enjoy.

Really?? Cool!! This is my first time with an Amazon brand since shipping to my country can be really expensive. Good to know :D

I can see how you are updating all your work tools, which I think is very cool!

this is always necessary to improve the quality of the work, surely it will lead you to improve much more!

Hahah I always think these upgrades doesn't mean I will improve fast. XD It will definitely help with convenience but I should not get ahead of myself XD

Well that depends on how much time you dedicate it in the day, in the end the only thing that will make us improve is practice.

but definitely having better tools does help a lot!

 4 months ago  

it looks great! i was also looking for a monitor arm and most of them were expensive. good thing you were able to get this one at a good price

Right?? I was kinda shocked at their prices haha


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