Let Our Picture Tell Your Story - Edition 9

in Feathered Friends8 months ago

Time flies, this week has passed us by so fast and that brings us to the end of the 8th edition of - Let our picture tell your story.

As usual we had so many interesting stories last week bringing us food for thought and fun. There were some stories that made me laugh out loud

The lively interaction we have in the comment section is what I love the most. Sadly last week I couldn't be as active as much as I'd like to be. Hopefully this week would be better.

This challenge is kept very simple and easy so users both new and experienced can participate.

The stories you present here are not judged based on grammar, or your command of the language but on your creativity, originality and fun in the comment section. I believe positive comments make for a friendlier Hive.

Let's have as much fun as possible in this edition.

Your story needs to be based on the image below


Photograph @sofs-su

Let this image ignite your imagination

The story maybe as long or short as you like, it is totally up to you.

Make it as entertaining and as creative as possible.

Engage with the other participants. Let engagement be meaningful and centered around author comments.

There are only a couple of rules you need to follow for this contest

Your story should be in the comment section of this post.

Your story needs a title.


@melinda010100 and the community account Hive-106444 generously provide the prizes for this challenge. There is a reward pool of 8 HIVE and 500 ecency points for our winners.
We have an extra pool of 8 HIVE per month donated by @dreemsteem. Join me in thanking @melinda010100 and @dreemsteem .

First prize is 3 HIVE
Second prize 2 HIVE
Third prize is 1 HIVE
Engagement 1 Hive
Special mention 1 Hive

500 Ecency points will be awarded to participants based on their contribution to this edition of the challenge. Prizes will be added as per need.

50% of the post rewards go towards supporting the feathered friends community.

Kindly note that this edition will end on 6th October Wednesday.

The next edition of Let our picture tell your story will begin on Thursday 7th October.

Keep your entries coming in. Please tag your friends and let's meet in the comment section.

Keep your eyes 👀 peeled and watch out for my next post announcing the winners of the 8th edition.

I look forward to reading your stories as always.

Kindly note that while we welcome your stories and interaction with participants in the comment section leaving links and comments like 'nice picture' are not acceptable.


Check out @nelinoeva contest Show me a photo challenge

@barbara-orenya also feature the best posts in her Featured feathered friends compilation and helps you get more exposure. So, get your photographs in ASAP.

Thank you everyone for your kind support and participation.


@sofs-su is dealing with some health issues and has needed to be away from Hive. Keep writing stories for her!

Oh :-( Hope she will get well soon. All the best wishes from me 💖

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Oh! Could that be true?
My greetings to her, I wish her quick recovery

Thank you @melinda010100. I believe I am on the mend.

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They fought hour after hour, day after day, year after year. They fought for everything, for food, for prestige, for good places, for the sake of the fight.

But one day they finally saw that it makes no sense to fight and they moved away, each in his own direction to finally live in peace.

What remained were a few feathers, plucked in the fight, which gently and quietly floated to earth and whispered to the world:

The only thing worth fighting for is Peace

This is amazing, just as I said, peace is the greatest fight we should ever fight for.

yes the problem is, you can only win peace beeing a peaceful warrior. this is very tricky fighting against something and still staying peaceful in your heart. maybe something of a samurai in ancient times could have been. but it's difficult.

Yes, you right, being peaceful would bring you peace

@beeber so true, the only thing worth fighting for is peace.
We just don't see past today and the problems of today..
Grate story and best wishes to you for the challenge.

thank you :-) finaly I had an idea again to the let our picture tell your story :-) I hate fights and wapons, never saw any sense in it. ;-) I'm a peaceful warrior

I'm just writing my monthly hive review, an would like to ask you, if I can use this picture from the contest, to put the story in there? not as main picture, just within the text?

Glad you came back to tell your story @beeber
Nothing makes more sense than peace.
Sure you can use the picture with due credit.
No worries.

Where are my feathers?!?! I just can't fly without them. Oh my. This is a disaster.

I'll have to put a notice in the paper and pray that someone returns them. But what if they are gone forever?

If I can't find my feathers, I'll have to walk everywhere. Or... UGH! TAKE THE BUS!


@sofs-su sorry I made this a reply by mistake

😂😂😂 I love it 😂😂😂
But who has stolen the featheres? This crazy tricky bird next door?

lol maybe! Thanks for the Luv :)






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Here I have them for you!
But promise one thing before I give them to you

Sing for me, please, I want to hear your sweet Melody.

Yes!!! Just never take them again!

Here is my lunch song!


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Hmm.. so they were lost where they??
Did you find them at all?

😂Not yet 🤣







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I Need My Pre Pre Back To Me - Anyone Here To Help?

What i hated most is seeing my pre pre on the ground.

could this be my limit?

Sobs.... who has done this to me, I can not imagine myself on the ground.

will I be able to fly again? Will I look so amazing again?

I need my pre pre back to me.

Aww.. I am sure you'll be back to looking as handsome as ever.
Thanks for your contribution.

It means so much to me

faithful dove
That afternoon, Anne was just tidying up their nest which was on a mango tree, near an old church building on the edge of town, her husband came with some straw to build their nest.
Anne smiled to welcome Ben, Ben looked tired, but when he saw Anne with her shiny white fur, the tiredness disappeared, Ben imagined the beautiful days he had spent with his wife, Ben looked at the nest,there were 3 pigeons sleeping soundly.
“My dear, look at them sleeping,so peaceful”, Ben whispered in his wife's ear, worried to wake the children, Anne nodded.
"They are tired, because they are just learning to fly, remember dear, they are already 4 months old, they should be able to fly," Anne explained to her husband.
suddenly heard a squeaking sound, the pigeons woke up, it seemed they were starving.
Anne looked at them "Ben, looks like the kids want to eat something".
"You're right dear, it looks like they're hungry, even though I've already given them some peas earlier, then I'll look for food again", Ben immediately flew out of the nest.
“Meow….meow….meow”, Anne heard the sound of a cat under their nest, Anne immediately covered her children with dry hay that Ben had just brought.The sound of the cat getting closer, Anne was frightened, hearing the cat's voice.
Ben returns to the nest in the evening, he does not find Anne and her children in the nest, Ben panics.He immediately flew around the church building. Ben noticed some white feathers in the bushes, not far from their nest. Ben panicked even more, until that night Anne had not found him.
It's been weeks, Anne has not been found, this makes Ben very sad, every day Ben always looks for Anne and returns to the nest in the evening. Several beautiful doves tried to attract Ben's attention, but Ben waited for Anne.
One afternoon, after a long day of searching, Ben returned to the nest, "did I hear right?" Ben said to himself.
"Anne, is that you dear?" Ben shouted.
Anne and Ben hugged each other in the air, "Honey what happened, I almost went crazy looking for you," whispered Ben.
"After you left there was a cat that attacked us, I tried to fight and was injured, until my hair fell out, fortunately the children were able to fly, we finally hid, until my hair grew back, sorry for worrying you".
The five of them hugged each other, letting go of longing, that's how families should support each other and worry about each other.

All is well that ends well. I am happy that you came up with a happy ending @umirais
Thanks for your contribution.

you're welcome @ sofs-su, I'm happy to be able to participate and enliven this section.

Alexander and Freda, the two young aspiring shapeshifters flew through the sky in the form of snowy white owls, they were on a mission to detect the whereabouts of the evil villain Luffa. Would they find him? Luffa, a shrewdly clever wizard could change into many animal shapes. They knew the danger, but were desperate to prove themselves to the leader of the White Shapeshifters. After flying at top speed nonstop for a couple of hours they landed on top of a grassy hill to survey the area. A second later and with no warning the biggest and meanest vulture imaginable dived down on top of them. Alexander managed a very swift side step narrowly missing the gigantic sharp talons, but Freda moved too slowly.

She felt the pain as her back feathers ripped off but was still able to draw on enough energy to quickly shape shift into a fast little hummingbird. Now Freda was faster than a bullet train and it was at lightning speed she hovered behind the vulture's head. Luffa's distraction was his fatal mistake, Alexander's sharp claws struck a direct hit to Luffa's heart. They saw the injured vulture fall to the ground beside the little pile of her snowy white now changing to grey feathers. In a flash Luffa disappeared in a puff of black smoke.

Alexander and Freda's mission was complete, time to report their success, Luffa would never do any more bad stuff again. On the flight home Freda wondered if her snowy white feathers would ever grow back.

I am sorry to hear you are not well @sofs-su, rest and get well. Sending healing.💚

I may be too late with my story but it was a fun one to write.

Thank you for your kind words. I am on the mend I guess.

Such an amazing story

Glad you liked it @yoieuqudniram, it was a fun one to write with my imagination in overdrive. Sending wishes

Mission accomplished, being a shape shifter makes things easy right even if you lose your feather?
Thanks for your contribution @angiemitchell

So sorry to hear that @sofs-su is feeling a bit under the weather, so I will write this for her to cheer her up a bit.

She lay in bed, our gentle little @sofs-su quietly sobbing to herself, lamenting at her greatest loss of all, but little did she know, that they were only her baby wings and her real angel wings were going to grow into magical, magnificent, marvelous wings that would fly her to heaven and back.

Wow! This is magical indeed

So glad that you like it.
It just sounded so perfect for the situation.

It does. ♥️

Wow thank you for those sweet thoughts. I truly appreciate your love and concern.

My pleasure and You are more than welcome. 😊

The feather of protection:

It’s a little known fact that the feathers, in their native state such as this example, are actually a powerful protection object! They fly where they need to go (the sides of the feathers poking out are the wings) and drop to the ground where there is a delicate soul needing protection. It could have been a baby bird that fell out of the nest and died or a chipmunk that met an untimely end as a roadside pancake. The feather squad is there to shield the delicate soul of the departed animal as it prepares to make its way to the afterlife. The wind takes the feather and soul when it’s ready onto their next adventure!

This is an angle I've never thought of before.
Hmm sounds like a very sweet gesture.. guarding the soul like an angel before its departure from the Earth.
The wind gives the souls and the feather flight into a new world of adventures sound just the right kind of end to this story.
Thanks for stopping by @cmplxty

I wasn't sure how it would go but I think it turned out okay! I like the more spiritual nature of it. Happy with how that turned out lol

Yeah has a very comforting spiritual feel to it.
Different from the usual lines of thought.

Thats a wunderful thought, a soft feather beeing a strong protection, I love it. Everything what seems soft in nature, is truely strong at the end. A birch in the storm for example. There is a lot of wisdom in your story I think :-)

Thanks I felt it was a lot different than my normal ideas for this stuff. I liked the positive thought it provoked!

Wow! This is a Nice story, the team are made up of @sofs-su and me @repayme4568, greatest team ever and we are coming to save the stranded soul.

And, make the day bright

Thanks, I thought it was a wholesome story for sure!

I have thought of the same idea too,im glad you posted it better than i have imagined

This Title is Chameleonlike And Changes Accordingingly

"Alas!" Exclaimed the roar of the audience, "they're not attached to a bird this time!"

𝒯𝒽𝑒 𝐸𝓃𝒹

Finally it good to see you here @dandays .

Oh yeah they are not attached to the bird, I wonder what happened. Do you have a clue?

Clueless. I have no idea how you seamlessly flipped flightless feathers to a board game.

Flightless feathers of our feathered friends. 😁

Shortest story ever.

I did not see Sofs twist coming at all! First they fly and then they die and now they're dice?! That's spy story stuff!

You need to fill in the details with the story and make it coherent so it spy spins a feathery flow out of the death spiral.

Waiting to read it @nineclaws

I'm referring to @danday's comment.

You should enter too :)

Accordingingly? Great word! 😁

It was either Dingingly or DingDinglilly and that screamed inappropropertypost.

Maybe you need to explain this a bit

Ok. Pull up a chair, follow along and repeat after me:

Accordingly <-- is spelled like that—"accordingly."

Chameleonlikeilly is not spelled like accordingly nor Chameleonlike and both seemed confusing at first glance, most likely because neither are words and both are completely fabricated by me. So I stuck with Chameleonlike (which is not a word by the way) and added another ingly to according'ingly. "Ingly" flowed off the tongue smoother than DingDingLilly, I mean could you imagine?!

Accordingdinglily <-- Clear as mud now?

Now then, if you'll excuseingly meingly, I have to prepareingly for the next classingly.

Yup, as clear as mud. Lol you are so funny Dandays.
Yeh go ahead and prepare to muddy up your next student sir.

Thank you. I'm glad you think so @sofs-su.

Thanks for the laughs @dandays

lol actually it's as clear as London fog!!!

I regularly have to go back to what I said to remind myself of the conversation. In this situation, however, it uh... I uhm.. It didn't help.

I just saw your Ecency piece. Very nice!

Thanks :) I hope it helps the project, Ecency really is amazing ♥️

All the same

G'day sir.

Honourable @Dandays. I have heard a lot about you. Glad to get in touch with you today!

Compelling! The audience was riveted for sure!


It came down to two performances cmplxty. The one you witnessed and the other about how'fa king shocked I was to see this challenge photo and not immediately confuse it with feathered friends community but 'I've seen more birds in this contest than I have my own middle finger' seemed inappropriate and slightly aggressive why with the ladies around'n'all.

It might have been inappropriate or a sign that you are the male form of Mother Teresa, with all of the minimal/non-existent offensive behavior that could be expected from an important figure like that.

You nailed it again dude. My figure is important! I've been bumpin a little Immortal Tech first thing in the am to stay in shape.

I have a mixed relationship with IT. He's got some great lyrics but the Dance with the Devil song was so poignant with the real but depressing lyrics that I can't listen to a whole lot of his songs. That one ruined it for me with him lol. Let me listen to that one you have there and see if I can not think about that other song.

Dance With The Devil is poignant, nice use of the word. Man I saw him perform that song. It wasn't that song in particular but it was that performance that made me a Tech fan.

2012 Rock the Bells tour with Grieves, Nas, Mac Miller, KRS-One... click that image. But Tech. I wish I recorded it. At the end of his performance he went tf off something poignant like:

I ain't like these fake rappers you're gonna see on this stage, they ain't like me. They're back in the star wagons, I don't associate with them. I stay right here. When I'm done performing, I'll be standing at that exit gate, come say hi. Hang out, twist one up, but I will be there and I will be the last person here, they're gonna have to escort me out.

Eh, He was. And they did.

That's great to hear! I know tech is a great dude, his songs and lyrics point to someone who has a deeper understanding of life and the way things work. I'm glad that he spends more time to hang out and see his fans than others. Sometimes that can be dangerous if you get one of the crazies coming at you but I think often it's an awesome quality.

Do they even make shirts like that anymore? Lots of venues have like 1 or 2 artists in them and charge a thousand dollars plus a testicle or ovary then require you to get injected with some shit just to stand there like a sardine. I've actually never been to a show besides a very small venue hearing Blues Traveler but a lot of my friends have gone to many and always loved it. I could never afford to go lol spent all my money on skateboards and video games!

I will make a story that will make us cry

I did expect that.
I'll wait to read yours @umirais



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It was my first time, the comment section is indeed fun to read. Sending prayers of healing to @sofs-su