Let Our Picture Tell Your Story - Edition 8

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Welcome back to the 8th edition of - Let our picture tell your story. Last week brought us some interesting tales of attitude, relationships, fun, morals and even a bit of social awareness. It was food for thought and fun all the way.

This mixed bag of ideas is what makes this challenge so much fun. However, for me the soul of this challenge is in the interaction. The lively interaction we have in the comment section makes this challenge not just about sharing stories or ideas but also about knowing each other and genuinely having fun.

I would like to mention here once again that this challenge is very simple and easy, we would love for users both new and experienced to participate.

The stories you present here are not judged based on grammar, or your command of the language but on your creativity, originality and fun in the comment section. I believe positive comments make for a friendlier Hive.

So let's have as much fun as possible in this edition as well.

Your story needs to be based on the image below


Photograph @eolianpariah

Let this image ignite your imagination

The story maybe as long or short as you like, it is totally up to you.

Make it as entertaining and as creative as possible.

Engage with the other participants. Let engagement be meaningful and centered around author comments.

There are only a couple of rules you need to follow for this contest

Your story should be in the comment section of this post.

Your story needs a title.


@melinda010100 and the community account Hive-106444 generously provide the prizes for this challenge. There is a reward pool of 8 HIVE and 500 ecency points for our winners.
We have an extra pool of 8 HIVE per month donated by @dreemsteem. This has helped me increase the prize pool for this weeks contest. Join me in thanking @melinda010100 and @dreemsteem .

First prize is 3 HIVE

Second prize 2 HIVE

Third prize is 1 HIVE

Engagement 1 Hive

Special mention 1 Hive

500 Ecency points will be awarded to participants based on their contribution to this edition of the challenge.

50% of the post rewards go towards supporting the feathered friends community.

Kindly note that this edition will end on 29th September Wednesday.

The next edition of Let our picture tell your story will begin on Thursday 30th September.

Keep your entries coming in. Let the fun begin!

Keep your eyes 👀 peeled and watch out for my next post announcing the winners of the 6th edition.

I look forward to reading your stories as always.

Kindly note that while we welcome your stories and interaction with participants in the comment section leaving links and comments like 'nice picture' are not acceptable.


Check out @nelinoeva contest Show me a photo challenge

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banner by @barbara-orenya


"I think we have every angle covered, guys. Nothing can sneak up on us!"

"Great idea, Calvin. I feel safer already."

"Doug, I feel like we are forgetting something."

"Impossible. North, South, East, and West. What more can we do?"


"Oh yeah... UP and DOWN."


I would like to invite @abdulqudus @samsmith1971 @tatoodrose4 and @agmoore to join the fun :)

Here we go again :) The last time you tagged me for one of these fun exercises I wrote an 1100 word short story review 😂. This looks easier :))

I'll try to jump in before the deadline.

@agmoore welcome to our weekly challenge Let our picture tell your story.
This is super easy, just write a simple story in the comment section.
Looking forward to reading yours.

Thank you! I love writing stories and I can never turn down an invitation from @wrestlingdesires :)

That's so sweet!! Oldschool has a way of pulling everyone in. 😂

I certainly do my best :)


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That you do 😂♥️♥️

I knew you would love this one :) Please tag me when you write your story?


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lol this one isn't quite so complicated 😂 We just really needed the help with those reviews, thanks so much for doing it :)


Thanks for inviting @agmoore.
Did these crows forget they can fly and these brave guys attack hawks?
But I guess its better to be safe than sorry.


Poor little crows, @wrestlingdesires. I think it may be too late....

Yeah, unless they stick together :)


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Yeah there's always one spot that everyone forgets to look out for as they are all too busy looking out at the same spots! 😅

That's a great short story! Well done.

Thanks, I'm glad you enjoyed it :) Usually that one spot is UP 🤣



"I can't believe it. Do you see that? Look, everyone. Look at Marvin up there."

"Oh, no! We were all supposed to wait."

"Mom always said Marvin was the smart one. Sure enough, he gets the jump on us every time."

"I'm sick of this. You know what his excuse is going to be when we confront him, don't you?"



You're right, @wrestlingdesires. This was a lot less complicated.

A nice little exercise and prompt to engage.

I'm glad you liked it, and found it easier :)

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Marvin seems like the smart one.
Glad you enjoyed doing this challenge.
The whole point is you can right a story in four lines or 1000 words as well.
The fun is being able to convey the idea so succinctly.
Glad that you joined us @agmoore

Haaa so true, early bird catching the worm..Great little story!

forget revenge
Several crows were gathering in the farmer's coconut garden. they were planning revenge against the farmer, who had set a bird trap, so that many of their friends died because of the trap.
A bird with the largest body among them said,"we just destroy the coconut plantation belonging to the farmer, so that our revenge is avenged", he said full of revenge.
“agree….agree….”, shouted another crows. But there was a crow who didn't agree and said to the other crows, "if we destroy the farmer's coconut garden, he will be very angry and will take revenge again, this is not good for us, how long will we take revenge on each other?” the other birds were silent.
"Besides, the farmer set a trap, because our friends are destroying the farmer's garden," continued the crow explaining to his friends.
"Then what should we do?” asked the other crows.
"Let's just forget about this revenge, we live in harmony and peace, so that the crow nation remains sustainable and the farmers don't hunt us anymore," said the crow to his friends.
"But how?" ask the other crows.
"We will protect the farmer's coconut garden from attacks by rats, beetles and other animals, the farmer will definitely be happy if the garden results are abundant, the farmer will definitely allow us to live in this coconut garden“.
"Wow, that's a good suggestion, friend, so we can live mutually beneficially without holding grudges against each other, from today onwards we crows are not allowed to damage the farmer's coconut plant".

Sensible crows.
Good they listened to the voice of reason and stopped the wars.
It is always good to live in peace and contributing our best to the society.
Great story @umirais best wishes to you for the challenge.

You are so welcome. we enjoy your stories here.

I love it!
That's my kind of happy ending, a plan to help everyone and keep the peace!

yeah, don't a lot of people like a happy ending😂😂😂😂

yeah well we're not getting too many these day unfortunately so yes definitely!😄

My contribution to the contest, just for fun, hope to make you smile. That will be my reward.

The Budget

The executive board meets again like every year, on the last week of September. They have one very important topic to discuss - the budget. Yes, birds do have budget, not in coins or cash, but in food. The chairman shouted:
"Oi, listen up everybody, we gathered again and we will have to finish quick, do not try to tell lengthy stories."
"Ahem", the treasurer tried to interupt - "May I kindly remind that everybody must pay the tax by the end of year?"
The chairman looked at him and said - "Yes, yes, of course."
"You too, Mr. Chairman, the treasure needs every penny, ahem, every nut..."
The others giggled.
"I will pay my dept", the chairman said and frowned.
The accountant stepped forward with pile of books and looked around - "All the figures", he said - "show that we have some savings and if we keep on collecting nuts like we did before, we will have enough for the coming year. But we have to put some more effort and to use the most of the nice weather."
The chairman jumped - "Jolly good, chop, chop, bugger off all of you, go and get more food and store it before the winter comes."
"All right, all right, we are off" and all the birds flew away in search of more food.

LOL @nelinoeva No prices for you, even though this is worth it.
Such business like crows.
Love their short meetings, to the point,
but the chairman seems like a crook dodging the taxes.. I hope he pays.
Very wise crows I should say.
Love their budget session Neli.

Just making you laugh is more than enough for me. 😀
Well, you know we may have imagined the stories, but somehow they reflected our everyday life in one way or another.

So sweet of you @nelinoeva.
Absolutely .. most stories mirror our daily life in some way or the other.

I like how the treasurer is keeping an eye on the chairman and making sure everyone else knows that they should too!

Maybe the Chairman's name should be squirrel for he's obviously squirreling all the nuts away for himself...

Great story!

That is good suggestion for chairman's name 😂
Glad you like the story.

I loved it! AND I can even see it as little newspaper cartoon in the financial section too 🤣

I can picture that cartoon.

Yeah me too, I can't draw but in this moment I wish I could! 🤣

That makes two of us, my drawing skills are non existing. 😄

But I bet atleast our minds have exactly the same picture in them even if our hands would fail.

Where Is the melon?

OK, we are gathered as Pancho requested to discuss how we are going to distribute the melon without figthing.

Wait, where Is Pancho?

And above all, where Is the melon?

A double crossing Pancho makes away with the Melon. Great newspaper headlines for a great story!

Thank you

No worries. Thank you for the funny story! 😃

Did Pancho run away with the melon?
Did he make a fool of all these guys waiting here?
Or is he running late and bringing the melon with him?
There is quite a bit here to chew on..
Welcome to , Let our picture tell your story challenge.
It is always fun to read stories from a wide group of users.
Thanks for joining us @saulos

Yes, he run away whit the melón.

Thanks for clearing my doubts.

Sshhhh Alice, the bird eating monster will hear and turn us into blue bird pie, whispered old Harry who was too busy watching out, to look at Alice. He knew it was young Alice the chatterer of the blue bird flock. She talked incessantly, never stopping, driving the rest of the clan crackers.

Alice snapped her beak shut, her eyes bulged and her blue feathers shook with fear. Her brothers and sisters had told her the most terrible tales of only scattered feathers after the bird monster had had his supper.

Horace stretched out his wing and gave her a hug; he was the kindest and the gentlest in the blue bird family. Hetty, Hildy and Henny shuffled slowly toward the end of the trunk of the palm tree thinking that they could fade into the green leaves. They could do with some hugs too.

Herbert the brave, the second in command, stood guard at the front, He was the soldier of the group, his strategy was to go for the Hawk's throat with his big strong beak.

Suddenly, they saw Harry look up, heard the swish of the Hawk's wings up above, watched Herbert's body tense for his lurch upwards ...... then quietness filled the air.

Yah, Alice squealed joyously, I am hungry, let's find some dates.


Harry sounds like some of our mothers with his terrifying tales.
Herbert must be the bravest of them all
I love Horace the best though.
Thanks for joining us @angiemitchell , best wishes for the challenge.

I am so tardy with replying at times, my apologies @sof-su, life gets in the way. We all need a Horace in the family. It is a pleasure and lot of fun to be part of this writing challenge. 💛

Well that sounds like great teamwork!

Hahaha, the only way @chocolatescorpi. Lovely to find you on this site. Have a lovely day.

Yep that's right, teamwork makes the dream work- IF you've got the right team with you...

Oh, one more interesting picture, bravo @eolianpariah!
Dear @sofs-su, I recently published my story (from one of your previous posts) in the Russian community, this time in Russian. Now I want to invite @cute.margo to participate in your contest.

Welcome back @olgavita , your friend is also welcome here to write her stories. Glad that you are doing well in the Russian community.
Hope to read your stories soon.

Thank you for your kind words, dear @sofs-su! The Russian community has just started working but I believe in its success.

Wish the Russian community great success.

Thanks a lot !LUV






@sofs-su, you've been given LUV from @olgavita.

Check the LUV in your H-E wallet. (1/1)

I've been really busy lately so I haven't had much time to participate 😢.

I hope to join this time so expect my story soon.

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Welcome back , look forward to reading your story @chincoculbert

Sure.. I look forward to reading my own story too.. I don't even know what I'll write but when the inspiration comes I'll utilize it to the fullest

Posted via proofofbrain.io

That's the beauty of this challenge. Be inspired. 😂

Haha cool pic ;-) first thing associated was "hey @dreemsteem this time coreography seems to work better" ;-)

I've no idea about a story by now

Waiting for your story.. think fast

good morning, can anyone tell me, what is the name of this bird?

They are crows.

thank you @sofs-su , sorry for bothering

No bother at all! Happy to help.

Hi @sofs-su what are these very interesting looking birds called? I have never seen them before as we definitely do not them in Australian. I love their colour blue.💙

Welcome to the challenge @angiemitchell. These are plain, ordinary crows from our part of the world. They have grayish necks and black bodies. Don't you have them in Aussie land??

Our crows are all black, they always remind me of the birds the 'wicked evil Disney Queens' have as pets. Which I am sure they are not!
Our black crows are highly intelligent birds that problem solve how to open paper bags of sandwiches and children's lunch boxes.

You mean the are completely black ? Those are what we call ravens here.. ther are a wee bit bigger than these nomal grows.
These are mostly black, maybe its just the black feather catching the light that makes them seem like blue.
Crows are in general very smart creatures and very sociable too.

This is such a great photo to write to!
Tomorrow though- brain telling fingers to stop and go to bed....then the fingers refuse, brain gets distracted and forgets ANNND repeat...🤣

LOL waiting for the first of these LOL .. I am yet to read one story yet this week.

You will tomorrow (see I'm still here- I told you I'm on go to bed repeat cycle.🤣.🙄.)

Can't wait to read.. someone get this started lol.

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