Feathered Friends - Show Me A Photo Contest Round 66

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Hello Feathered Friends Lovers,

Welcome to #SMaP Show Me A Photo Contest Round 66!

Happy May Day! A new month starts and hope we all will have new photos to share.

Today I am going to use suggested theme by both @carlagonz and @corvidae - BIRD ON ROCK/STONE. I would love to see what you've got and what birds you have captured in frame, but they must be on rock or stone.

And here it is the new theme:


And my examples are:

I saw it yesterday just hopped on the stone and stayed there long enough so I can make these photos.



Now is your turn and let me see your photos of birds, but first read carefully the rules below⬇️


Show me your photo of a bird, following these rules:

  • The photo must be your own.
  • Post in the community Feathered Friends
  • You may add more photos, but you should state which one is your entry, otherwise the first will be taken into account.
  • Tell us something about your photo/s.
  • Your photo must follow the weekly theme.
  • Please put the link of your entry in the comment section of the contest post here.
  • Put in the title of your post that this is an entry for the contest. (Optional)
  • Use #smap as a tag.

Last, but not least - have fun!

If you create quality post with more images and interesting story about them, making extra effort can give you bigger upvotes and attract curators. Keep that in mind.


Five winners and each winner will receive 2 Hive or 2 HBD (it depends on the price of Hive) and 200 Ecency POINTS.

I would like to thank our judge @oks2crypto, who is doing such a great job and help choosing among all entries the winners.

Huge thank you Feathered Friends Community and @melinda010100 for sponsoring the contest. I should not miss to mention our most talented artist @barbara-orenya for her constant and creative support.

Each valid entry will receive 50 Ecency Points as a tip!

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Здрасти, Нели :)
тъкмо се абонирах за 'Пернатите Приятели' отдавна мислех...
но поводът беше, че вместo гълъбите на една обща тераска тук... видях тази яребичка...
после като поразтърсих май е Тракийски Кеклик... както и да е .. не ги разбирам..
но май сега гнездят...



пс. Сори, не учавствам в конкурса.. просто не ми се пише цял пост и т.н.
малко спонтанно ;)
поздрави от Сливен! :P

Здравей 🙂
Честно не бях виждала преди яребица, а и тракийски кеклик. Чудесна находка.

Няма проблем, че не участваш в конкурса. Надявам се да ти хареса в нашата група на пернатите. 🙂

Поздрави от Варна!

Greetings! Here's my entry: Sleep Tight

...and a hundred of stones!


Thank you very much for submitting your entry!

Hello, Neli!

Lovely to see your entry @leylar.

touchy! and A LOAD of stones 😂😂😏

Loved the jackdaws. Here goes my entry! And !LUV 🙂



Always a pleasure to see your post @pardinus!

Always a pleasure to join in ! !LUV

Fantastic display of the feathers. 😀

I am in love with this capture. really well done!

Thanks, appreciated

This week the task is not particularly difficult, so there will be many photos of birds 😃 This is my post:

I hope so, there is still time and expect more photos.

Thank you for your entry @tali72.

Happy May Day Neli, oh rocks and stones I love this theme and will be able to wander down to the sea, or even go back to the park.

May you have a magical May🤞😁

I have to go by the sea soon too. I am still wandering only in my local area.

Have a great day and may the feather be with you. 😀

Well the sea for me is only a ten minute walk🤣
May the feather be with you Hehe I love that
Thank you and have a great one 🪶🪶🪶

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Hello all, please see my Robin on a Rock entry for this weeks Round 66 smap contest.

Welcome back, so nice to see your entry again @ksteem!

A little bit confused about the theme.Bird on sit in stone? or something else? bird on rock means?

I am expecting to see photos of birds standing on rock or stone.

@nelinoeva Happy Eid Mubarak to you and all community members. It's our religious festival.
And here is my contest entry for this week

Happy holidays @maharinsa! 🙂
Thank you for your entry.

It's not a holiday, it's the main religious festival of the Muslim community.Eid Mubarak to @nelinoeva

This we
eks was a hard one for me to choose as I had a few I liked but this Seagull seemed perfect.


I was thinking of seagulls when I announced the theme. I just haven't got recent photos from the shore.
So glad you have chosen this photo for your entry.

seagull could be my entry, I have some old photos unpublished... but fresh ones ofc go 1st. but seagulls probably match this topic perfectly, I agree.

Funny enough, yesterday I went to the beach and there were less seagulls than near my home in the outskirts. The few gulls didn't want to stay on the rocks but prefer to fly or land on the lamp posts instead. 🙂

Yes, it happens... (an application of Murphy's laws, maybe?) 😏

Good job @nelinoeva, great theme, a little tricky, but I like that, makes the imagination work hard.
Always a fun time!

Hi @farm-mom, 🙂
Sometimes tricky, sometimes not, but always fun. 😀

Welcome back! 🙂
I am happy you join again.

Always a pleasure 😊

My entry! :-)

Hi @shasta, I am so happy you entered the contest and joined the fun. 🙂

Hello ❤ @nelinoeva! Thank you very much! :-)
Awesome theme! 💕

Here is my entry to competition https://ecency.com/hive-106444/@ratel/smap-contest-round-66-bird

Pleasure to have your entry, thank you @ratel for your submission.

@nelinoeva As usual, an innovative contest subject 👍

Here is my entry

singature small avatar.png

Great to see your post @vm2904 🙂

Cormorant on the rock! This is such a good one. 🙂

Thanks once again for running pleasant topic choices with our beautiful feathered friends @nelinoeva

My entry: Rocking Little Birds first photo ☺️

Lovely to see your entry Joan 🙂

hello dear friend @nelinoeva good afternoon
What a beautiful theme for this week, I have some beautiful shots to accompany you
This is my image and the link to accompany your kind invitation
enjoy the weekend


Thank you @jlufer for joining the fun again!

Hi Neli! Great capture of the Jackdaw on a rock! I've never see one here but they are a cool looking bird! Here is my entry for this week: https://hive.blog/hive-106444/@deerjay/feathered-friends-smap-contest-entry-a-great-blue-heron


This is so cool, I saw this morning one blue heron flying above my head. 🙂

Thanks Neli!! I love seeing one in flight..amazing to see! 💖

I would LOVE to capture a baby like this. Pretty sadly they dont visit my area! Lucky you... 🙏

Thanks so much @qwerrie!! I just read sad new that the Avian flu has affected the Conowingo area very recently. So far we've lost 80 Black Vultures. I'm sure the Bald Eagles will be affected. No doubt the Great Blue Heron too. I also read that the wild ducks and geese are mostly carriers and help spread this flu. I don't think I will be able to visit this area again for a while as they are advising people to take precautions since they can spread the flu to other areas from clothing and shoes. It is very sad all the losses to the bird populations here in the US. I don't know if your country is experiencing the Avian flu but I hope and pray not! 🙏💕

Here is my entry, not the outcome that I had planned at all 🤣


I bet it is fun. 😀


I dont expect anything less than a tonn of perfect captures from this round. And, of course, fun! Please, do accept my entry for the round #66. And, please, no jokes about what she was doing there, ok?

Hi @qwerrie! So nice to see your entry. 🙂


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Hello and good luck to everyone! My participation is a humble but honest try! In any case thanks for the contest!

Thank you for entering the contest