Smell the flowers - Slow down to enjoy life...

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"Slow down - happiness is trying to catch you" - unknown

It is not easy. We are conditioned to run. We are told to keep moving. From early days in our childhood, everything is always a race. If we stop or slow down, we do not win!

Flowers pass by and eat our dust as we speed past them. Greatest creations of nature, unparalleled in their beauty - the flowers, birds, sunsets, lush green grass ... they do not even find themselves worthy of a second glance from us. Perhaps, it is destiny that keeps us running in life. However, some day, we have to take a breath and stop to smell flowers - to get a small moment of carefree happiness... like this butterfly

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Take a moment to enjoy life
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How to slow down

Slowing down requires some deliberate efforts. Believe me - I have tried. It just feels so alien that initially we fill anxious. Something seems amiss about not moving fast. Therefore, let us look at some things that we need to do to slow down and enjoy life...

  • Breathe Literally - get into the habit of taking a deep breath often. Exhale slowly and feel the pleasure.. Something like this Red Avadavat seems to be doing 😀

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    Take a deeeeeeep breath
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Focusing on our breath brings us into the present and helps us calm down. This is essential for slowing down...

  • Eat slowly
    Wolfing down food is a habit that we have developed in our busy work life. We need to break that. We need to remember that we have all the time in the world. We need to look at the food, feel the texture, flavor and savor it. Look how this oriole takes a moment to savor the fruit before it gobbles it up

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    Savor the food
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    Slow eating does not mean sitting and having a TV dinner for 2 hours. The TV actually distracts us from food. Slow eating means focusing on the food and enjoying it.

  • Focus on people
    Most of the time, we are with people - friends, family, colleagues.. We do not, however focus on them and pay attention. We are too distracted by devices, messages, chats and what not. We really miss out on connecting with people and being in the present.

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    Focus on people-look into their eyes and connect
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We need to make eye contact and really connect with people. This removes the urge from us to attend to a million other things at the same time and helps to slow down. It relaxes us to have a good conversation with someone we connect with.

  • Do not multi task
    Multitasking is a way of life for us. It was great when we could do it, during our hectic work lives. The habit, if carried forward in retirement, can do more harm than good. We feel proud of ourselves that we are accomplishing more in less time but ultimately, we are putting unnecessary stress on ourselves. TIME is a plenty in retirement - isn't it Then why do we have to accomplish two things at once. Let us NOT be like this Kingfisher who was trying to eat two fish at once...

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    Do NOT multi-task - One at a time is better - unlike this guy!
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    The kingfisher actually tried to smack both fishes at once on the branch but ended up losing the grip on both and lost them! So, multi-tasking did not really help him.
    We too, can take things at a slower pace- do them one at a time with full focus and enjoy doing that. It definitely helps to reduce stress and slow down.
These are some of the things I have started implementing and I can assure you - they work! It is no rocket science to implement these simple habits either - Do try them out and provide feedback

I am sure many of us on the #silverbloggers community have already implemented these trick or may even have some other tricks up their sleeves to slow down, enjoy life and smell flowers. Do comment freely and let us know your own recipes for slowing down...

Cheers everyone, Have a great day.

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You are right that we must make an effort to slow down sometimes, to pause.
I was trying to do that. Even a few years ago I took a mindfulness course and learned some good exercises to practice enjoying the here and now with all the senses. But I have to admit that the last few months things have been a bit frenetic at home. And I guess they will be until my son goes to university in a few months. So lately, I want to do a thousand things at once, which always ends up in stress even if we don't realize it. So despite the demands of life, I will try to remember to slow down from time to time.

Thanks for the advice and beautiful images as always.

 2 months ago  

@coquicoin I understand that some periods of life are hectic - even in retirement. Nothing is ever the same. I am sure you will be able to relax soon. Do try to keep doing simple things like taking a deep breath and taking some time off while eating. Do share your experiences 😀
Thanks for the appreciation of the images - I always try to find something in the wild that somehow has a meaning for us humans in our life 😀

singature small avatar.png

I will try to and thank you very much. And yep, I think I will share some of my experiences 😄
Have a nice day or evening ;)

 2 months ago  

Looking forward to reading your experiences..😀

Okay, hehe. 😄😊

 3 months ago  

Being multitasking can be overwhelming at times.

 2 months ago  

@mjvdc So true. I used to feel so much pressure sometimes. Multitasking certainly helps but can be restricted to be used only when needed and should not be made into a habit. Easier said than done but let us at least try 😀

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 2 months ago  


I have one big question, should those who haven't hit retirement yet slow down too? 🥺