Memories of Africa - Beginning of my photography - Part 2

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"Unicorns are REAL. They are just fat and grey and we call them Rhinos..😀" - Unknown

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Unicorns are real!
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Imagine you are on a trail and a 2000 pound Rhino wanders right on it. Golden sunlight, even more golden grass and this large beast built like a tank - it is a photographer's dream and nightmare at the same time!!

It was always my dream to see and photograph a Rhino. It is just that I did not expect one to turn up right next to my car on the trail. If he wanted, he could have played rugby with my car in an instant. I could only sit there with bated breath and keep clicking. Good thing that I only had a P900 camera that time. It does not make any shutter sound because it is a mirrorless bridge camera. Thank god.

Speaking of battle tanks of animal world - here is another one that I encountered. Thankfully - this one was at bit of a distance and I could admire it's raw brute strength safely for a long time.

Brute Strength - The Buffalo
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Funnily enough - as soon as I breathed a sigh of relief and moved on after taking a pic, I heard a noise in the bushes right next to the trail and guess what, I turned and stared straight into the eyes of another buffalo male!

Close encounter!!
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Oh damn - he does look mad doesn't he. I just prayed and kept moving slowly ahead on the trail - inching the car forward till I cleared away from the Buffalo. Whew!!

Another encounter with an animal built like a tank was rather cute. I was driving by a river before Sunset dam in Kruger national park and saw this mother-child pair of Hippos. So cute!

Following Mama...
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I just can not forget the lovely wild animals.

The landscape and nights were not unspectacular either. I often returns late in the evening on weekends, after having roamed around in wildlife preserves the whole day. The drive back was far from a drudgery. I got grand views of moon and clicked some interesting pics..

Moon looks HUGE in Africa
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I also loved experiencing local culture and handicraft. I remember I was fascinated by masks and beads. I was not much of skilled photographer in those days and clicked some pictures. Quality of those pics I can not comment on but as memories, I absolutely love them..

Mask we all wear! (metaphorically)
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Bead-craft: My wife learn this from local tribal ladies

And last but not the least - my most prized photo. It is nothing in terms of picture quality but it is of my father watching elephants...

My father in Africa

I can NOT remember Africa without remembering how much my father enjoyed watching the wild animals. I was fortunate enough to be able to take him on a tour of Africa before his health deteriorated. It has been 4 years since he passed away but I always remember him like this... whenever I think of Africa.

I hope my images of my cherished moments in Africa and my father remain on the block chain forever through #hive.

There are still many many more unique memories that I wish to share but I think I will do that in my next posts...

I am sure that I am not the only one that cherishes such fond memories of Africa. Therefore, I would love to hear from all friends in the #silverbloggers community about African memories. Please comment freely and let me know your own cherished moments in Africa.

Cheers everyone, Have a great day.

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As a native of South Africa, I really appreciate this post! Also, I am glad to see that you respect the wildlife, and understand, that if you catch them on a bad day, they can really do some serious damage. I had an encounter with a mommy rhino with her very young baby. Also unexpectedly on a road through a reserve. She was not very happy with us! Luckily she only did a mock charge or two before settling down enough for us to move on. I think we both just startled each other a little!

My father was an avid bush lover. And I will always remember him as such. Photos such as the one you took tend to hold more value in the end than any award-winning wildlife shot. 😍

 2 months ago  

Thank you for sharing your experience. Though it was just a mock charge, I can imagine how frightening it would have been. South Africa is beautiful and will always occupy a corner of my heart. Great that you also remember your father the same way I do.
Appreciate your kind words about my photos. I am a much better photographer now than those days I think. So, I am eagerly looking forward to returning to Africa and taking some good wildlife pictures. 😀

I really hope you get the chance to do so! Photographing wildlife is always a wonderfully fun challenge, as long as you keep yourself safe in the process. Don't want those photos to be the last you take 😅

And don't make my mistake, I am so often focused on getting the perfect animal shot, that I don't take nearly enough photos of my friends and family. I can't tell you how many trips I have regretted that 😓

It does not make any shutter sound because it is a mirrorless bridge camera. Thank god.

And would you have clicked if you knew it would attract attention??? Definitely a memorable moment 🦏

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@wrestlingdesires Thanks to the VYB Curation project and you for appreciating my post. That is a difficult question. If I had a DSLR, it would definitely make a shutter release sound - the photographer in me would have urged me to take the risk but the rational brain would be advising against it.😀 I do not know which one would have won the argument!

The easiest answer is that the rhino would have won 😂

Definitely some great pictures, please tag me when you make the next post :)


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Memories of Kruger where we spent two weeks slowly meandering from South to North when living in Johannesburg in the 1970's was totally amazing. Got to see big 5 plus all the cats. Pack of wild dogs with puppies another highlight at the time, all photography taken those days with film....

Most amazing encounter in the bush was on the Zambezi near Victoria Falls when late afternoon found ourselves surrounded by elephants with young on the move to the water. Sorry no photography even though we had a small digital camera at the time, any sound would have startled them, we switched off the engine and watched them pass ahead and behind us, we became part of the herd for a short half hour hardly breathing.

Africa is in the blood, most difficult to not be moved when out with nature, fond memories of you and Dad. I took my older son on his first time into parks, he turned and said earlier this morning he did not know what to expect in the region. Everything was a great surprise and know he fully understands why I try return once a year, when we going back....

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 2 months ago  

@joanstewart Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences. I can just imagine the tense but wonderful moments that would have passed when the elephants were around you, especially with their young. I have been trapped once on a trail with a large herd of elephants with several baby elephants playing around us and we had large elephants blocking the road in front and behind. We spent 15-20 minutes trapped like that, waiting for the naughty young elephants to finish their rowdy games. 😀 Wil share those pics and experience in one of my posts soon.

I am glad that your son understands your love of the nature and will most likely join you on all your future trips.

I am always outdoors, late afternoons he joins in to enjoy end of day. This trip gave him the overall picture, better understanding as to why I don't always go to the mountains 😅

Lovely footage. An african safari is on my wishlist for quite some time now!

 2 months ago  

@pardinus Thanks. Hope you get to visit Africa soon. It is an experience that is quite unique. I am sure you will love it.


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 2 months ago  

Great photos. I think I would have been a little nervous around some of those beasts.

It must have been a wonderful trip especially as you were able to spend the time with your late father. I'm sure you will always treasure these memories.

 2 months ago  

@kaazoom Most of the times the wild animals are quite calm and do not even threaten humans as long as we give them their space and respect their boundaries. Sometimes, especially in mating season and when mothers are with cubs etc., the animal instincts take over and they are a bit aggressive. We need to be careful around those times.
I do treasure the memories and really appreciate your understanding that. Cheers.😀