Enjoying solitude in retirement... It's fun - my personal experience illustrated with my wildlife pics

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Think Solitude is no good? I think we should enjoy it...

I am not anti-social. I am pro-solitude - Unknown

Society often abhors solitude. 'Man is a social animal' we are told. Yes. absolutely. However, that does not mean we should not enjoy our 'alone-time'. Especially - when we have lots of time in retirement.

Even mighty raptors, enjoy a little 'alone time', in a reflective mood every morning before they get into the daily routine of survival...

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Some 'Me-time' - Peregrine falcon
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By nature, and by training (because of my job as an executive), I have always been used to being with people. To some extent, I even missed being with people when I semi-retired.
My good lady, on the other hand. has always been very comfortable being alone and enjoying her solitude. I often wondered if I was correct in seeking company or she was right in enjoying her solitude...

So - initially, whenever we were together, I found that I got in her hair all the time - constantly irritating her with conversations and trying to 'help' her! 😀

She looked at me with such a stern expression that I was like " Ok ok I will leave you alone for some time" - Just like this parakeet

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Ok Ok - I will give you your space!
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"Ahh - I have to find a way to either get her to be more social or I have to find a way to enjoy this solitude thingy!" thought I.

Trying to change the good lady after 30+ years together is a humanly impossible act - you will all agree!😀

So, there I was, left with no choice but to try some 'alone time myself"

I started off just by sitting all by myself and staring at infinity -
and.. couldn't even last for 10-15 minutes before I craved human company and felt like the loneliest man on earth! I tried it wrong I think. Like this Painted frankolin, I sat all alone in the evening, yawning. The time of the day when everything is becoming darker and the mood is already melancholy in a way.

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Yawnnnnnnnnnnnn - this solitude is boring...
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I need to think this through - I thought. So I sat and reflected on how I can stay alone and enjoy it. I thought of all the things I could do alone and listed them out...

I could -

  • Read all the books I want - now that I have so much time
  • I could binge watch Star trek - something I always want to do but could never find time before. No one would call me 'nerdy' and make fun of me if I did it alone! 😀
    I sat for an hour an mulled such things and then it suddenly hit me -
    THIS is what solitude is about - having some time to think and decide and do what I ENJOY !

Solitude is about being my own boss! Like this little Boss baby monkey - doing what it likes - not even caring about it's parents and siblings in pursuit of it's own joy...😀

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Ahhhh solitude - the boss baby enjoying it
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I quickly realized that I actually already WAS enjoying solitude - whenever I go out in the wild, I am all alone and immensely enjoy my photography sessions.

However, not everyone is as fortunate to go out often and enjoy solitude. Some of us will have to find solitude at home, which perhaps is full of people. This is not easy to do but we definitely can find quiet time.

My good lady loves her beauty sleep but I, the high energy nut that I am, am up and about at 5 or 6 am - which is like almost midnight for everyone in my household 😀. So, I get most of the house and terrace to myself. It is quiet, crisply cold and I have now come to like being alone in the semi-darkness of the rising dawn - doing things I love doing.

For example, last month, I photographed this lovely conjunction of 4 planets in one line and the moon during my solitude period... It is one of the rare 'selfies' that I have taken too...😀 - A star with the stars !! heh heh heh. Just kidding.

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My solitude activity - 4 planet conjunction!
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So - ultimately - Solitude is all about understanding to give each other space and understanding that it does NOT mean loneliness. We can enjoy solitude and put it to very creative use.

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Time to wind up my monologue 😀. Looking forward to your views. Cheers everyone. Have a great day!

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I enjoy solitude. I think solitude is different from loneliness in that solitude is something we choose, or it is for me. It gives me time to think things through and recharge my batteries. I also like being with other people and enjoy their company. I need the balance of solitude and being with people.

 last month  

@kaazoom I agree. We will need the balance between solitude and being with people. As long as we are not uncomfortable about solitude and being with people does not become a compulsion, we will be fine.
Thanks for sharing your views

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The Boss Baby wow wow such a cool cute picture!
Whilst I can be alone at times, it seems we are always surrounded by something and are never lonely, I mean in nature there is no way being in solitude equates to be lonely to me!

 last month  

@tengolotodo Thanks. I am glad you enjoyed the picture. That little monkey certainly had an attitude and was very individualistic.
Glad to know that you echo my views that solitude never equates to lonely.
Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback and views.

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You are so very welcome he really is individualistic:)

Loneliness is all in the head, being outside in the garden plenty to keep you company whether gardening or watching nature.

I think woman cope better not always needing constant chatting, doing chores for years within their own headspace, or in employment often not having a voice to be heard, one learns to enjoy those times of peace and quiet.

Women catch up when in gangs together letting their hair down, very different to that bald monkey with sulky face !LOLZ

The first time I got a universal remote control I thought to myself
This changes everything.

Credit: marshmellowman
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@joanstewart Ha ha. Yes. I do agree that women can cope better and manage to have their own personal solitude amidst all the chaos they deal with.
Thanks for sharing your valuable views friend.

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When we cannot laugh at ourselves life will be totally worthless, something this world is lacking!