The Freedom of Hive Blogging

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It's a sunny, hot Friday afternoon here in Cape Town, South Africa, and since my kids are still on holiday we decided to go to the beach. I can sit right here, type away on Ecency (for the 1st time) while the kids enjoy playing in the water. You don't get much more flexible than that!


Fresh salty air, happy kids and looking at my beard that's in need of a trim, haha. The greys are becoming more prominent as time passes.

With the beauty of Table Mountain in the background, it's simply a blessing to be here. Oh, we're at Big Bay, which is just past Blouberg Strand by the way, lol.

Moving along, that's not the only reason why more people should be blogging on Hive. One of the greatest reasons is that there's an existing community who love supporting each other. Sure, you can go out there, open a Web page and create your own blog. Then you need to find your target audience, learn SEO, or pay someone tons of money for SEO, pay Google adds, endlessly promote yourself on Social media and so on. Why would you want to do that when you could be making real money, right here? I'm sure there are a select few who can pull it off, but for most people, it makes more sense to blog here.

Oh, wait, it's time to go dip my feet in the water...


5 minutes later

Now where was I. Oh yes, SEO, add spend and the like.

Honestly, I have never come across anything quite like Hive. Yes, it has a learning curve. Yes, it's not a get rich quick scheme. Yes, you'll need to learn about Blockchain a bit and those initial passwords seem daunting at first. Trust me though, it's all well worth it!

You get the opportunity to chat to some great people all over the world. You get to earn currency and help others earn too. You get to engage with communities who care about each other and you get to grow, within yourself and on Hive.

Plus, you can do it from anywhere!


I really can't find a better way to spend the day, beach, sun, your children happily having fun, and you writing on Hive sounds like being in a little paradise. :)

Regarding the tags in Ecency, they are placed below the title; it's hard to find where to add them the first time when we are used to adding them at the end in Peakd ;)

 4 months ago  

Awesome, thank you so much for the update on Ecency! As per the post, great community, always willing to help 😃 Thanks for popping in.

You are welcome! 😄

 4 months ago  

Hive and its communities certainly is the best! Looks like you had an awesome day out @therneau!
I've even used my phone for blogging during loadshedding!
The beauty of Hive is that it still continued paying out during Covid hard lockdowns and certainly saved many of us!
Happy Hiving😉

 4 months ago  

It was a scorcher yesterday so we really enjoyed being able to cool down by the beach. It's amazing that there's an existing platform, where people can blog and earn currency straight away! I'm not even mentioning the connections you can make. So much value here!

Haha those grey hairs, yep get used to seeing an extra one every time you shave 🤣🤣

 4 months ago  

Lol, indeed

Indeed. Don't you agree that everything has become rather user-friendly compared to back in the days?

This post is already 19 days old but I want to call @lex-zaiya to this post to meet, not only a fellow South African, but another person on Hive that lives less than a 5 minute drive from where you guys live!

Thought we should make that connection!

 3 months ago  

Yeah dude, things are certainly becoming more streamlined. I guess that comes with its own challenges 🤷

Thanks for making the connection with @lex-zaiya. Welcome and I look forward to seeing what you guys come up with 😊

Coincidentally, I received training in writing SEO articles for work.

🤣🤣🤣🤣 Synchronicity!

Why does my Hive blogging not look like this? At least because of Hive I get a window through others like you into paradise haha.

Enjoy the good times.😊

 4 months ago  

Lol, we're lucky enough to live close to the sea. It's probably the best free outing around.

I saw you have some great looking recepes. My son decided a week or so ago that he wants to be vegetarian, so I've been trying some alternative meals to accommodate him. I saw the one salad you made with tempe, that looks amazing! What the heck is tempe, though?

Haha your son may not be ready for a fermented soybean cake. I loved it the first time then I hated it but now I love it again. Sometimes it tastes like chicken and sometimes it tastes like dirty socks.

 4 months ago  

Gotcha, lol.

Great to see you back again, wife and children all well after these last couple of years? Children must be eager to get back to normal schooling again, they do tend to miss their friends.

Beach looks awesome, also managed a walk on the beach this morning which was great a little cooler today!

Sending !LUV to you all and have a great week, nice to see you again.

 4 months ago  

It's good to be back after all this time, and great to see so many familiar faces!

The whole Covid thing was tough on all of us but hey, we're still around. Kids are back at school now, well, starting up Wednesday again.

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi. Great to see you again!

Yup children in neighbourhood return on Wednesday too, all excited to get going again.

Look forward to seeing you around and about again it has been awhile!

 4 months ago  

What a great combination, happy family, the beach, sunny day, Hive blogging and so much more :) And yes, I agree with the benefits of blogging here on Hive. It takes away all the technical concerns that one needs to learn when doing it outside this blockchain :)

 4 months ago  

" It takes away all the technical concerns"- For sure!

We're off to the beach again. 3 days in a row now, lol. Heck, it's free, so why not, haha

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