The Adventures of Freddy The Flea Pt 1

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This is where it all began. Just another day at Uranus Educational Centre. Well, for the most part at least. It was our annual debate day, and as happens every year, the Astrology, Biological, and Maths teachers got into their own debate.


"Uranus is named after our geographical location." teacher Bio said.

"No, it's named after a planet as per the Older Scriptures!" teacher Astro shouted.

"Just hold on you two," teacher Math interjected. "Uranus is the safest place for us to teach since neither The Clawed Paws nor Grunting Teeth of Death can reach here."

"True as that may be," said teacher Bio, "that holds no relevance to the name. Uranus Educational Centre's name is based on our location. It's named after Hair & Honey's rectum system, which you will clearly see in the Biological Scriptures."

"Then why did our ancestors name a planet Uranus?" teacher Astro objected.

This same debate could carry on for hours. This had been one of the reasons I decided to make up my own mind about certain things. All the so-called educated Fleas always pulled in different directions.

When the final bell rang, it was time to head to The Top of Mount Furry. It was a customary practice after debate day, however many Fleas headed out there regularly. Ones you'd find there often were the more adventurous ones, like The Jumping Fleas and The Explorers. Some called them brave whilst others thought they were just crazy. I mean, who would purposely jump off our world, down into The Abyss, then hike back up from The Legs of Motion. That just seems like too much risk and effort, all for what? The Jumping Fleas, in my opinion, were just crazy.

As for The Explorers, well, they were brave. They ventured through the most active parts of The Clawed Paws and The Grunting Teeth of Death, attempting to retrieve any useful resources we may be able to utilize. That's how they found The Magic Pouch, which keeps our scriptures and writing safe from water. An unknown material that water can't pass through. We've found many similar and smaller pieces of these. Teacher Science said it resembles what is known as Plastic, however, the variations in composition were still too great to be certain.

As for me, I was a simple Flea. I preferred to sit back, relax, feed and sleep. After all, what else did we have to worry about?

My wake-up call came around real soon. We were all running about The Top of Mount Furry when The Storm of Death came about.


We heard a continuous sound like the wind being squeezed through a narrow channel and it wasn't long before Fleas started coughing and splurging all around. Screams and shouts started filling the air and teacher Bio shouted out "Cover your mouth and nose and jump into The Abyss!"

Teacher Astro fell to his knees, reached his arms out to the sky, and said "The Gods are coming. Freedom has fallen upon our Fleas."

As for me, it all seemed like complete chaos. Some Fleas were blindly jumping around, others fell to their knees as well, and some decided to jump off Hair & Honey, into The Abyss. I still don't know exactly what happened to me, but I remember feeling faint and dizzy. I vaguely saw the half-covered face of a Flea looking down at me and the faint voice of what sounded like an angel, saying "Hold on Flea, I've got you. Try not to breathe."

That's when it all went blank. When I came back around again, everything was different.

To find out what happens next,continue following Freddy The Flea on his adventures @ #freddytheflea



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What a smirk...! Thanks for the laugh.

 4 months ago  

Mission accomplished, lol. Thanks for stopping by 😊

Oh, brilliant! I’m laughing so hard it hurts. Fleassssss❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕❤️💕

 4 months ago  

Brilliant! That's what Fleas are for 😉, lol

Just as the propheflea foretold! DOOM came for them all! Hahaha!

I missed a vote here... sorry.

Have some !PIZZA

 3 months ago  

"the propheflea" lol, I like that 🤣

Ohhh, this is brilliant!! I'm going to read this again with my youngest son, I'm sure he'll enjoy it a lot. Thanks for sharing :)
You're so talented!

 2 days ago  

Ahhh, thanks so much. I'll take a compliment like that anytime 😊 It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy 😁

I hope he enjoys it too!

You give my first good laugh of the day. Thank you for the laughs and for sharing Freddie the flea. Can't wait for part 2.

 2 days ago  

Haha, excellent! Mission accomplished 😁

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Oooh, milestones 😊


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