To loom or Not to Loom

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Hello Hello awesome people of the Hive

I thought I would share something a wee bit different for Silver Prompt 2: Hobbies, crafts, and retirement

You still have time to show us your hobbies or crafts that you do or would like to do if you had more time. So come on and join in the fun.

Talking about fun, I am not one to say No, and whenever challenged I will duly go for it, no matter how ridiculous I will look! Are you the same?

The title I used "To loom or not to loom" what does that conjure up in your mind?

Perhaps you envisage storm clouds looming on the horizon
or You have a big looming machine with yarn all over it.

In the wintertime I love to wear wool beanie hats as it gets cold you know! So I was challenged to make one, haha not one actually but two!

My mother and grandmother both were knitters and try as I might when a kid, I just never got the hang of it, all too fiddly for me.
Crochet, nah still too flipping fiddly for clutsy ole me!

Loom knitting, now that looked easy! You just have a kit and away you go.

All you do is choose the size of loom that you want and the wool (yarn) that you want, find your pattern or get someone to tell you what to do (that works bests for me 😁).

You can see on the left is the blue hat that was my first ever hat and it resulted in me being requested to make a bigger well taller one for womans hair to be bunched up in!

This is my hat, and has been manhandled and beaten up, so not retained it's perfect shape such as it had when it came off my loom!

The hardest part was deciding on a colour. You women sure know how to change your minds a gazillion times 🤣

Not to worry, the colour was chosen, and off to work I went!

Progress, doesn't it look pretty hehe

It is so easy to do, all you are doing is winding the wool around the little pegs. The only drawback is that you are using your hands so no time for the computer or phone, but that is a good thing, a break from the online world!

There is the finished result, you can see my wee blue hat and the taller red hat. I mailed it off and it was a resounding success.

When it comes to winter, and wrapping the bear up, a beanie is a must!

The scarf is that velvety satin feel wool and is just so darn comfy. I don't like the cold weather so will wrap up warm.

Looms come in all kinds of sizes, here are a few smaller ones that don't come in the normal pack. These were used to make some animal parts.

I think I should make some more things this winter when it is dark in the evenings.

What do you think?

Was that a big enough of a surprise shock for a hobby @coquicoin

Thank you for having a read of this, and don't forget to show us some of your hobbies or crafts or things that you wish you could do if time permits!

And for all serious knitters out there I apologise but loom knitting is the only way for me to do it! #sorrynotsorry


All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman @TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated.


Haste Ye Back!



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Oh double achievements, thank you so much and have a great weekend:)

Nice one Ed. Is that you in the hat?

Thank you and winter Grizzly me last winter yes Steve:)

You know that I didn’t believe you the first time you told me about your hat-making enterprises. Well, now, just WoW, Mister @tengolotodo that’s amazing. I’m so proud of you. Damn excellent, and your hat looks fine, my boy, just fine! (as in grand).

And you’re a brave soul too. Beautiful. Lots of luvs ❤️🙃💕💓❤️❤️💓💕💕💯💕💕💓❤️🙃🙃🤗🙃❤️

I think I should make some more things this winter when it is dark in the evenings.

Hahaaaaaaaaa. Yes you’re going to need to keep us updated. 😀😀😀🙃🙃🙃

hehe I remember that you didn't believe me, quite a few people don't😁
Thank you though @itsostylish I am more the design type than the build and construct type so I am chuffed whenever I do something like that. We do use fine like that too, so I will gladly accept that compliment:)
Am l luving the luv:)
Yes, I will need what to make, I am thinking a wee animal:)
thank you so much for this comment though, it just made me day 💙


What a surprise! I would never have guessed that one of your hobbies was making woollen hats, I love it! They turn out so well and look so warm. 😊

I had some square frames as a child, but the only thing I managed to knit was a scarf for my Nancy doll. I was better at knitting with needles. 🧣👧

Thanks for sharing "your secret" with us. Sshh... I won't tell anyone. 🙊 Happy weekend!

hehe we are all full of surprises Paloma:)
They are great and they really are warm.
Ah you see you prefer needles, me nope they don't cooperate with me! I am sure that your Nancy doll was happy though:)
Thank you for keeping "my secret" jeje
Thank you and have yourself a wonderful weekend too :)

I have never tried knitting in my life. I always get tangled in my brain. But do it the way you know best. Hehe. Nice hats

Haha you brain is one big tangle deraaa😁 Thank you I always do what I know best;)

 last month (edited) 

Haha Super Ed!!! You are the best. This is a hobbies' post I wasn't expecting and I love it. But you got yourself in trouble since now, me and your nephew, each want one. I need it for when I visit Rodrigo in winter :)

And the color? not a problem, you already know it ;) 💙

hehe I thought I would surprise you Super Eli!
Oh my nephew wants one too jaja a little and large blue set sounds a fun little thing to do, and yes will keep you warm in the windy city!

Of course he wants one as do I.
Now I'll have to see what I get first. The hats, the audio or Archie, jeje ;)

jajaja dmeanding Super Eli is back!
Have a Super sunday:)

Morning morning !! 😂
And I guess the Super Ed who pretends it's not with him, is present LOLOL
Have a Super day, too!!! 🤗

jaja me demanding Super Eli? Never!
hehe gooood morning over there, and have a great one Super Eli😁🤗💙

jaja me demanding Super Eli? Never!

Should I believe you? 😂

But in this case, you are not demanding, you are clearly the one demanded, Super Ed 🤣🤣

That is shocking indeed, kuya! I didn't know you do that. Color blue fits you well and seeing that scarf makes me want to have. It does look comfy. How long did it take for you to do those? Do you do it in one sitting?

Knitting including looming have become one of the trending hobbies especially when pandemic hit. I have seen viral videos of people who are doing these.

hehe yes I decided in lockdown to do it. It is very easy when you are shown how kuya.
The blue, yes my favourite colour so had to be a blue hat for me. It probably takes a couple of days for the hat, faster if I did it more often. I think I have to make one for @coquicoin so I will see how long it takes. The scarf I did not do, but she did it in a few evenings. There are loads of YouTubers and tutorials knocking around. It is actually quite a calming thing to do, and a good feeling when you wear what you made and it looks okay kuya :)

If I'll be convinced enough, I might take up that hobby too lol!

I remember when I was younger, we have a knitting machine. I was taught by my mom how to use that and we make frog suits or body suits for babies. I usually do the arms parts and the rest is done by mom then we would sew the pieces together to make the frog suits.

Oh look at you kuya!
You have a headstart on me, that sounds a fun way to spend time with your mum.

It's been a long time since I've done that. I haven't had the opportunity to make a full one on my own. When the parts of it broke down, it was hard finding replacements because it was old and they don't make that anymore so we stopped using it.

ah yes, spare parts are a problem, although here old machines are being collected, people use them for ornament pieces!

At least they have another purpose which is good. We have to repurpose things if we can :)

Woohoo!!! It looks like I will have my blue hat. You are my witness on that he said he would do one for me, Kuboy @leeart. Since sometimes he pretends to forget things, haha.


jaja oh shoot, I have been caught out by eagled-eyed Super Eli .....


Jajaja this time you called the eagle since you tagged me, Super Ed!!!! 🤣🤣
You caught yourself, so start looking for those recipes!


jaja oh god that was almost a coffee spiller reading and seeing this🤣🤣🤣
Yeah I goosed myself!

Lol! We need a screen shot for that :D :D

Haha!! Yes we do ;)

🤣🤣 There's no more escape, kuya @tengolotodo!

There will be no escape for him, haha ;)

I know hehe kuya

That's awesome! My youngest son has been interested in weaving, though any time we get close to getting him into a class he chooses not to. That's a good looking hat!

Cheers for tha, it is a comfy hat too and keeps me warm. Weaving would be cool, I think it is great if kids want to do something apart from play on an XBox or their phone. Our house is a yarn house and the wife is forever making something or watching some YouTuber so I thought I would keep her company during lockdown.

I love this. I know a young woman who looms beanies for premature babies, kids, and... You may wish to check her out on Instagram.

And seeing as you're taking orders, could I please have a 💜 one. Please and thank you!!

Thanks Fiona, there are lots who make beanies for the wee ones, they call them preamies. Look at you getting specific with your colour!

Becky does amazing work and not just for preamies.

Oh, I always get specific!😄💜

haha noted!

 last month  

That is amazing Tito Ed! How cool is that you really knit! Salute to you, I can't even crochet, lol! Love the beanie you've made, the recipient of the red one must be very happy to receive it.

hehe well I tell you CJ, this is a hell of a lot easier than crochet! If I can do then anyone can. Thank you and yes she liked it, wears it in the chilly mornings in Florida!

 last month  

Oh is it? I thought knitting is more difficult, lol! Never done both so it would be interesting. Glad she likes it, it's fab!

That is why I use that circular loom, it is easy CJ, if I can do it, then anyone can:)

 last month  

So that's the secret to making it easy. I guess I'm not really crafty or just palin lazy, lol! But that is something interesting to take on actually.

Yes that is the secret. It is weird, I mean I thought no fricking way could I do, but I did! Something to totally take your mind off everything and a great break from the online stuff CJ!

Yay! 🤗
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Whaaat??? That looks like fun!!!

hehe it was fun and surprisingly easy :)

Wow! Well done Ed! This is so cool. 😊 I would love if I could find knitting looms somewhere and try it. I like your choice of colors, I had no doubt that one would be blue. 😊

hee mine just had to be blue 💙 Jelena :)
WE get them online, so am sure you can find them easy enough! It is a bit of fun, and very easy to do!

That's a very useful skill :) I remember making a long rope on a small one as a kid, but found out it wasn't very strong, lol 🤣

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oh dear, well if we don't try things then we don't find out!
Thanks for the curation and enjoy the new week :)

Thanks, you too :) Now that I think about it, this probably would have worked with nylon seine twine - yarn, not so much 😂

My pleasure, well done :)


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Oh wow! Another side of you. You are great at this. When I saw to loom or not to loom, a different thought came to my mind but definitely not fabric making. This turned out very beautiful. I think this is a good type of fun. I wish I know how to make these things

It is a different type of fun, a bit frustrating at the beginning and probably will be again when I make something again. Hehe I have a fair few strings to my bow you know 😉

You have magical hands my friend😉

Oh I do in so many ways my friend 😉

I guess you picked a lot from mum and grandma for you to deliver this lovely crochet. My grandma used to make it but not with this, just two pointed little steel and off she goes. She would be talking, laughing and her hands would be in default mood as she would never stop. It's fascinating and this tool you have seem to make it easier but like you said, deciding colours might be tough and also, knowing how to go about what I want to make hahaha. It's not the same movement for sock and head warmer. That thing confuses me 😂🤣😂

So your grandma used knitting needles, far too complicated for me 🤣🤣🤣
Yes the circular loom is so much easier, and you don't need to pay much attention once you get the hang of it. I need to make two hats as two people want them 🤣

Yes, the knitting needles look too stressful and complicated to me too hahaha.

Two hats...that's great then. I'm sure you will finish them in no time. 💪💪💪

hehe no way will I be playing with those two knitting needles they are dangerous 🤣🤣🤣
Yes two hats jaja actually three hats one is for my wee nephew who is a cat!

Wee nephew that is a cat 😂😂🤣😂😂😂🤣. Three it is...I hope you get to complete the hats soon.

jeje I need to start the hats soon I think it might not be until winter that I do them though!

I know they will turn out great with varying colours, I suppose. ❤️❤️🤩🤩🥰

Haha, and you know what Ola? the wee nephew of @tengolotodo plays in your team the charming rascals 🤣🤣

🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂🤣 @tengolotodo come over here, partner.

 24 days ago  

Gosh Ed, you are a man of many talents, I've never seen these looms, quite fascinating! And...a good hobby to limit screen time.
I just love the pattern it creates, your beanies look great!