What does happiness worth ?

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How fast you can organize a feast ? The joy of making a feast together, you barely get this in city life


The strong togetherness between people in rural area is a big asset to life. You never feel alone. Come to the city, your barely even meet your neighbor everyday. We have three tenants living at our native and a couple was blessed with a baby girl and all of us joined together to arrange a mini feast to celebrate the 21st day. The baby girl was sleeping, so I did not disturb her to take a photo.


The couple wanted to celebrate and everyone else was excited to help - the joy of doing it together is very different. There will be few people who drive it and we have got the main drivers here. Planned in the morning and executed before noon - I bet, you can never do it in city life, even though you could be very rich.




Observe anything here ? This was used in a mixed vegetable curry and different vegetables have been cut into different sizes - so that, all of them will cook nicely. Every vegetable has different boiling mechanism so this itself is an art for best taste.


After preparing everything, they realized, they need bigger utensils and Mom came into rescue. We have big utensils at home, but they were kept in a upper birth. They were quickly taken out and cleaned to be used. And in the interest of time, the cooking was done at three places distributing the load. We have a chullah where cooking traditional way with wood is still alive.


Ever saw smoke coming out of woods ? It does produce a whistle sound which is so much fun to watch. Something, our kids experiencing for the first time and enjoying.


The sweet takes the longest time and its the best fit to be cooked in the chullah as wood gives consistent heat. In fact everything that is cooked here tastes better than what you cook on a gas - only if time permits.


Not many items on menu but it was sufficient for a taste delight - plain rice, rich daal, mixed vegetable curry, sundried mango dish, salad and sweet. From my experience, you enjoy the food most when you have few very tasty items on the menu, unlike a grand buffet, where you literally can eat a little of so many things.





And the most enjoying moment - sitting and eating together.









Do you see any difference in the pleasure, because of wealth or status or caste or earning capacity ? All we enjoy at that moment is the food and togetherness.

In city life, you can afford everything and possibly invest solo to arrange a mega function - but the people coming to that feast will barely speak to each other. All they will do is to give you a gift , eat and leave the place. Compare that to this - no amount of investment can buy this happiness. That is why the people in rural are happier than us with less health issues - they live together - something we sacrifice to earn wealth and realize very late in life that the wealth is not going to be of any use at some point of life.


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I agree with you. Rural lifestyle is far better than urban. During pandemic i returned to my village from a nearby town and haven't gone back yet due to this drastic difference in lifestyle.

And you won't feel alone if you are in village - come to the city, no one will bother to help you even. I have started spending more time here, so that, we can move permanently here sooner.

Wow, yeah i see the togetherness. Surely this rarely happen in the city. The food looks very enticing 🥗🥗🥗. I am attracted to this particular picture 😋😋😋

Looks really yummy

It was very very tasty - you actually can distinguish the flavor of vegetables - the natural flavor because of fresh organic vegetables.

Yeah true... It looks like the vegetable soup cooked in my country and I so much love vegetable soup.

We normal use flour (there are different kinds) to eat with our vegetables. What is used in your side of the country?

rice and daal is the most common food in lunch, along with curries.

This is the first time I am hearing about daal. I need to Google it. Yeah about curry, it is common here too. Thanks very much.

daal has got so many varieties - you can even prepare a daal fry, that would be so tasty to eat with anything - rice or flour or roti. Northern part of India will have daal as must in any menu.

You are right sir in rural area people values relations not money and at present time the feeling and emotions of affinity disappear slowly slowly
yes it is not important to have a Buffet in which there are too many things presented for eating purpose while it is important that we shoult have the peoples with whom we can enjoy the moment while eating food because there is a different taste of love... Even all the food which is pesented in the picture looks very delicious in taste @sanjeevm

there is a different taste of love

In my apartment, even though there are 100 flats, I do not see people coming out and talking to each other, except we 3-4. Barely they will know the value of this.

This is a really good action. Those two are very happy. A lot of people in the villages are united, cooperative without thinking about time and labor.

They are happy because they love to live together without much requirement.

There is no way we can ompare both the lifestyle. Whatever be the important city people are enjoying...they are losing human touch..and humanity...while on the other hand...rural people keep developing g humanity and closeness with each pass days.....the real.happiness lies in simple common living and lifestyle and they are fully aware of it.

the real happiness lies in simple common living and lifestyle and they are fully aware of it.

Unfortunately, its we who are forgetting this and going after stress.

Better to realise the reality and get back to basics asap.

Ya, already work in progress - enjoying the time here - today morning only we were discussing - I will be staying more time here now - to help the parents and play football / cricket, do this sort of feasts , start farming, start a business....

Hello dear friend @sanjeevm good day
It is very true what you say, in the big cities the power and interaction of the people is being lost, while the towns are gaining more followers with the old customs
Excellent what you are transmitting to your children and what you share with your family
I appreciate that you share the traditions of your people
Have a nice day

We need to teach the children and bring up the way so that, they can adjust to every situation - it's very important, to not forget our roots.

The life of the people of the village is very beautiful. They live in a beautiful natural environment. They are more familiar with this food. Cooking and eating together is a lot of fun

More ever, they live a relaxed life - barely few have diabetes and BP.

Village life is very pleasant. Emotions live on in people. Take care of each other They share each other's pain.You attended a wonderful party. And very good photography

You attended a wonderful party.

It is my home only 😀

I agree with you too. In rural areas, people are bonded. They are not with each other to fulfil selfish motives. They truly love each other. The whole village lives and enjoy like a family. There is so much peace, serenity, happiness, warmth, love, compassion, is hidden in village life which is somewhere lost in our modern urban life. nice post. thanks for sharing! :)

In urban life, we run the race alone - the race to earn wealth and luxury - and in that process, we end up damaging ourselves, before we realize, its too late. They do not have such ambitions - the couple barely earn 500/- a day, they live in just one room, eat simple food ( they even cannot afford anything extra) - but they sleep better than us. That's the difference.

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