When the Going gets Tough, turn to Comfort food

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We all need good nourishment to keep going, but when the going gets tough, there's nothing like comfort food that may not be full of health benefits, but hey, it does help to soothe and calm the nerves!

Choc Fudge Pud with homemade Custard, sure to cheer up anyone.

I've not had time to cook and bake of late when 2022 upped my nursing duties, so I started paging through some of my old pics and found some comfort and inspiration to start doing the one thing I really enjoy, and that's playing in the kitchen!

Crumpets or flapjacks or pancakes, whatever you call it in your country, certainly is the quickest tasty treat to whip up for breakfast or teatime.


One thing this surprisingly friendly Omicron has done is to help rid me of that awful metallic smell I experienced ever since the seizures of last year.
It's quite weird, as I lost my sense of smell when I started with this Covid. The smell slowly came back and that metallic smell has disappeared, plus I'm told we will now have super-immunity as we had our vaxes!

Pancakes with Cinnamon & Sugar is a real old-time favourite; some call these crepes.


A Pancake stack with cinnamon & sugar, syrup and sliced bananas, really yummy!

Another favourite filling is stewed Apples with...yes you've guessed right...cinnamon sugar!

So...I'm all fired up and WILL make time to get back to cooking and baking.

Pumpkin fitters is a real South African treat, rolled in Cinnamon Sugar.
You've guessed right...I do have a sweet tooth!

Grandma's old-fashioned Milk Tart is everyone's favourite!
I hope you've enjoyed this trip down memory lane of really good comfort food, perfect for laidback breakfasts or teatime treat for us semi-retired silvers!

The quickest and easiest breakfast is boiled eggs and toast with homemade jam.

I hope to share some more comfort foods as I get busy in the kitchen again, will certainly make time for that again now that my sense of smell is back to normal, thanks to Covid of all things :)

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I remember as a kid Sunday dinner would be soft hard boiled eggs and toasted soldiers. I love crepes with sugar and lemon juice. That all looks delicious and makes me want to get my cojo on in the kitchen now!

 4 months ago  

We often still have soft boiled eggs with toast @tengolotodo, but now I'm curious. What is a cojo?
Thanks for visiting 😊

ah cojo someone told me, is your cooking mojo or cojo for short ;)

Comfort food for us Silvers is a must @lizzelle and especially for you while you are looking after your Mom Lily. I am so glad your metallic taste has disappeared - how awful that would be. I can only imagine at this stage.
Super protected from covid sounds like the best armour. Take care and sending love.

 4 months ago  

Yes it's so true! Weird that this very mild Covid variant 'cured' my sense of smell, thank you for your kind wishes @angiemitchell 🤗

Delightful treats mostly enjoyed in winter months, except the milk tart that could be everyday of the week 😉. All familiar household nibbles here, no so?

Good to hear your smell is coming back, take care!

 4 months ago  

Yep, all easy cooking and baking! I'm still trying to get back to make special treats but it's all quick meals for us & purees for Mom🙄
Thank you for popping in Joan, it's always nice seeing you🤗

Cooking in hot months of the year never fun, once a day that kitchen duty must be done so make the most of it.

Have a wonderful weekend.

 4 months ago  

Lovely treats @lizelle , can't wait to see some more of your baking, lovely my friend. Thanks for sharing.

 4 months ago  

Well if you come & visit, I promise to make something special 😉

Omw that looks so delicious. Can I come and get the left overs haha. If I book a flight for now I'll see you in an hour. Oh that look so nice 😍

 4 months ago  

It's great meeting a fellow South African @tigermom, you're welcome anytime 😊

Yeah!!! I stay in the Northen cape. 😀

Wow, that all looks so yummy! If I were to use a bit of green food colouring in the cream on those pancakes, maybe that would appease my dietitian? 😀

 4 months ago  

LOL, I don't think that would fool anyone, perhaps yogurt would be a healthier topping not so😉

I do have a sweet treat every now and then. You have to really, even with diabetes. I had some Christmas pudding and custard on Christmas Eve, which looked much like your first pic on this post. It was yum!

Oh, my dear God. Such a torture just before bedtime. Can I move to your house after the pandemic is gone?

 4 months ago  

LOL, not a good idea to look at food pics at bedtime but you'd be most welcome @mrprofessor😉

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Oh my, going to make pancakes, brb!

 4 months ago  

LOL, pancakes is just the thing for wintertime😉

Talk about whetting the appetite Lizelle - yummy

 4 months ago (edited) 

I'm still trying to find time to get back to real cooking, currently it's quick meals for us and pureed foods for mom🙄
Nice seeing you @edenmichelle 🤗

Thanks Lizelle :)

It looks beautiful and yummy @lizelle! 😍🤤

 4 months ago  

So nice seeing you @blackberryskunk, how are you doing?

I'm doing good, thank you @lizzele!
I hope you get through the hard times soon 💚😇

 4 months ago  

I am so late to the party, but, nevertheless, made it in time!

These are so very yummy! I just did stuffed apple pancakes and you hit the nail on the head! They are good anytime, even at teatime!

Hi, Lizelle @lizelle ❤️ You have been in my thoughts and prayers. xo