A Friend for Every Season

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Crazy, Fun, Philosophical, Arty Farties, Foodies, Health Freaks, Sedate and Serious ones, the Worriers, and the Warriors; Animal Lovers and Activists, Environmentalists. Gentle and Compassionate souls, Sport and Fitness Fanatics, Scintillating Scandal Mongers, Conspiracy Theorists, Sentimentalists.


I likely could go on and on but having a natural love for people and a natural curiosity in finding out what makes people tick, my friends range from all the above, and more.


Many come to stay for a short season, others a tad longer, but then there are the kindred spirits, lifelong friends who become like family.


I have made some very good friends here on Hive. My keyboard with its bright lights and clickety-click sounds and my PC screen connects me to my Hive friends. This is my happy space, my escape from the real world, and very comforting during trying times.

20211219_220328 (1).jpg

I've learned a heck of a lot on Hive from my foodie friends, and find it fascinating to see how my friends from all over the world live.


Being a Crypto virgin I was quite chuffed when I managed to turn my Hive into hard cash during the 2020 Covid hard lockdown when we had to close our BnB for almost three months.
I don't think I will ever reach Whale status, but am happy to be a Dolphin at least!
This Whale sculpture was done by my old lifelong friend @artywink's husband Peter Wink.


Angels disguised as people - all friends who have warmed the cockles of my heart and played their parts throughout the seasons in my life.


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 4 months ago  

iHeart gratitude posts. Nothing can be said negatively about you, young lady. You're a pleasure to have around, the block wouldn't be the same without you. And should we make it to SA I better wake up to breakfast aroma.

 4 months ago  

You're a very special young man @dandays, I'm so happy to have met you!
And...guess what! We all had Omicron and it took away my smell BUT that sense has returned and the metallic smell I was experiencing has disappeared, so I'm once again enjoying the aromas of food😉

 4 months ago  

I'm so happy to hear that. I hated thinking terrible things but metallic taste doesn't draw pleasant thoughts.

Pleasure's mine.

 4 months ago  

Aww!! Lizelle you are the most awesome person I know, you are a light in peoples lives. Thank you for always cheering me up. Beautiful post

 4 months ago  

And I'm so blessed to have met you, quite by accident with the postman delivering my little parcel to your address. It was written in the stars for sure xxx

 4 months ago  

We are both blessed my friend.

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 4 months ago  

I was so happy to hear about the return of your sense of smell! Without the extras! Bonus. We are programmed differently than being grateful for the nonreturn, but, in this case, it is wonderful.

I think most of us were crypto virgins when we came, but, surprised myself that it could turn into money, honey! Up until then, it just felt like monopoly money. Thank goodness so many here on the blockchain have had their nest feathered just a bit during the awful year of 2020. I had family out of work also and it was a hardship to watch. I was glad there were enough of us to chip in and give a hand. They would do the same for me, I have no doubt.

As far as friendships here? Who knew it could be this good? I can go to my computer, day or night. There is always someone there. Not just anyone, but, someone that I have made a connection with, posted with, about, or even just banter with back and forth. There are so many warm and wonderful souls here. The trouble is, there are more than I bargained for and it is hard to keep track, keep up, and shamefully, I lose touch a bit. Not on purpose, but, it happens.

I need to get with @joanstewart for a few hints on how to keep up. She does a great job, as does @tattoodjay

Anyway. woman, you are one of those rare gems that I am happy I met! ❤️

It is great the variety of people, perspectives and personalities we can meet here in Hive perhaps more so than we could meet in our day to say life

Glad Hive helped you through these crazy times

I love that whale piece it’s awesome

Cheers and Hive on

That's a really flash keyboard you have there! I like the rainbow coloured back-lit keys, very nice.

"This is my happy space, my escape from the real world, and very comforting during trying times."

I found my own, similar, happy place recently, of sitting under a tree in Henderson Park; playing some music while scrolling through Hive blog posts on my mobile phone; listening to the birds chirping in the trees; and watching the world go by. Total relaxation! Enjoy your happy space, @lizelle.