Three photo Thursday - wot, no duck?

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It's marvelous having another Martin pair performing their morning ritual on the satellite dish outside our bedroom window.

Preening is a serious matter.


Princess Pearli has - happily - been around a lot. This was how her day began.

Yes there was a lot of washing going on...

No duck eggs this week

We are in the throes of a heat wave which is only going to intensify in the next few days, so salads it is. Last night's eggs were a combination of my friend's little free range and commercial. Visually, you can spot the difference because hers are smaller. They "behave" differently, too, in that they are easier to peel and the shells are harder. One had a hairline/toe crack which had no impact. Not so, the commercial egg.

Why the commercial eggs and no duck, even though they are in season? P is self-isolating. Her partner has covid. All things being equal, and assuming she continues symptom free, there could be more duck spam (just to annoy my Scottish friend) next week!


Oh, and notice the roasted pepper on the salad. It's going to be a thing for the next while.

Until next time, be well
The Sandbag House
McGregor, South Africa

Photo: Selma
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Your posts always make me run to the kitchen... i need to stop reading here. 😁

 4 months ago (edited) 

My tired brain with eyes scanning read that the ducks had Covid😅
Shall I say it again? Lucky man you have, your food not only looks good, but always healthy!

Hahaha! A new version of bird flu? God forbid! I'm lucky that he enjoys this kind of food too.... He does always need potatoes or rice... I can't/shouldn't... lol

So sorry to read about P having to self isolate, this new variety is sweeping through so many people are getting it. Hoping for a full & fast recovery of her partner.

I remember duck eggs from when I was a kid. We had Dutch quackers. They laid the prettiest eggs that I flat out refused to eat (I was annoyed at the concept of eating potential ducklings and of course the cute 'n fluffies over-ruled the health benefits of free range home laid eggs)

My mom said they were much richer in flavour than the commercial chicken eggs. I'm sorry that the heatwave has affected the laying, hoping it will pass soon.

Those Martins are beautiful. I definitely wouldn't mind waking up to them outside my window each morning!

Have a lovely weekend Fiona.

P's quite sanguine. She seems to think that "us oldies" will be fine. I will hear this morning how they are. I do tend to think, though, that no news is good news.

Yes, duck eggs are richer than hen's - commercial or otherwise. They are pretty seasonal, so we enjoy them while we can. Although P will let them sit, most are sterile. Actually, I should ask if she has drakes...

Happy weekend to you!

there could be more duck spam (just to annoy my Scottish friend) next week!

hehe I am missing my duck egg fix 🤣🤣🤣


Your Princess Pearli looks like my occasional guest Cora 😻And you just make me hungry as usual, hehe.

I know. Your Cora and Pearli could be cousins!

Your salads always look lovely. I couldn't get away with those eggs though, as my wifey is not keen at all on parsley. I would have to do a parsley-free plate for her, haha.

Thank you. And you could: she could pick out the parsley! lol