Roasted, umm...roasting

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Capsicums are back in season and C, who gets gleanings from local farmers, had some beauties on Saturday. My original plan was to make harissa (which I stiil shall), but it's been so long since we had roasted pepper pasta or anything for that matter, that I roasted the lot.

The weather is also roastingly hot, and will be getting hotter between now and the weekend, which is threatening to be way over 40°C. I am not looking forward to kitchen Friday or the market, so am planning and prepping so that I don't have to be sweating over a hot gas stove. I have other maeal plans for some of those babies.

But last night

Some of those sweet peppers and their juice went with the pasta. I also made a basil pesto. I plan to make some some to sell at Saturday's market. The basil is flourishing and needs a haircut.


Again, I made the pasta with a duck egg. The Husband asked whether I had made more than usual.


Nope. That was the only difference in the pasta ingredients - the larger than usual egg.


Served, of course, with the usual salad of garden loot.

Oh, and watch this space for more about C's wares and which will be on kitchen Friday's agenda.

Until next time, be well
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 4 months ago  

Oh yum Fiona, everything looks soooo good! Your hubby is a lucky man! (think I've said it before)

Yum!!! Drooling over your pasta!

Oh my word that looks scrumptious ❤️💕❤️💕🤗

The food, as usual, looks lovely 😃 The 40'C does not! 🌡️ I hope it doesn't get as crazy humid where you are as it does here in Brisbane. I think if we had 40'C plus the humidity we've had the last couple of days I might actually die 😅

Thank you. We do, actually, often also get humidity which is weird because we're inland. Over the last 10 years I've come to the conclusion that it's because of the (often) cloud cover and being trapped in a basin-like valley. We've had people who've moved here from the most humid parts of the country comment on that. Two Sundays ago, and when I posted this, we nearly died of the humidity before there was the actual storm (and rain). Sometimes we have the storm without the rain which is hell!

On Brisbane and because I know you hike and do park runs, it occurs to me that you might just have come across Carol Wingreen? A real flyer....

Those roasted peppers look so delicious, and after reading this, I have no choice but to make pasta for dinner and hope it looks at least half as good as this one.

I am sure it will!