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Last night's meatless Monday supper harked back to my youth. I first "met" falafel in pita bread in Johannesburg in the mid-80s. I was an instant fan.


I have long wanted make pita and because I used to be afraid of both baking and yeast, and didn't always plan properly. Last night was the night because I had a stash of falafel in the deep freeze, courtesy of my market pal, Trish. I also had some of her fab tzatziki and my hummus.


I knew that there is a recipe in Nina's book, All Fired Up. It's full of great vegetarian recipes and, really, none of the recipes is difficult to make. I need to do a proper review of this book which I now have for sale on my stall at the market.

Her pita recipe was quick (as quick as a yeast rising can be), and easy. Until my journey with sourdough, I had been frightened of bread baking. Now, I'm not. I'm also learning that there is a place for instant yeast. Last night was one such case. Having nothing other than the pita to prepare, I did have the time.


I was also thrilled to read that one doesn't have to use all the dough immediately: it'll keep in the fridge for up to a week, so the balance is safely stashed for another three, and the bonus is that it's a quick split inot the portions you want, roll and back in a hot oven for just 5 minutes.

What could be easier.

I was thrilled at how supper turned out. And poignantly, the entire meal was in Paul's bowls.

Thanks to all three - Paul, Nina and Trish, I ate memories - in more ways than one - for supper last night.

Until next time, be well
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 2 months ago  

Hi Fiona, I was also afraid of making pita once I took a risk and the result was not so bad, the only thing was that they did not bulge as they should.

I was surprised how these did. Next time I will make them a little thicker. I also think that the hot, hot oven is part of the secret.

 2 months ago  

It is a good idea to heat the oven enough, although the time I did it I cooked them in a pan

I have a different recipe for flatbreads on the stove top. Also, the hotter the pan, the better.

Everything looks delicious. I love falafel and pita bread. And served like this, they look so appealing. 😋

Oh, boy, serving them in bowls was a stroke of genius even if I say so myself. I was so happy with all of this. They're going to happen again!😄

Well then, I have never made pita bread before and you made it sound easy...
I think I shall investigate at some point:)

I shall share the recipe, shall I?