Duck, more eggs

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After the heat of the last week and Wednesday's drama, yesterday was a lot cooler. In every sense of the word. It called for comfort food, some of which (wedges) cooked itself while I started the rolls for Saturday's market.

We're still getting duck eggs. I plan to, for as long as the ducks lay. Folk have been asking about the difference.


Much more yolk (the best part IMO) than hen's eggs - only one of those four - easily spotted. They are also fattier so besides being more rich, cook more quickly. Oh, and they make great pasta.


Wednesday's pasta supper. I always make our pasta and this week, with a duck egg. It doesn't make much difference to the flavour, but does - if you pay attention - to the texture. It cooks more quickly and is a bit more (you gotta pay attention) al dente. If that's the right word.

With it, basil pesto, yellow and red peppers and mushrooms.


The salad: a bed of garden lettuce, basil, brinjals, tomato and cucumber with red onion and olive marmalade and homemade cottage cheese. The marmalade was left over from Saturday's market tarts (a future share...).


Back to last night's supper and the current favourite: poached duck egg and this time with peas and wedges. And salad. All in bowls. Effectively one of the archetypal comfort food: egg and chips. A good end to a better day.

Until next time, be well
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"After the heat of the last week..."

So nice to read a post from another "Southern Hemispherian", like me. It's been quite a hot Summer here in New Zealand this year, too. Your food pics do look yummy, and would probably be quite okay for me as well, being a diabetic. Perhaps not so much pasta on my plate though, please! 😜

ah you and those duck eggs 🤣
As you said about laying in summer, well seems you are right as I still cannot find any.
So please enjoy them for me!

Yes, I will try to refrain from

So please enjoy them for me!

I did. For brunch, thank you!

When your summer comes and you get them you can make me jealous. Deal?

When your summer comes and you get them you can make me jealous. Deal?

Now that does sound like a deal!
But spam away, I love seeing how you use them too :)

"I will try to refrain from spamming"

Duck eggs and spam. That sounds like an interesting combination! 🤣

Not quite as interesting as green eggs and ham 🤣