THE NEW HOBBY~~~Silver Prompt 2: Hobbies, crafts, and retirement

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It's funny how the #silverbloggers #silverprompt just happened this week when I was just starting a new endeavor. Retirement is a beautiful thing folks! Having time all to yourself after working for some 47 years is refreshing.

The children are grown now, responsible for themselves and their own children. It truly makes me happy but also relaxed to know 'the kids are alright".

Keeping busy is a key factor in enjoying retirement. Having things to do each day, whether it's gardening, painting, woodworking, knitting or quilting, all those things keep you moving and thinking.

I have been retired for over 5 years now and my to-do list has never been blank. I would like to learn how to quilt, and also start knitting again, I know how, my mom taught me when I was a teenager but once I was married and had a family as well as a job, those knitting needles collected some dust.


This knitting basket was my mother's, remembering her hands working those needles and yarn always makes me smile and blow her a kiss.😘




We have had nightly visits from some critter for at least a month now. Flower pots were being flipped over, gardens were being dug up and all our birdfeeders were emptied. The brand new suet feeder even had a bent rail. What the heck?


We decided one morning it was time to buy a trail camera. We had had one some 20 plus years earlier and always talked about how cool it would be to have a new one to discover and capture new wildlife here on the #homestead.


The camera came within a few days, delivered right to our door. Farm-mom got busy reading the quick start, learning the buttons and figuring out some basic set up so I could capture a picture of the rascal that was really getting on my nerves.


I was shocked when after just one night we had found the culprit, A raccoon, only to discover on night #2 there were two of them.


These bad boys sure can climb.


Notice the swinging pots and suet feeder.


A great feature to this new camera, when motion is detected a single photo is taken and then a video is captured. I am slowly learning how to change settings to shorten or lengthen the video time.


With all the features on our new camera, I am sure this new hobby will keep me busy.


I can't wait to have the time, there's that word again, time, yeah I know I was bragging about how great it is to have lots of time in retirement, but truth be told, I am really busy all the time, unless of course, I choose to stay in my pj's all day and eat bon-bons. 😄😁🤣


#alwaysaflower @dswigle is always on my mind. My rose garden is thriving, and I am so happy with my new long stem white and yellow ones. I never miss the chance to stop and smell their fragrance. I always have time for that, so should all you beautiful #silverbloggers out there in #hive world.

Much love,
Jackie O'Silver


I've sorta wanted to put a cam in the barn just to see who is visiting, or living there. but then again, maybe I don't want to know...

Love your roses!

 last month  

Good morning @goldenoakfarm, yeah I know what you mean, I probably will scare myself half to death hehehe .
Happy 4th!!

 last month (edited) 

Hello, Jackie! @farm-mom ❤️

Aren't they just pesky little critters! :) I still think they are adorable, but, only because I don't have any knocking over my feeders and flowers. We were camping somewhere and went to toss the trash from dinner. (there was a common bin) There was a racket when it was thrown in, got a stepstool and saw three baby raccoons, mama had taken off! I mean, who would hard such cuteness? We put a leaning limb in and left, so they could get out.

They are little devils!

Your flowers are incredibly beautiful, I am so partial to those long white stunners!! #alwaysaflower for sure! ❤️

Many say when they retire they're actually a lot more busier than when they where working and that definitely seems try for you

Hi Jackie,
Perhaps you should try loom knitting, I did that to make a couple of hats and it was super easy and fun!
The trail camera, I have seen a few people use them.
Yours looks awesome though. That racoon haha and then there were two, talk about cheeky wee rascals!
Do you hear them outside, I see the shots were between 9 and 10 pm?
Many thanks for joining in the prompt:)

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Our internal clocks get us up sometimes by 4am, if I am lucky I make it until 5. So by 9pm I am done. Although last week I was catching up with a close friend on the phone and was up until 11pm and heard some noise on the front porch, by the time I got out there the bigger was gone. We ordered the phone the next morning.

I think the new camera is going to be fun.
Thanks for stopping by, enjoy life!

Okay that makes sense. I must admit I was pleasantly surprised how clear the pictures were!
I am sure it will be lots of fun:)

Wow does retirement ever sound sweet right now. I am pretty much sure I will never retire, just travel and relax more. Tim then, I will try every hobby and know what will occupy my mind and time.

Love the trail cam! So great to see nature return when we are not there to scare it off…even if it is varmints.


Cheers from Malta! 🇲🇹

 last month  

I have no doubt you will be active and enjoying life until your last breath. Your zest for life comes through every word you write. I always enjoy your posts and finish with a smile.

Hi Jackie

To keep busy is important, and something that worries me since in a couple of months my son will be leaving home to go the university abroad. Maybe my worries will be for nothing, and I will still be very busy, but to be honest, I am both scared and excited at the prospect of having more time for myself and retake old hobbies and find new.
And speaking about a new hobby. the one you have with the trail camera seems fun, good luck with those adventures hehe.

Thank you so much for joining the prompt. Have a lovely day🌻

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