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RE: The Ups and Downs of Living with Diabetes

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I have witnessed patients coming into the hospital that most people would think they were drunk out of their minds, only to find out they were diabetics. Hypoglycemic episodes can be so scary, I had a dear friend's mom brought into the ER one night that was out of control, really bizarre behavior. It took me just a few minutes on the computer to see lab results, just enough info to hug my friend an assure her that mom wasn't losing her mind, it was her blood sugar level.
Tough disease, you have to stay on top of it always. Thank goodness we have better tools to combat this crappy condition. It can be controlled.
Good job Lizzy, stay on top of him.

 3 months ago  

They certainly behave crazily when they have a low! The specialist said that because he's had it for so long, his body doesn't make enough adrenaline to warn his something is wrong, I can see it right away!
It's those middle of the nights episodes that are the worst as he's extremely low by the time he wakes up, fortunately that doesn't happen too often!
I can imagine how worried your friend was, it's not an easy disease to control!

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Biff, It sure takes it out of you, stay strong.
Her mom has since been laid to rest, but us girls still talk about what a pisser she was, she loved to eat. We would have girls luncheons once a month, my friend Sue would bring mom and she had us in stitches the entire time. But Sue had a rough time trying to control her mom's diet.
Life isn't easy sometimes.

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Yep, we've have many ups and downs, with the sugar especially!