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This is such a beautiful story and my heart is a bit sad that they moved so far away, but, glad that they opened their world to new opportunities. The truth is, I moved away when I finished school and my big, big family was happy for me, but, i knew my mother was sad in some ways as we were best friends.

My heart bleeds sometimes as I wanted my kids to know them a little better, yet their life was good and would have been different staying behind. It is so hard to move and so hard to be away.

I hope you get to have more wonderful times. I loved the way you wove you your story!

Most excellent!


Hola @dswigle. Yes, with these situations one has mixed feelings: moments of great joy and gratitude for seeing them again and hugging them, I have learned to value hugs! You also feel happy because they are doing well, because they find their way and as in the case of my daughter, in this omento that is given a different opportunity for her life.

On the other hand, with certain frequency comes the longing and with them often the sadness of not having them close or seeing the granddaughters grow up. And..., well, with both we have to learn to live giving more space to the most beautiful things we have lived together.

Thank you for your comment ... you touched a sensitive point. Regards😊

And yet again, your writing touches my heart.