Hivefest 7: all eyes on you, boats and balls, balls, balls of steel

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Conference day 1 was the most action-packed day of the Fest. I wasn’t going to miss a second of it. So, I inhaled a large can of the purple Monster (yea, I got hooked on those again since my mud coffee was not at hand), and lem and I headed out early in the morning to catch the ferry which took us to one of the coolest venues @roelandp had found for us - Eye, the national museum for film in Amsterdam.

Not only it was an architectural gem embracing the views of Amsterdam’s waterfront with boats, ferries, barges, and ships passing by the massive windows in front, which indeed reminded me of an eye. The venue was perfectly suited for the presentations that day since it has 4 cinemas there. We got the purple cinema all for the Hive event. The seats were purple (my favorite color) and they were so comfortable for a long day of watching presentations on the big screen! ^^ The Eye had many interesting features and exhibitions there as well. The walls held retro posters from old films, there were all kinds of old filming equipment exhibited, and even phenakistoscopes that one could spin and view the animation going round and round in circles. We did not visit the museum itself this time. Our full focus was on Hive and the lovely Hivians all around us instead.


A couple of sandwiches for breakfast (mmm the Hivefest catering was pretty great this year) and a few chit-chats later, Roeland called us all to the purple cinema to kick off the conference day 1 bright and early.


FiveFesters! It means this bunch has been to all five in-person Hivefests! The real OGs. Roeland, Arcange, Blocktrades, Alpha, and Gadalf! Hats off to them!

Did I say bright and early? Yes! Roeland was still wearing his Hive jammies and kept darting around in socks right in his element as the event runner! I must say, his Hive outfits were the best and made us all feel right at home and relaxed. You know, we all probably wore jammies from home to Hivefest the two years prior in virtual reality.

Here’s the stream from the official Hivefest Youtube channel if you want to catch up, or they have now broken down the presentations into smaller videos if there is a particular talk you want to check out.


There were a few breaks between presentations to move around, go outside for fresh air, catch up with one another, or grab something to eat and drink.


Aww, @zirochka and @arcange heading to sound check for the presentation.


Roeland has always been a big art and creative stuff supporter here on Hive. So there is no wonder that art from Hivians was also featured in Hivefest through our own NFT platform called the NFT Showroom. Artists were given opportunity to submit their works for one of the over 20 spots available.


At first, I thought that since I have not created anything for NFT Showroom this year due to being busy with other important life stuff, I could not participate. But then I noticed that it did not matter what year the art was created. So I submitted one of my cupcakes from my Digital Bakery series from 2021.

I did not think much of it, but then walking down the hall to the cinema my cherry cupcake waved back at me! Hello there! I was wondering if I would see you here! Aww. Thank you for the feature! And I promise I will kick myself into the next gear and create new stuff soon!

My gallery in NFT Showroom can be found here.


Zirochka and Arcange presenting on stage.

There were a couple of presentations that day that touched me.

One of them was Zirochka’s presentation. When I learned that she was going to be one of the speakers this year, I knew I did not want to miss it. It was one of the reasons why I got up so early and did my best to make it on time. Zirochka traveled from Ukraine to tell her story. It was very important from the start of the year and the start of the war in her country to tell the story of what was and still is happening to her country and the people there, and how her life changed.

And in the midst of all the chaos and suffering, something wonderful happened. Arcange reached out to Zirochka to figure out a way to help Ukrainians who are out there tirelessly fighting for their freedom and country. Together they created the NFT for Peace. By purchasing the NFT that comes in the form of many cute Hive Buzz badges, you are donating to help people who are suffering, their homes might be destroyed, and they might not have access to food or medicines, and other essentials to survive. You can find the NFT here and help someone through Hive today.

It was a hard one. I was not able to stop the tears from rolling. Especially hearing the pain in Zirochka’s voice. But it was and is important to hear it. It is now forever written in our immutable, censorship-resistant chain reaching people everywhere across the world. Thank you Zirochka for everything you do day after day! Thank you Arcange for finding ways for all of us to help even a little!


@lordbutterfly introduced us to Freechain.

That day there was another presentation that involved a story dear to my heart. It is the story of events that took place in March 2020. Our community faced a threat of a single entity trying to take over our chain, leaving us impaired, and unable to make our own decisions. For a while, it seemed hopeless, but then we came together and held our ground. Until Hive was ready.

We would no longer call ourselves Steemians and our chain Steem. Instead, we became Hivians and our chain Hive. While one could own STEEM, one could not own the community. We gave them our middle fingers and came on top winners! For the most part anyway. We lost people along the way and many Steem investors got their funds stolen too. Many were censored, their voices silenced so no one could see our rebellion. But the community pushed forward. And now we have one hell of a story to tell!

There was one person on Hive who decided that it was indeed a film-worthy story. @lordbutterfly who surprised us all at Hivefest. In a good way too, since his personality on Hive often comes off as a bit of a hot head. Haha! He told us about his experience with the marketing firm he hired to promote Hive, and he identified many issues we have had with users signing up. The interest is there, but often our infrastructure is lagging. This experience led him down the path to creating a film about Hive called Freechain.

It was awesome to learn about their approach to the film. It will speak about our blockchain to perhaps a person who does not know any of it. To them, it is an overwhelming sea of complicated, tangled information. The narrator of the film will sit right next to the person and will learn together with them through the film. And it seemed that the film will showcase the true power of the community. People from all around the world join together to protect beautiful ideas such as decentralization and freedom. I can’t wait to see the film! Hopefully 6 months or so from now! ^^


@little.lamb answering audience questions about the film’s creation process.

Lordbutterfly has found an amazing team to create Freechain. They have created award-winning films and have participated in many film festivals. And they have made plans to get the film on many platforms and show it also at the festivals. @little.lamb is part of the team and what an amazing addition to the Hive community! Thanks to Lordbutterfly who brought them on! Even the tiny snippet we got to see that day gave me goosebumps. The animations are absolutely stunning and so worth the wait too! Thank you so much for creating this! I have full confidence that this film will be a success!


After the day full of inspiring talks we hopped on a boat that took us around the canals of Amsterdam. We passed many beautiful buildings, boats of all shapes and sizes, and boat living quarters. It gave us another perspective on the diverse and bustling city. Let’s have a look, shall we?















This is where our boat ride ended and on to the next adventure! And our great wizard @gtg did not lead us astray! As we followed him and his lovely wife to our next destination! Of course, she was leading the wizard! :)



Playing with balls of steel at Mooie Boules!

Mooie was the place! It was very loud with all of us there and probably many regulars on the first floor, yeah, but, oh my, such a cool vibe. Bikes strapped to the ceiling and colorful lights everywhere! I am such a sucker for all kinds of fairy light types of things! Automatically sets my happy mood!

It was time to battle it out with the balls of steel! Our team originally consisted of @pharesim, @lemony-cricket, @d4vidos, and @holdonla and I, with Juka acting as our fluffy cheerleader. Our team name was Juka, of course. We had to honor one of the cutest puppies on Hive! We did not win, but trying the game and playing with other Hivian teams was so much fun!





Aww, I am happy I captured this photo. Look at all the Hive puppies! They had their party also!


What a day! Filled with absolutely awesome stuff. We somehow found the way back to the hotel after getting a bit lost in the end. But ayyy! Sleep was needed before another conference day!

Song of the day: Celldweller - Electric Eye


Ahh, @m31, your story about my presentation is very touching! I don't have enough words to express my gratitude for your help and support.

Very nice photos and videos of boat ride along the canal. I kept a few in memory of the event if you don't mind ❤️


It was an honor to meet you there! You are so strong and inspiring! Thank you and keep being the light even at the darkest times! I wish you even more strength and your family! And I hope to see you next year if not sooner somewhere in the world! Stay safe! Hugs

And of course I don't mind at all! <3

It was such an amazing event - I miss the time already. Also I missed to get to know you and having a chat. That's a line I wrote many people who posted about the hive fest because I was just too overstimluated of the city and the few people I already knew before the hive fest. But now that we are connected in a lose way (but it is a connection in the end) I will keep beeing in contact and following your posts from now on. Maybe we can havbe a chat at the next hive fest and talk about what happened between the two hive fests :) See ya!

I know how it feels! Amsterdam was so full of life! I was a bit overwhelmed as well. Especially in the social settings since I am introverted myself. I feel like these events are helping me to come out of my shell a little. Hivefest is really special for me as I have met some of my best friends through Hive.

Aww thank you! You know, I thought the same way. I hope that next year everyone who was there this year will make it to the Hivefest again and we all will know each other better by then. It would be awesome to have a chat with you again! :)

What a lovely review and yes, Zirochka's presentation really touched my heart as well. I personally enjoyed the boat riding and Hivefest venue " The Eye" was spectacular... I saw your Nft there, it's very cute. The NFT wall was really amazing...

Aww, thank you!

You know, it is great that Hive helps people in dire situations of life. I am so happy you got out of danger and to learn that Hivians took you in for a while too. This is what communities should be like.

I am hoping of creating a bunch of new artworks soon. I have been so busy and looks like it will not change much until December, hehe.

I am so happy you got out of danger and to learn that Hivians took you in for a while too. This is what communities should be like.

Exactly and I will be always grateful for that.

Will be looking forward to your upcoming excellent works...

Wow, what a great story about the hive fest 7, I will love to go on a ferry when i get to Amsterdam for the hivefest8. I was sad too when you talked @zirochka and the war going on in her country I will also like to support and thanks to @arcange for he's great idea which he brought in order to support the Ukrainians at war. Wow hive is a prove that people are really brain storming, wow!! wow!! wow!! I love your art work before i forget you almost made me want a cupcake 🧁 but lol just finished eating, It was a very great experience for you I can see from all these you have written.

Thank you @katirayo

Yay! I am so happy to hear you enjoyed reading my post. I hope you can come next year and join all these lovely people! It is an amazing event and experience, and you connect with people you perhaps never imagined even speaking to apart from the writing to them on chain.

And yea this year we witnessed how Hive community can come together and help those in need. I am so happy that it can make real difference for someone.

Aww! I really enjoyed creating my digital cupcakes. I wanted to make them look cute and tasty even though they are formed from pixels. You should got to bakery or shop and get yourself a cupcake. Treat yourself! :)

Thanks 🙏 for the word of encouragement, I am looking forward to being in the hivefest8 that will be coming up and yes that cupcake i will sure have it soon.

The tiny snippet gave me goosebumps, too. Looking forward to the whole documentary!
The atmosphere inside AND outside was so exciting at the pub (is it a pub?:P). Wish I could have stayed for the balls of steel game. Everyone had so much fun!!
You captured really good pictures during the boatride. I was busy chatting and munching on the snacks haha

When they said that it would probably ready within next 6 months I was positively surprised because it seemed that it would take a lot longer. But yea, really impressed with it already and we have seen so little of it, ahaha!

I guess that could be called a themed pub? A pub with an attraction? Food was pretty great there too. And somehow I did not suck at the game entirely either. I would for sure play it again. Or bowling like in Bangkok!

Thank youuu! Yea, I went a bit into content creator mode on the boat! xD I love old/cool buildings and it seemed like the moment to capture a bunch! Oh and boats too! Especially that wooden replica of the old ship.

The snippet made me extremely excited. It is a very fragile subject and to pass on the message to a wider audience needs a fair share of "relatibility", which through the snippet I felt they have provided. Tying up history to modern blockchain was a very cool concept.

Oh yes, I wouldn't doubt you did well. I've seen some pictures from the evening and you had your game face on. :D if we do cross paths and play the game then you can coach me OK? Haha

We didn't manage to talk together but I remember your BEAUTIFUL dress from the 2nd day of the conference 😍 Hope, we will both make it next year to HiveFest and get to talk! 🙂

Thank you so much! I was actually debating back and forth if I wanted to wear it that day after all since it was so bright in colors, but I am glad I did, ahaha! I thought, well... we are going to the church and especially since it was a very special church for Rembrandt and was even painted by Claude Monet, I wanted to wear something that looked a bit like painting :)

That would be lovely! I will do my best to make it next year as well. Hivefest is a very special event for me. Every time I go home with the best memories.

We need more hive puppies! Next time will bring my fluffy big one as well haha

Yes! All the puppies! Aww, you have a cute one as well! I hope he recovers from the surgery well and that everything turned out okay?

I always wanted to have one, but with my lifestyle so far it has not been possible. Maybe in a few years time. For now I have a kitty. They are a bit lower maintenance. Not by much, but a bit lower. I always miss the creature whenever I travel.

Pathology report will reach somewhere this or next week, so fingers crossed!

I get the maintenance thing you mention and it is true indeed. You always need to make some arrangement when you are out of the house for more than say 6 hours or so, so it does need some planning. But also the (mandatory) walks you have to take are actually super enjoyable, and it is not a bad thing to step outside 3 times per day.

This sounds super corny...but uhhh..since we are older we are more at home so it is easier :)))

You took amazing pictures!

Love it 😍

Thank you! ^^ I am glad you love them. It was an awesome day and I am happy I captured a bunch.

HiveFest was as creatively structured as it was fun. Everyone was respecting everyone and helped each other learn. All in all, you had a wonderful experience

Yea, Roeland is brilliant at creating these events. It was also lovely to learn that despite him always being the one who organizes everything and makes sure at all times that everything runs smoothly, he enjoys it. And it shows!

I have had mostly pleasant encounters with all Hivians. Everyone's awesome and everyone have their own story to share. It was so great! :)

Hey @m31, here is a little bit of BEER from @zirochka for you. Enjoy it!

If you like BEER and want to support us please consider voting @louis.witness on HIVE and on HIVE Engine.

Aww, thank you for the beer Zirochka!

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