My favourite moments from HiveFest

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For those who have been watching the HiveFest livestreams this year, you would have a pretty good idea of all that's been going on during those couple of days. However there are some unofficial private moments that does not appear on the livestreams. Here are some of my favourite.

The first part is a very short animation that was supposed to appear in my OCD presentation but I messed things up and it didn't appear. The second part, is related to the Treasure Hunt hosted by Pinmapple. Do you know what it looks like when you win 1000 Hive? Make sure you check out this part of the video to find out. And finally, the last part is a very touching moment about how friendships develop on Hive. I will talk more about this in the video.

But just to give you some background. The song you hear in the video is called Oh, the Red Viburnum in the Meadow and is a Ukranian song sang by many between 1919 - 1991 when they wanted independence from the USSR. Since the war began this year the song has become very popular again. I first heard this song when I took the video that night but didn't know about its history. However, I could feel it was a very moving song and sense that it had some special meaning.

These are some of my favourite moments from HiveFest and I hope you will enjoy some behind the scenes footage.


Your footage made my day. You are the one who was in the right place at the right moment. The animation is soooo cute! And that moment when guys solved the riddle is a hit ))

Regarding the second part ... I was looking for words on how to express what I was feeling when watching your video, it was a whole spectrum to the maximum - excitement, joy, pride, gratitude and tears as a result. But even without this evidence, it was a very special moment for me. Gandalf couldn't find a more fitting song, and for me was hard to hold back tears.
Thank you 💙💛

I almost felt like a fly on the wall intruding a very special moment, but I'm so glad I was there. And now I can't get the tune out of my head, especially after today the madman takes land by force. These bullies needs to be stopped and eliminated, the sooner the better 😡

Oh no, noy a fly, you were chronicle!

Yesterday ... it hurted so much, the show og evil dwarf, and horrible death in Zapirizhzhia and in Dnipro a day before...I cannot watch that russian performance🤯 but Nick watched it all (I envy his mental health and strength). Now we seem to have entered some other phase of the war, and it is a little scary, but it does not diminish my determination 🤜

That was absolutely heartwarming! The animation was awesome! :) Great job. I sure wish I could have gone, an impossible dream this year and not even able to get the live stream. :(

I have seen so many of the posts and fun was had by all.

The last moment with @zirochka was beautiful. Moving. Wonderful.

Thanks for sharing!

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I'm sorry I missed it. I couldn't even catch the live feed as I was holidaying with fam. Hope you had fun.

No worries river. Hope you had a nice hols with the family!

Looks like a lot of really cool moments. Thanks for sharing it. I wish I could have gone this year.

Nice animation. Well done!

Thanks leaky! You all settle down back home now. Missing Europe already? 😉

Yep to both of those things lol

The animation was fun! 😅 I haven't watched the part where you presented it in HiveFest though. I'll have to check it. Many people are saying you did a good job. So I'm kinda curious.
The pinmapple treasure hunt and the video at the end - both are incredible moments. It's touching to see friendships formed.
Glad you were able to enjoy the HiveFest and talked to people.
I could understand you, I am shy to talk to others too - it's different when you talk to people online and offline. 😅

I tried to cover what OCD does on Hive, all the onboarding, how we curate, POSH etc, think you know a lot of it already, and hopefully people will know more about what we don now.

A lot of people say they feel very shy and uncomfortable talking to others, but when you meet them in real life you'll find everyone is in the same boat so it's not that bad. There seems to be quite a few of you in Japan, any thoughts on doing a meet up?

hopefully people will know more about what we don now.

I hope so! 🤞

any thoughts on doing a meet up?

Actually someone brought it up one time but we seem to be in different locations and could not get everyone to be in the same location at the same time. 😅
Meet ups are cool, but I'm actually afraid. I remembered you attending the meet up before with the coffee story, that was really cool. Wish I could be comfortable talking to people in real life. From what I saw in the HiveFest, seems everyone was so glad to join and meet with others.

All the footages were beautiful,... Wow.. from the funny acidyo animation to the ecstatic win and that beautiful singing car, not to mention that it almost made me cry at the end hehe.. I felt that revolution you mentioned in the song. Maybe it's the musical part of me resonating but I m really glad I get to see more of the hivefest, or much more than others saw while streaming. . hehe. Beautiful of you to have shared. Thanks.

I felt that last part was too beautiful not to share, it still brings a little tear to my eye even now I watch it every time

Yeaaah.. it's so powerful the way she switched from the music to a hug. That means a lot.

The singing car that was incredible. Very emotionally charged. Wow.

I can tell you all made real friends there.

Talking of Ukrainians, whilst I was at a developer’s conference in Prague last week there were people there from both Ukraine and Russia. There was a moment they all stood together during a keynote. It was a powerful moment.

Is important to make moments and remember them. They all pass in a blink of an eye. Yet define us and the generations beyond.

That sounds like a very moving moment during your conference as well. Did the Russians get any aggro from the others? I do feel for them, because I'm sure many are against the war but can't voice out.

No aggro at all, we’ve Russian colleagues my wife and I. They never talk about the situation all that much but clearly it pains them. Thing is the two people we know have lived here so long, they feel that their home country is alien to them.

Thank you for sharing these special moments with us @livinguktaiwan. I just love your animation of Acidyo, what a pity it didn't work during your presentation, which was great, by the way. I watched it on YouTube.
What a touching moment seeing what Gandalf did with that haunting song, beautiful 😍
It would be a dream come true to meet you and some of the other Hivers I interact with...

It was truly some special moments Lizzie and I'm so glad I was at the right time at the right place to witness two very special and happy but different moments. Hopefully one day we will have a chance to meet, that would be so lovely.

Hello @livinguktaiwan !

Thank you so much for showing the animation that you had prepared for the presentation of the OCD project in the HiveFest presentation. We all felt that you somehow "sad" for the technical issue in the file format, but now we can all see it!

I'm a very very shy guy, and in my very HiveFest I felt so much welcomed by everyone! I felt sorry for not having the guts to come to you and to speak for a moment, but I'm pretty sure that I would do it if I attend to another live event.

Gandalf was one of the persons that came to me, on the first day of the Fest, and I was so "nervous" inside, that I had a mental block... In the end I fell so much happy to meet such a interesting living and growing community!

Ps: I loved the Singing Car short footage... very emotional...

Thank you for sharing your favorite moments from HiveFest!

Stay safe :)

Gandalf is such a gentle giant, he was actually one of the first person I spoke to during my first fest back in Bangkok, and I had no idea who he was at that time. He is so nice, and Hive is very lucky to have him support the chain.

I'm so sorry we didn't get to chat either, I saw you around but there were just so many people even though the numbers were lower than in previous years. Let hope we can catch up next time!

We surely will have to chance to get to know each-other better.

Ps: I already knew your work and effort in improving Hive community 😊

OMG, that moment with Gandalf's singing car is absolutely epic. It moved me so much.

And their reaction at the end is all about HiveFest: no words are needed when it comes to friendship.

Yes, talk about being at the right place at the right time. I'm so glad I was around to witness it, and document it on the chain. The family is definitely growing stronger every day

This is amazing, thanks for sharing!

You're welcome Adam. Love sharing these special moments.

All these moments are wonderful. But I thought the car was just going to play the song. It was amazing that it was singing along with the headlights haha. I hope I can participate in the next Hivefest. I can't wait to come there and meet a lot of great people.

Start saving now!!!! I'm sure you will love it when you get there!!

Seeing you and hearing the impression it felt like it was a lot of good moments that brought many people who know already each other together. THat reminded me the time when we were children in school and had a penpal somewhere on other side of the world and writing a letter was only the way of communication but even then it was a real friendship. I remember seeing those friends years later and had a feeling that we were real life friends for long time. Lovely videos!

I'd say Penpals and Hive are very similar actually, we communicate for so long, and once we meet up in real life, it's like we've known each all our lives, and everything becomes so real and special. It's a lovely experience

Wow, I am so glad you shared that last video, so sweet and moving.

It was too beautiful notto share, and I'm glad Gandalf and Zirochka didn't mind

How sweet this actually is. The song I also felt it the power from the core..and what a sweet hug.

And shy? You? Honestly i didnt feel or notice that at all, so you have come a good way! :)

ha ha!! Maybe this year was a little cosier and we always see the same faces around so I found it easier to speak to people 😃

The song was certainly very moving, even when I didn't know about it at the beginning, I could feel its strength, it was a lovely few minutes to listen to it under very unique circumstances

Thank you for this very nice tribute to your time there at HiveFest @livinguktaiwan. And sharing it with us. I can imagine your not feeling comfortable putting it together, but ... You did fine.

Nice work! 👍🙂

Thanks a lot @roleerob, I feel the longer I am on Hive, the more comfortable I am with doing different things. You never know, maybe one day I will start singing! Just joking!!!!

Yeah, well ... As Clint Eastwood once famously said:

"A man's got to know his limitations ..."


Hivefest was amazing, love the 10-sec animation, so cute... The surprise from g2g is really exclusive and I am sure Zirochka was super happy at that moment...

Can't believe it's been two weeks since it finished now, we're all home but seems like everyone is still reminiscing those few days

Exactly, time flies... Well, I personally will cherish those days forever as it was my first Hivefest...

I completely agree with you regarding Hive Fest that it IS FOR EVERYONE! I, myself am an introvert and have big problems socializing with people that I don't know, but I didn't have that problem at all at Hive Fest... Warm recommendation to everyone to come to the next one!

The singing car was an awesome gift by Gandalf! Great that you have recorded the moment!

See you at next Hive Fest, or maybe some sooner meetup!

You an introvert?? No way!!! 😃

Seems like Hivefest has that magic touch changing everyone into social butterflies.

@livinguktaiwan Oh, and I love this song so much! Only when I hear her, for some reason I want to cry. And we have children singing it in almost every yard. Oh, there is a red viburnum in the meadow, and so on. Very touching! This is our Ukrainian song, and since the war, it has become relevant again, as it once was today, many years ago.

Ой, а я так люблю цю пісню! Тільки я коли її чую, мені чомусь плакати хочеться. А у нас майже у кожному дворі дітлахи співають її. Ой у лузі червона калииинааа, ну і так далі. Дуже зворушливо! Це наша українська пісня, і зараз коли війна, вона стала знову актуальна, як колись тоді, багато років назад.

I find myself humming the tune in my head very often now. It's very motivational even though I don't know the lyrics.

I'm pretty sure Ukraine will pull through this very soon. Based on the news we see here, you are taking back territory stolen from you, things are going the right direction.