HiveFest⁷ badges available at the HiveBuzz store

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HiveFest⁷ is coming soontm!

One week before we will be able to meet again. Read the announcement here.

If you didn't register yet, hurry up because there is only 1 day left to register at pre-sales price!

Unlike the two previous editions of HiveFest which took place in the virtual universe of AltspaceVR, this year marks the return of the event to the real world in Amsterdam.

However, it is possible that due to your finances, the constraints of Covid-19, or other reasons imposed on you, you may not be able to go there. Fortunately, you will be able to follow all the conferences which will be broadcast live.

What about mixing both worlds?

Yesterday we introduced the new HiveFest⁷ badge that we created for the event.

Whether you participate in HiveFest on-site or in front of your screen, how about being able to put the badge on a t-shirt, mug, or mouse pad to make your immersion experience even more complete? Wouldn't it be fun to take a photo where you can be seen participating in the event while proudly wearing your badge? Or why not order a personal souvenir?

It is now doable thanks to the HiveBuzz store!

We have added two more designs to our shop, a customized HiveFest⁷ badge and the original one with its bottom banner. You will be able to print it on your favorite item and customize it at your wish.

Visit our shop here:

We are looking forward to seeing your best selfie with your favorite item!

The Hivebuzz Team


Im reif for hive

Hey what a good store the caps are very nice and they look very well made. Tremendous initiative.

Nice tuff in the store