Thanks to #Hivefest #coldbeetrootsoup name is being recognized in #Hive community. This motivates our team to continue reaching our goals and deliver the community entertaining and unique content. There are so many things we already want to do, but I guess we'll take it one step at a time.

Power up
To make things even better our team managed to power up from ZERO to 1400 Hive within several days. The power of Community is unbelievable. 📈

Presentation and Soup

On the first day of the conference we presented what CBRS is and what the Hive community can expect from us. Check the presentation here:

After our presentation @roelandp asked the audience if they could think of any wordplay with the ingredients of #coldbeetrootsoup (Beet, Dill, Spring Onion, Cucumber and Kefir)

Here are some example: The BEETles / HeartBEET / Dill with it / UnBEETable / Beet it


We are asking the Hive community to share some of your examples in the comments and get a chance to win 50 Hive. Competition ends in one week.


The second day of conference CBRS were serving #coldbeetrootsoup to all attendees. In return we asked for any kind of donations to our account and we couldn't believe some of the donations we got. We want to thank @engrave @roelandp @rollie1212 @ynwa.andree @bil.prag @rmach @cryptospa @tibfox @solymi and @oleg326756 for your donations and hope that the next Hivefest we can serve Coldbeetrootsoup once again ❤️

We can't wait to see @rubencress amazing pictures. He was there with us the whole time filming and photographing while we made and served the soup.


Dutch meetup's

To contribute to the community we would like to organize Hive meetups in the Netherlands. It is still in the process, but we already have the perfect place in The Hague. - The Hague Tech is a hub with a diverse and forward-thinking Community and a platform for innovation. This place is full of innovative people and most of them focus on #blockchain. So, having our Hive meetups might interest others or companies to join or maybe even start a project using Hive technology. We will keep you updated if we find other cool locations where we can have Hive meetups.

Here is a list of Hive users I found in the Netherlands. If your name is mentioned and you would like to join Dutch Hive Meetups "time to time" then please comment on this article.

The list (not sure if everyone here is still active):
@wappie @yutu @wazza84 @gejami @momogrow @waalie @crrdlx @playfulfoodie @rachimson @xsasj @michelmake @gabberted @kadash01 @leviet7490 @smasssh @rodino @oaldamster @Dutchlander @digonrust @gen.kin @niwrah @sukoshi @tokenking @joeyarnoldvn @martinphoto

Besides the list of users found above we already met so many Dutch Hivians during Hivefest. @minigunner, @artakush, @soyrosa, @blind-spot, @priyanarc, @loonatic, @brittandjosie, @edb, @rubencress, @stresskiller and @roelandp. I am sure this is just the tip of the iceberg and hopefully more will join.

If any developer is reading this and you know a way to find Dutch users, please contact us by commenting or joining our discord channel:

image taken by Pinmapple

Winning the #pinmapple challenge

If you don't yet know what happened at Hivefest regarding a Treasure hunt, then you can read the whole story in this article:

Basically what happen was that #coldbeetrootsoup team (@artakush, @minigunner and @lecharles) together with @jeffjagoe and @mynewlife cracked the code from @pinmapple Treasure chest and took out 1000 Hive.

Here is our reaction:


Join our Community ❤️ @hive-132595 (CBRS)


Like what you see? Be a part of our community and join us on Discord and don't forget to:


BEEThoven 😉😂 (actually, that was his real name 🙊)

Haha! I remember it from the Presentation! Great one indeed! xD

haha indeed!! Looks like BEET has been there for a while 😁

The rewards earned on this comment will go directly to the people( @coldbeetrootsoup ) sharing the post on Twitter as long as they are registered with @poshtoken. Sign up at

EAT, BEET AND REPEAT. sleep is so 2021 😉

hahaha I think you can have a whole list with BEET wordplay 😁

I get so excited every time I see your reactions to beeting the pinmapple challenge!
If all is well, you can count me in on joining the Dutch fest.
The lush pink color of the soup is very abeetizing :D

Haha, hell yes you are in!

The reaction is very cool, even as GIF where Jeff jumps over the table is so epic!
hardcore parkour!

Love the world play :P

haaaah :D aBEETizing (that's very good ) 😁

Same here, every time we look at that short video, especially the one @livinguktaiwan made... just want to start jumping all over again. We will welcome you to the meetup with open arms and a bowl of soup 😆

Count me in ✌️

cool! write down your wordplay 😍 We already got 1 and that was BEEThoven.

Not sure if I understand this game. But: ClickBEET?

Great! Look out for CBRS post about in near future! We are planning around the end of October, maybe in The Hague. Any ideas are welcome!

Great! The more the better 😃

How about BEETcoin? 😉

That's funny, we were just talking about this 😁 Thank you for participating 😍

You're welcome, fun DILLer 😊

I have a list of users from my previous meet-ups I organized, will try to share them with you! :D

The soup was epic! <3

Yes please!!!

That is great!
I think we should make up a channel or smth with me, you and minigunner, and if anyone else wants to join planning it.
We need your expertise of fellow Dutch users and them meetups of yours :P

Yes! Let’s do that. On Telegram?

Oh man I hate telegram :D Discord maybe? You are also welcome to join CBRS server, we could make a channel meetups there ;)

Fine by me! I don't check Discord as much, but it might be fine enough.

Gold Beet Red Blood!

I love these winning moments! These emotions are unrepeatable, that's probably why we're always trying to repeat them! Cool post, cool photos, cool performance at HiveFest! 🙌💛❤️🧡💙🙌

Thank you @stdd for being here with us and happy you enjoyed our performance. We were not ready for a presentation so all of it was just out of the blue 😁 The Winning moment is indeed unforgettable! That feeling is overwhelming and so True! 😍

That kind of experience is always memorable, as far as I know! Awesome, keep it up!

Thanks for the mention. I'm not that into meetups though 🙂

But a nice initiative for those who like it 👍
I know @hetty-rowan and @erikklok are Dutch too.

You find a lot more when you search (in Peakd) in posts with the keyword "Nederlands" 😉

great that you mentioned my sis, ;-) i know that she, and myself also are not into meetings, but very nice initiative. both of us have no car of ourselves and my sis is living far from a busstop, she had to walk about 5 km to even see a busstop, ;-) for me, living in a bigger city with a trainstation nearby, getting somewhere isn't the problem, but my chronic pain is! ;-) but thanx for the invitation, i really do hope so that many dutch people will be there, when the time will be right. 💕

Thanks for the heads up! You are welcome anytime if you change your mind ;)

You are totally right! Sometimes posting an article while holding my daughter in one hand and writing with the other can make you forget things 😁 Thank you!

Thanks for the heads up! Wish more people will ping other active Dutch creators. The more the merrier!

there are more but not really active i think like @dutchess

We will get to all of them 🤓 Sooner or later, we will get to all of them 😁😁

Beet me up scotty, is still my entry

Dang! This one is so good 😁😁😁

How many BEETS does it take to screw a light bulb? :D

Kunnen ook nog op je lijst

Love it! The more the better 😁

Dear @coldbeetrootsoup,
May I ask you to review and support the Dev Marketing Proposal ( we presented on Conference Day 1 at HiveFest?
The campaign aims to onboard new application developers to grow our ecosystem. If you missed the presentation, you can watch it on YouTube.
You cast your vote for the proposal on Peakd, Ecency, /
or using HiveSigner.

Thank you!

We support it 100% 👍 and just voted on the proposal.

Thank you for your support @coldbeetrootsoup, really appreciate it! ❤️

Done and Done @arcange! ;)

Congrats again for the pinmapple challenge. It was so fun to hear you guys being so happy to have found the treasure.

By the way, I really like to CBRS that you served us. It will definitely help me to see clearer when beets of particles are smashed against each other ;)


Hahaha! Genius! Hope to see you in a near future as you are not so far from NL. Thank you for the great presentation, it really sparkled my interest to learn more and understand it better.
The moment when acc got opened it felt like we won some championship! It really shows that people can work together for common goals!

Totally! If by any chance you are in Paris in France, p[lease let me know. It will be good fun to have drinks somewhere. Likewise, I will let you know if I come to the Netherlands.

The moment when acc got opened it felt like we won some championship! It really shows that people can work together for common goals!

I think this is the best part: you did it together with your friends! Together :)

Every new year I promise to myself that this is going to be the year when finally will attend my first Hive fest and then I end up looking forward to seeing the posts from there, lol. Really love how this keeps going!

It is a truly wonderful experience to attend Hivefest. To meet everyone who commented, voted, posted, reblogd or someone who you talked to on discord is awesome. And you are from Romania...this was supposed to be your 1st Hivefest 😍

Count me in for the meetup as a fellow Dutchy..!

And...why on earth didn't I have the soup? Can someone explain me this to me??

I mean, really @karinxxl , how is the BEETed world you did not try the soup? :O This is preposterous! :D

Hahahaha terrible right! I think we deserve a re-run on this!

yup. Hopefully end of October in The Hague!

Well we had the soup during #hivefest 😁 But don't worry 😉 We will make some for our #DutchHiveMeet 😎 And we are so happy you will join us woohoo!

Super weird because I saw you guys serving it but didnt take any for no good reason. was getting beers already I guess :D

hahahahaha, I didn't drink 1 beer cause of the Treasurehunt 😁 It paid off at the end enormously 😎

Hi 👋 another Dutchy here ✊️

Fantastic! 😜

Great to see you pass by! Look out for a post about the future Dutchy Meetup, probably end October around The Hague. Where about are you @haastrecht ? :)

I'm living in Zeist but I'm going to promote the Hague Museumnight on October 8th. Influencing it trough out Instagram! I am trying to get my followers on here as wel but it's going slowly.

Oh that is dope! I always wanted to go to one of those Museum Nights, but could you imagine that in 13 years here I had no luck. Seems like this October must be the one then! ;) Are you coming yourself?

Normaly I shouldn't upvote a post that has onehundredand 69 upvotes. But here we are nonetheless. :P
I am happy for you that you cracked the code. Meeting you was nice. But there is one thing that is still missing. What was it?


Ah yes. !hiqvote you sexy mofos. :P

Thanks @smooms! You sexy mother brother! It was a pleasure to meet you IRL and share CBRS and experiences throughout the event! Looking forward to the new adventures!

That's what I call MAGIC! Good luck with your posts and brainwashing yourself and your friends with Hivefest footage 😄😄😄 This hard work will most definitely be rewarding at the end 👍

We already got rewarded with a lot of fun. Everything that we are receiving on top of that is a bonus. (A bonus we are really happy about to say the truth. 🤣)

Here's another one: BEET, pray, love. 💜

🙏 let's keep it going ! 😁

My entry - Don't beet around the bush!!

I would love to join dutch meetups from time to time.

Thank you for participating and a heck of a wordplay 😜 We will see you at the meetup 🙌😃

Join us on Discord so we can organize #DutchHiveMeetup


I have already joined the discord- see u there.

Count me in...

I wanna have a bowl of soup again :D

El perfecto! We will see you soon with a bowl of #coldbeetrootsoup 😜

Yas... :D

Let's dance to the Beet!

A meet-up sounds cool to me! Although I probably am not in Holland in the end of October but let's see :)

If you wont make it for this meetup, you can always join other meetups 🤗 I hope we can have one every month 🙌

That would be nice!

Oh yeahhhh! I took photographs though! I believe @mynewlife filmed, right? Was gonna post yesterday, but had some Indonesian Food Guru (my father) coming here, so we cooked for 6 hours straight lol. Still stuffeddddd.

We gonna meet up for sure again! Hopefully, in the nearby future.

Did you say Indonesian food? 😲 Now I'm damn hungry 😁 Maybe your dad want's to cook for all of us at the meeting 😜

Food is an emotional travel, having a Guru by your side is a step further to cosmos :D
Indeed @mynewlife was filming. We still need to go through our video too.
Also, as you may heard that end of October is what we are have in our minds. But we can change that if majority can't. Looking forward to your post and the pictures!
I guess some of the food pictures from Guru will be your new post too? XD
Super fun to meet you and looking forward for many more

Hahah!! I just scooped the left-overs from last night in my mouth this morning xD


It's coconut rice, tempeh goreng, gado gado, peanutsauce, tahoe, and cucumber.
And some emping. Ah... and tomato hot sambal sauce.

We forgot to cook the saté LOL, so that's going in the freezer!

I do have to check up with @lackofcolor, she might be feeling better and tough enough to participate :p

Let's GO! This looks delicious! I generally love soul food and this looks like it is not lacking that!
For the meetup, I hope @lackofcolor feels better and will be able to join us all!

And you eat like this every day? 😲 This has to go to #Foodies channel 😉 Post that on @hive-120586

#food #Indonesia

I wish! But on the other hand... it would mean for me to reschedule my life in sleep, cook, eat, sleep, etc. xD

Cold beetroot soup BEET everyone else to the treasure hunt!!!

So you would say BEETup? 😁

Are you saying we are BEETer then good? :D

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And we got more Dutch Hive users 😁


Hey guys 👋 Up for a Hive meetup in #TheHague?

Haha nice, I am there in the evening of October 8, maby that afternoon?

Ooh great! Yeah I think we can meetup on Saturday 8 October. Won't be the #DutchHiveMeet but meeting a dear Hivian is always a pleasure!

Ahaa, I see what you did there. I just read the messages😅💪



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heeyy! super cool

Dear, @coldbeetrootsoup

May we ask you to review and support our @cryptobrewmaster GameFi proposal on DHF? It can be found here

If you havent tried playing CryptoBrewMaster you can give it a shot. Our @hivefest presentation available here on the YouTube with a pitchdeck of what we building in general

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Thank you!