CBRS bringing good vibes to Hivefest

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Nice to see everyone posting so much content from Hivefest. Even though @minigunner and @artakush did not have too much time to take pictures of the event and all the attendees cause they were busy laughing and making other laugh, they still managed to create a short video for all you #Hivians 😍

We had an early start preparing for Hivefest and left #TheHague with a scooter 😂 Thank God it wasn't raining at that moment 😜 Finding the place was easy and before we know it we were sitting in Volkshotel 7th floor at the table with @roelandp @poezio @mynewlife @priyanarc @blind-spot @tdctunes @cryptospa and some dude from Mogaland 🤣 (sorry forgot your nick).

After cup of coffee and a good snack we went to the lobby and till late evening we made sure everyone was checked in for the event and made sure everyone got the wrong information about where the drinks would be 🤡 (sorry 😁)

The next day after a short sleep we headed out to "THE EYE" where the first Hivefest conference was held. It was a fun and productive day, we did our presentation, made sure everyone knew where to go and like always we brought only good vibes.

After a well organized conference we all went to a boat...well two boats 🙂 @minigunner was standing outside in the rain and wind showing the rest of Hivians the road to the boat. All aboard!

"Pre Drinking" That's what we call the boat 😁 Preparing for the party with drinking beer 😁 After a good warmup we finally reached the party destination "Balls of Steel". Not really our game but we did have fun and cought a beautiful winning moment when @crimsonclad threw the very last ball and won the game for her Team. Nice ONE!!!

Well, that was day 1 and the only footage we have 😁 Day 2 we were hangover, busy with #Coldbeetrootsoup and of course @pinmapple treasure hunting.

P.S. Thank's @jeffjagoe for showing where we can all tap more BEER 😁


UnBEETable energy

Coldbeetrootsoup team brought Hivefest unbelievable energy. It was so contagious that everyone who was around got big smiles or laughed their lungs out. We are happy to see how much positive influence we had and hope that we can keep on doing that for as much as we can.


HBD back in to the system

After the event, @hivefest sent all the volunteers 333 HBD. We could not believe our eyes 😱 Thank you so much for that.

So we powerup CBRS with 333 HBD and the other 333 HBD we spent on @splinterlands #towerdefense packs.


WordPlay Contest

If you still don't know, we have a contest running till the end of this week. The contest is pretty simple:

Think of wordplay using the ingrediens from coldbeetrootsoup (Beet, Dill, Spring Onion, Cucumber and Kefir), Follow us, Rebeet and comment your answer on any of our articles. Here are some examples: The BEETles / HeartBEET / Dill with it / UnBEETable / Beet it.

Winner will win 50 Hive


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You guys were the funnest, coolest, happiest and soupiest thing at HiveFest!

Ahh Thanks @tdctunes for such kind words. We really enjoy making people laugh and usually it comes from us making ourselves laugh! Can't wait for new adventures on and off chain!

It was a breath of fresh air after let's be honest some quite serious talks!

We really do appreciate what you say! It means a lot! ;) One thing and one thing only - happiness!

Hey guys, I was watching you all just through the streaming, but I see it was very interesting outside of the official streaming videos too hahaha

It was a pretty fun event at the event 😀 but even crazyer after 🤪

I bet... I mean, I beet it was crazier 😂😂😂

We were so happy to be there that we were bursting with energy :P

Beetnergy 😁

Tnx by the way for curating 🤩

You are very welcome 🥳🕺🎶

I just looked at your website to get an overview of your project and I love it! The projects sound very interesting and the graphics are awesome!!
Looking forward to seeing more from you!
Whenever you need a musical component, let me know. :P


You guys are funnnnneeerhhh. I was watching the vid with pri and both enjoyed it so much. This is a total contrast from the intro video where minigunner acts like a good calm not hyper active guy 🤣

THE SECRET IS OUT! HAHAHAH . This happens so naturally for us it is crazy. I bet you saw it first hand at the desk :P

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you two are nuts!!!

Ooooh yeeaaah? 😁 What kind of nuts? 🤪

wooow! 😱 Now that's a great find 😍 Beets are Nuts 🤣 What a beautiful snack, just perfect with a cup of coffee 😁

Call us Walnuts :D

Oh finally we know your nickname @solarwarrior 😁 Sorry 😆 Took some time to find out 🙌

It was great with you and I miss the time already buddies!

Hell yes, and hopefully it won't be long before we meet again ;)

made sure everyone got the wrong information about where the drinks would be

Fake news, darn I couldn't stop laughing... Many thought it was on the 7th floor "Canvas"... Hehehe

haha, nothing in bad heart! :P

Nice one chaps!

Looking forward to see you around the Europe some time, enjoyed your company and laughs! Will try to keep them coming!

Likewise, and yes, I'm sure I'll see you around at some point!

Thanks for the cool video!! Nice one guys!

It is our pleasure, we will make sure to make more cool and funny videos as that is why we are here! Thanks @mypathtofire for your kind words!

Nice one 👍

Faya stataaah! Instigaytaaah

😁 The music of our childhood 😆

Nowadays it is used as a lullaby, Shhhhhh!

Somehow the HiveFest venue looks just like Atspace VR and you people all looked like NFTs. 😂

We missed some of those NFT's at Hivefest like @adetorrent 😁 Would have been awesome if you was at the event 🤗

I didn't knew about the beer tap self-service! I guess the Italian waitress was much more appellant... Ahahahah
I just got a smile on my face by remembering those great days! Thanks for sharing this video with the community!

@minigunner here 😁 I also did not know about that beautiful tap at the beginning so I started getting beer there but it got so boring... so I went to the Italian Girl 😁🤣 You could see all the guys just standing in line for a talk 😆

Really amazing days and let's hope more days like these will come in the future 😎


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So good to see all the special moments again it’s been two week’s already