HIVEFEST The Last Dance

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Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your family's legacy.

I can't thank you enough for all your support! Together we can make a change for the better!

In this video, I want to take this chance to sincerely thank each and every one of you who made the HiveFest happen in Amsterdam. You've been instrumental in helping me to start with the right foot in Hive.

Thank you to @threespeak team who organized the content and gave me the opportunity to go to Amsterdam: @theycallmedan, @starkerz, and @eddiespino

Big thank you to all the organizers and vulumteers:

@mynewlife, @coldbeetrootsoup, @minigunner, @artakush, @priyanarc, @blind-spot, @guiltyparties, @crimsonclad, @valueplan, @hivefest

And a big THANK YOU to @roelandp It was so cool event!

With that, I present to you HiveFest "The Last Dance".

My plan for next week is to start making interviews to many people that I met in the Hivefest, so tell me who you want me to interview and what questions you want me to ask.



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Gracias por permitirme ser parte del legado de su familia.

¡No puedo agradecerles lo suficiente por todo su apoyo! ¡Juntos podemos hacer un cambio para mejor!

En este video, quiero aprovechar esta oportunidad para agradecer sinceramente a todos y cada uno de ustedes que hicieron posible el HiveFest en Ámsterdam. Has sido fundamental para ayudarme a comenzar con el pie derecho en Hive.

Gracias al equipo de @threespeak que organizó el contenido y me dio la oportunidad de ir a Amsterdam: @theycallmedan, @starkerz y @eddiespino

Muchas gracias a todos los organizadores y voluntarios:

@mynewlife, @coldbeetrootsoup, @minigunner, @artakush, @priyanarc, @blind-spot, @guiltyparties, @crimsonclad, @valueplan, @hivefest

Y muchas GRACIAS a @roelandp ¡Fue un evento genial!

Con eso, les presento HiveFest "The Last Dance".

Mi plan para la próxima semana es comenzar a hacer entrevistas con muchas personas que conocí en el Hivefest, así que díganme a quién quieren que entreviste y qué preguntas quieren que les haga.


Song Sole Splende - Sum Wave from Epidemicsound

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Pleasure to meet you my friend!

You owe me for that pizza at last night :D:DF:D:D:D

Hope you had a safe travel and good come back w wife and kids!

hi @artakush!

Yes! I forgot the pizza...!

Sorry, I'm going to send you the money. But I don't remember how much it was. I'm going to talk to you on telegram.

I was sleeping all the flight back, but the airport was full of people and we have to wait in line for hours. 😩

I am joking my dude :) All good. If you want you can send some hive to @coldbeetrootsoup ;) That will be more than enough. Long travels can be exhausted, especially when airports are full, but you are now back and well, so that is most important!

Yes, I'm finally back and I finally got my voice back as well. :D


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Hopefully, we can meet again ;)

Such a great time we had together :)

Cool stuff 😎

Next time, I will not do the major mistake I did this time... Booking only in the official Hive Fest hotel! I missed so much fun because I was outside the city... 😃
See you at the next Hive Fest, or maybe some meetup before that!

I didn’t book the official hotel neither, but I took one near by.

We need to join a meetup somewhere! We can’t wait whole year to the next hivefest, of course we have to go to the next one 🤩

I didn’t book the official hotel neither, but I took one near by.

I stayed at a friend's house at the Hague, so I had to catch the last trains to get there on time... Anyways, lesson learned... Next time, official hotel! 😃

We need to join a meetup somewhere!

I like what guys from Vienna are doing with regular monthly meetups... Maybe I will hop into one of those... But, I will not leave my hot Spain until spring! 😂

I understand why you are not leaving Spain 😃

We keep in touch and as soon we can let’s join on of those meetups ✌🏾

It was nice meeting you buddy. Loved the videos, especially the interviews. I see you are the first one to upload poezio's poem recital. It was a good one!

The poem was so cool. The perfect closing clip 🎤