Hive Open Mic week 113, Robert Schumann - Saint Nicolas

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These have been some busy days for me, rushing here are there, work and all kinds of additional things that came into my daily schedule. Nothing unusual for an adult, having many different tasks and responsibilities. If we imagined as children that adult life is not as easy as it seems we would not like to grow up that quickly. You know what I mean, right? We all wanted to grow up and skip school days and all the obligations (and restrictions!!) we had as kids. But seems that now, when those days are just remote memories, we want to go back and awake that child in us.

And it is good, as children see the world through different eyes. Maybe more naive, but for sure more innocent and with more imagination. While playing, a child is developing skills and creativity, and it is not happening just while it is playing with toys. Musical instruments serve also as developing creative ways of thinking. Though I loved toys and games, the piano was there from my early days. First just on my own and later attending the music school curriculum.


As I have a good memory, I do remember my piano teachers, the lessons in general, some pieces that I played, the books, the concerts, the friends from the music school and all that journey. Even how other students reacted to some compositions and our internal "competitions". There were interesting and also less interesting compositions in those piano books we used as students. The loved and cool pieces were the favourite ones, for all of us, so we sort of fought who would play a certain piece at a concert. Well, it was not a real fight, but I know everyone would try to convince the teacher to play this composition, Saint Nicolas by Robert Schumann. It is a piece from his Album for the young, op. 68.

It is a cool one, we thought once, back in time. A bit scary, with that beginning and gives a great impression as it is fast and loud. We all thought if you knew how to play fast you were the best! But it is not just like that, of course.

Anyway, it was our childish thinking of us, small piano players that now grew up. We know that playing calm and slow works requires the same concentration, and it is not all in the velocity. However, I still like to play fast ones, so here comes my childish expression, as fast and loud as the composition needs, for the weekly topic we have in Hive Open Mic: Infantil :)))


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P.S. I am not sure why the title of this piece is Saint Nicolas (Santa Claus in some countries). Is that personality scary, as the music? Is he frightening the children actually? I would be scared if Santa would present himself in my home, accompanied by this music... But I know that Robert Schumann had some different ways of thinking than others, and his imagination was abundant. Not to mention where the poor guy finished due to his mental condition.


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If we imagined as children that adult life is not as easy as it seems we would not like to grow up that quickly.

There is an anecdote about this:
“When I was little and sat on the potty in kindergarten, I wanted to go to school as soon as possible.
When I went to school, I wanted to go to college as soon as possible.
When I was in college, I wanted to go to work as soon as possible.
Now I'm working, working, working...
And I think with regret: and why I didn’t sit on the potty? "

That's a great anecdote. I think I have heard of it or some of its variants.

We always seem to want something we don't have, so it's a constant longing, but should not be like this. Living in now, in the moment, and enjoying the child in us as adults would be the best way to go :))

We all thought if you knew how to play fast you were the best! But it is not just like that, of course.

Its so true.. We all wanted to play fast and many many notes.. Then we with the years we realize the difficult thing is to play slow!!


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Thanks, @palimanali :)

Sometimes, when I ask some of my students to play slowly, they struggle to do it at a slower pace 😂 Not all of them, of course, but there are cases. Or fast or impossible 😂

This piece is somewhat peculiar, we would have to see what was culturally lived at that time with respect to San Nicolás.

Now that I have to get up early and work, I want to go back to being the girl I used to be and sleep a lot without so many responsibilities 😂.

Thank you for delighting us with this beautiful piece.

Haha, sleep a lot without responsibilities... Does it even exist? 😂 I don't remember 😂

Yes, you are right, maybe Sanit Nicolas was seen in a different way than now. Maybe that would explain the character of the composition.

Thank you a lot @mirel0510 for stopping by and for your comment 🤗

Pretty! I hadn't heard this song before. Yes, this song sounds like Christmas to me, although I probably wouldn't have made the connection without the song's title. You're right that this music has a certain fierceness to it. Maybe it makes sense to give his song a bit of a frightening feeling as the stories are a little bit disturbing - sneaking in at night through the chimney. I think Santa is usually depicted like a holy person, with all joy and sacred action. I think you're right that this one gives him a scary edge.

Cabe, thank you so much for listening to my entry and your point of view about Santa. Yes, indeed, the whole story is a bit disturbing. When we were children, we were told that Saint Nicolas had two sides, and which one he would show depended on our behaviour. The adults used to say that we will get just coal instead of presents if we don't behave well. But it is like blackmailing, isn't it? 😂😂😂
Probably the composer of this piece also knew the story :D

That was AMAZING!!! 🙌😀💛 you have the speed of a virtuoso, I must congratulate you because it is certainly the first time I see that level of speed in you, it was mind blowing 🔥🔥🔥🔥 I loved how after the silences boom! it explodes with euphoria the melody, it seemed more like Robert Schumann saw Santa as the Grinch hahahaha!!!!!

Every time you appear you leave me hypnotized by the works you bring and by your versatility in execution 😍, I have always said it and I say it again, listening to you live must be a unique experience 💖!!!!

It is rare that a child keeps his word about what he wants to be as an adult, you knew your vocation for the instrument, you dreamed, you fought, you grew and today you are a professional on the black and white keys, feel admiration and respect for you is little for how great you are 😘

I really enjoyed seeing and listening to you, I missed you at the Hive Open Mic, today you return as the best, I esteem you very much dear friend, I always wish the best for you and truly it has been a pleasure to have met you and share with you... I think I've told you this enough, but I will NEVER get tired of telling you.... You Rockkkkkkkkkk!!!! 🙏😊🔥🎹🎶❤️🌟🥂💥💫💯

Thanks, Don Fer, who rocks too! 💥

I see you like it when I play quickly haha. Well, there were other compositions, I think faster than this one, maybe you have missed them out hahha :P

it seemed more like Robert Schumann saw Santa as the Grinch hahahaha!!!!!

Something like that!! At least, a weird Santa, for sure :D
Scaring children around 😂

It feels good that you remember that it was my one and only wish for my profession, to play the piano. And yes, I dreamed and fought, without it, I would not be what I am now, I mean, what makes part of my life. The piano!

And thanks a lot for your encouragement. I know I am more absent from the scene than present, but sometimes I come :))

You play amazingly when it deserves speed, possibly I have missed them or I don't remember any specific video right now, but this was amazing 😍, because for us guitar players speed is very important, hence my fascination to see performances of this level 🔥🔥🔥!!!

It has been a great pleasure to visit the best pianist I have ever met in my life, and I am not lying to you 🌹💖.... You Rockkk today, tomorrow and always 😘!!!! 🙌😀🔥🎹🎶❤️🌟🥂💥💫💯

I don't remember now either a specific video, well, maybe I do but it was indeed a long time ago, a year ago or so.
In my earlier days in hive, I used to post more music posts, me playing the piano. But now I like more another kind of posts, and piano playing is also here, but less often 🎶

You have touched on so many important points in everything you write here... First, bravo, your music is impeccable in technique, talent, feeling, rhythm, for me you are perfect. You made me think a lot about how we are so far removed from who we were as children with all the hustle and bustle of day to day life. I have really felt that way. I don't play any instrument, but I do live from singing and I can attest to the great therapy that music is. Right now we are staging an opera by Bellini, and I have had the pleasure of mixing music and acting, and I feel that it connects me with my inner child, at least that's how I see the scenic part of the operas. Since I was a child I dramatized each song and all of them had a different feeling, I am glad to know that in spite of thinking as an adult every day I still keep that essence, and in your art I can see that you also keep it and carry it as a very special treasure in your heart, I love you very much, excellent post!...

Has tocado tantos puntos importantes en todo lo que escribes aquí... Primero, bravo, tu música es impecable en técnica, talento, sentimiento, ritmo, para mí eres perfecta. Me hiciste pensar mucho con eso de que estamos tan alejados de quienes eramos cuando niños con tanto ajetreo del día a día. Realmente me he sentido así. Yo no toco ningún instrumento, pero sí vivo del canto y doy fe de la gran terapia que es la música. Justo ahorita estamos montando una opera de Bellini, y he tenido el placer de mesclar hoy mismo la música y la actuación, y siento que eso me conecta con mi niño interior, al menos así veo la parte escénica de las óperas. Desde niño cada canción la dramatizaba y todas tenían un sentimiento distinto, me alegra saber que ha pesar de pensar como adulto cada día más aún conservo esa esencia, y en tu arte se nota que tu también lo conservas y lo llevas como un tesoro muy especial en tu corazón. ¡Te quiero mucho, excelente post!.

Openmic in English.jfif

Right now we are staging an opera by Bellini, and I have had the pleasure of mixing music and acting, and I feel that it connects me with my inner child, at least that's how I see the scenic part of the operas.

Oh, I didn't know this, you are acting now in an opera by Bellini? But that is great! I knew that something is happening, I saw in your latest open mic posts, that are not just singing :D but you are getting good at acting. Ok, so we will have a hive opera actor here soon :)) Hurray!

Thank you so much for your comment, I needed to read it again and be amazed by your news! 😎

Yes, my friend, I Capuleti e i Montecchi of Bellini. At the moment I am only an actor of the chorus, but Jhoxiris plays the role of Romeo, since Romeo and Juliet, both are women to represent children's voices...

Jhpxiris plays the role of Romeo? Wow, that's cool :))

It is true that when I was a child I longed to grow up to be "Free" and do the things I wanted as an adult, but, how wrong I was; now I would like to go back and live without responsibilities or worries, how nice it is that your parents worry about you and fight so that you do not lack anything... what a great time.

Regarding the song, I was moved by its speed and the way it sounds, I was expecting something a bit calmer and less dark, but I think that one of the beauties of music lies in how a composition can surprise us. Excellent work as always dear friend.

Yeah, it was how we were feeling, that we will have so much freedom when adults :D
Well, we can have it in some aspects, but indeed, more responsibilities and worries too.

Haha, glad I made you believe it will be a calm thing and then just surprise 😂
Especially after my intro it comes as a heart attack 🤣 🤣

I don't know why but I'm unable to watch your video. I periodically have issues with 3Speak not opening for me, which is really annoying 😡.

But I want to see you playing fast so I'll try again later.

We all thought if you knew how to play fast you were the best!

I definitely thought that as a kid as well. 🤔 Actually, a part of me still thinks that I suppose. 😂
I know nothing about music though, other than I like it lol.

Well, I uploaded this post yesterday afternoon, and it was stuck for hours without appearing on hive. Finally, it was just published during the night, and now you are saying it can not be seen. Oh!!!!! I am sorry for the inconvenience, but you imagine shaking piano and some scary music :))

Thanks for trying to see it at least, hopefully, it would work well later...

Some posts just like to test you're patience I think lol.

The video is working for me now. That's a fun song. I do like the speed of it. Fast and well played.

Super you could watch it in the end, hope you were not scared too much hahaha, Just kidding, it has a nice middle part too, more melodic and calm, so kind of a balanced piece. 🎶

Yes, I noticed that and agree. It balances nicely.

Not that I have proper knowledge of classical music, but it's a nice piece, so congratulations! I know those times as I've read a lot about Franz Liszt and his friends, but I am still lacking of musical education 🙈

Franz Liszt was my favourite composer when I was studying the piano. His works are pretty difficult technically but also have more philosophical messages. He was trying to give some deeper value to his works. We, the performers have no choice... we are good enough to play his compositions or we will suffer hahaha. 😂

But, not to steal the spotlight from poor Robert Schumann, he was a great composer too :))

This is so exiting, talking about the same thing from a different point of view 😃 You about his music, me about his life.

I loved reading about Liszt's life, because he was a nonconformist and tried to change things, if you can trust what the authors have written. Maybe it's time to read those books again. George Sand, Chopin and Liszt, loved them together.

Oh yes, George Sand and Frederic Chopin, the couple, his friends from Paris. I had two books about Liszt's life (don't remember the authors now) so I will try to find them this summer, when at home. :))

Thanks for the reminder 😀

Harsányi Zsolt - Magyar rapszódia, Gál György - Liszt Ferenc életének regénye? 😂

 2 months ago (edited) 

YES, Gál György is the author of one of the two books!!!!

I remember vaguely that one was less good, just don't know which one was it 😵‍💫😬

Mother of piano❤

Watching you play beautifully gives me so much joy.

Anyway, it was our childish thinking of us, small piano players that now grew up. We know that playing calm and slow works requires the same concentration, and it is not all in the velocity.

I always felt this way too when I saw musicians play very fast music and scales. I saw them as the real deal till I got to understand that music is not really about how fast or slow but if at the end it gives a pleasing feel to our hearing.

I hope to play like you someday. Much love 😍

La música bien expresada es un don divino que todo musco siente y hacer música es un privilegio no solo porque uno como músico lo siente sino porque hacemos sentir al publico y de eso se trata no ver la música como un negocio sino como un don que debemos expresar, y que debe ser percibida para el gozo y disfrute de otros individuos gracias por su apoyo.

Exactly, i's not about how fast or slow the piece is, but the feeling it gives us. But for sure, when we see someone playing with good technique and showing some skills, we are amazed. We put the performer in the spotlight :)

Thank you @chosenfingers, I hope too you can play one day like me, well, maybe you already do that :D

You handled this piece brilliantly and professionally, as always.

I would be scared if Santa would present himself in my home, accompanied by this music...

So true 😅😅😅

The beginning part looks scary. I wonder why Robert Schumann named it Santa Claus. It should be a theme centred on Retribution or Revenge 😅😅😅 not for kids.

If we imagined as children that adult life is not as easy as it seems we would not like to grow up that quickly. You know what I mean, right? We all wanted to grow up and skip school days and all the obligations (and restrictions!!) we had as kids. But seems that now, when those days are just remote memories, we want to go back and awake that child in us.


In my post I said something like this! This is the reality. And nobody told us adulthood will be like this 😭😭😭😭

Perhaps as Children we were moved by sight as compared to words, maybe they told us, but we were carried away by what we saw 😪😪😪

Hahaha, Robert Schumann sometimes had his mind in the imagination cloud, so it's completely normal for him being not that normal 😜

The adults told us, when we were children , but we didn't listen to them I think...

If we imagined as children that adult life is not as easy as it seems we would not like to grow up that quickly..

We all wanted to grow old, but now that we are grownups, we want to be children again; The irony of life.

I am so sorry for the stress and hectic schedules; becoming an adult is never an easy task.

I'm not sure I've ever seen you play the keyboard so quickly. It sounds incredibly lovely and fantastic, and I like it.
You always play with passion, zeal and grace.
There's a lot I can learn from you, ma

Congratulations, and have a lovely Sunday.

The irony of life.

Exactly. But all the stages of life have some troubles and also great things, we just have to live in the moment and not long to the future or past so much. Live the child in us, but now.

Thanks @benii you are so kind and show great support to many people here around, I really appreciate your involvement and encouragement 🙌

Have a great Sunday you too 😎

Live the child in us,


Thanks @benii you are so kind and show great support to many people here around, I really appreciate your involvement and encouragement 🙌

The honour is all mine.

You are very welcome
And thank you too.

@mipiano ! What an incredible way of playing, with that dexterity and that great speed you have left me with my mouth open. This piece is of great level, how incredible it is to listen to you and see you play it.

Definitely playing fast is a manifestation of a childish thought 🤣🤣 and it's something I often fall into, playing too fast, the emotion gets the better of me, my inner child wins me over.

I think we would all prefer to be children, the happiest stage at least for most of us. But well, you have to try to play and not take life so seriously, even if it sounds absurd, it's the truth. Best regards! 🙌💥😎👏👏🎉💯🎶🙏🎆😃❤️🎼🎊✨🎵🍻

Yes, we have to try to play, and not just try. Play, in a good sense of the word, haviyand sharing happiness, as life passes so quickly 🌟😊

Me dejas con una sensación de euforia y de relax al tiempo,no dejaba de observar tus manos la expresión de ellas en cada fragmento,es maravilloso ver ese movimiento suave ,delicado, elegante, como bailan al compás, luego la firmeza y determinación, eres todo un espectáculo, siento profunda admiración de verdad 🙏😇 Gracias esto es maravilloso ❤️

Es una buena observación, sensación de euforia y relax a la vez. Sí, tienes razón, la pize de verdad es así y yo solamente seguía la idea que el compositor quería destacar :))

Gracias por tu comentario @lisbeth26 y en realidad no sé como, pero no he respondido a tu comentario! Lo siento mucho, se me pasó.

Hola Feliz día @mipiano una pieza fenomenal y disfruté mucho viendo tús manos recorrer el piano es hermoso ❤️ No te preocupes comprendo, yo desde ayer en la tardecita me encontraba sin internet y apenas estoy contestando también, descuida! Dios te bendiga 😚🥰

Well done! You used great technique and I can tell by your dynamics that you have such great control over your playing.

Great piano playing is magical. Nice show!

@dswigle , what an honour to receive this comment from You 😇
I appreciate very much that you have listened to me, indeed. This was a funny piece, and it does have nice dynamics in the middle part.

Thanks once again, I will have to prepare something nicer for the next time in case I receive again your visit heheh 😎🤗🎶

Oh, I really need to get out and mingle more often! :) The piece was beautiful. I'll make sure I make my way back here again soon!

Then I indeed have to make sure not to disappoint the audience 😌🎶🎶

Thanks once again and have a wonderful day 😊

Such a great play… and I so understand now that it was good that I didn’t listen it last night… poor him hahaha he would have jumped right up after the first few times hahaha 🤣 Lol

It’s such an amazing piece of music. So much technique in there. You did great! Truly great.

Saint Nicolas can be scary… especially when you know the not so known stories behind him. It wasn’t a great figure.
Nope we sure as kids wouldn’t have wanted to grow up that quickly… just a few more years… let us be kids.
Thanks for sharing this piece with us @mipiano 👋🏻😁🤩 beautiful!

I know, you did very well leaving the listening part for now :)
There would not be exploration, neither abandoned castles if he would have nightmares 🤣

Saint Nicolas even have those helpers, who have always seemed a bit evil..

Yes, let's be kids, forever! 🙌
Thanks a lot for listening @littlebee4 😇🎶🎶

Will keep it in mind for future listening to what you play… not when hubby sleeps hahaha 🤣
Nope, we don’t want a grumpy hubby and we do like to go out the next day and have fun 🤩

Yes… weird little ones…

Yes, I’ll join you 🤗🤣🤩😁 let’s be kids, foreverrrrrrrrrrrrr hehe

You are so welcome, you’re a star🎵🎶🎵🎶🎵🎶

Nope, we don’t want a grumpy hubby and we do like to go out the next day and have fun 🤩

hahaha 😂😂 this was so funny 🤣

Hahaha 🤣 but it soooo is 😁💃🏻🥰😎 hahaha

Mine synonym for adultery was ID, so i couldn't wait to grab it (having no idea what else comes with it), even tho I like to shake up my inner kid, this morning I'm glad for being an adult, able to sip my morning coffee and listen your fingers running trough the piano, bring the drama!

hahaha, ID thing...
btw, really don't like it when we have to take a photo for it, they are always awful hahha. It is good for scaring people around lol

Yay, I am glad I was the musical background for you, coffee and black plant controller (I guess it was around :D )

Uhmm, any chance you will be there where you are during the summer?
Maybe I would join for some cup of coffee (though decaf now)...

Indeed, dog wannabe cat is always next to me, especially in the morning after fat breakfast.

I'm moving north hopefully in July, but!
I will be there that day, to grab a coffee with you.

North is good, as I just wanted to go to the south to visit some hive peeps I met here (there) :) and my niece is in the capital too, studying at two universities at the same time (crazy girl lol) so I already decided I have to do this excursion :))

But, maybe we find another meeting point, that would fit better both of us?

I am wondering do you use discord?

I just don't want to be a big girl in the big city anymore, but however I'm still attached to it and have no intentions to stop visiting it.

Not sure what are your plans, but yes we can continue Discord chit-chat. (: 4674

sent a request to somebody, not sure was it you or not lol

Wowww 😯😯 @mipiano
Eso fue asombró, 😱😱😱 me encantó demasiado como tocastes esa pieza musical, lento y luego rápido, pero muy asombró, muchas felicitaciones 🤗🤩😍💕✨

Muchas gracias @yuli07 :)

Esta pieza tiene esat sorpresa, de empezar tan rápido y fuerte y luego la parte bonita es para hacer más expresión. Me alegro que te haya gustado 😇

Hermosa interpretación. Me encanta es demasiado genial. Mejor dicho eres un ángel maravilloso 🤗 Dios bendiga mucho tu talento 🥰🥰🥰 feliz domingo mi querida amiga @mipiano

Gracias @crishziur por pasar y escucharme, ángeles somos todos por aquí 😇 😎

Si es cierto angeles somos todos. Gracias por compartir ese hermoso talento 🥰🥰 seguiré visitandote.. Es que haces un buen trabajo 🤗❤️🎶🎶✨✨

gracias de nuevo 😇

Excelente amiga dios la doto a usted con un talento hermoso, muy bonita su musca y dios le bendiga sus manos espero cada semana complazca los idos de cada músico de Open Mic con su talento.

Gracias @lois2021

Tienes razón en este mensaje (y en el otro, que se pegó al comentario de un otro usuario, me imagino que ne realidad respondiste a mi publicación 😇 )

debe ser percibida para el gozo y disfrute de otros individuos

Sí, exactamente, pero no solamente para el disfrute de otros individuos, sino también para nosotros mismos, porque si tocamos sin que lo disfrutamos, sin que nosotros nos entregamos, no podemos compartir la belleza de la música y nustros sentimientos.

espero cada semana complazca los idos de cada músico de Open Mic con su talento.

Tengo a veces semanas que no me da tiempo participar pero esta vez decidí que sí :) Esta pieza me vino a la cabeza hace unos días como adecuada para la semana, hacer un poco de sorpresa, con el título de la composición y como suena en realidad. 😁

I wasn't familiar with this song, so of course I was surprised when it started out a bit scary... .LOL....

I enjoyed hearing you play it.

Hahahha, that's why I was thinking aloud about the title of the piece 😂

That Santa is indeed a weird man lol, good that I am not the only one who feels that this music is surprising and scary 😎

It's a great piece and you played great too @mipiano. I agree with your point, that when we were children or at a younger age than we are now, almost all of us would try to hastily childishly rush whatever we were doing. But now I know that when something is done calmly, we can do a great job. I also prefer to complete a piece that I play with my instrument in a calm, simple and relaxing way without chaos.🙏🙏😊

That's exactly how it is, We liked to rush and play fast pieces, without realizing the the other ones can be amazing too. But I see my students like the same, many of them. the faster - the better - they think :))

Oh wow! You're awesome! I wish I can finally go back to studying piano and be able to play properly as well. Looking forward to more of your piano covers, @mipiano! 🦋

You played the piano too? That's nice, and I hope you can get back to lessons (or self-training) :))

Yes, I taught myself a little bit of piano. I am hoping to have a proper education for it so that I can learn the concepts as well, but I guess proper piano lessons are hard to come by at our place. Do you have any app recommendations for self-training?

Oh, apps for self-training. I have never used any, as I did my whole curriculum during 14 years of studying :D

hmm, I know that @karinxxl is using some application if I am not mistaken. (can you recommend what do you use karinxxl for your piano self-teaching? )

Wow mi amor estoy fascinada al ver la rapidez con que tocas el piano 🥺😍😍 que Dios bendiga tus lindas manitas para que sigas haciendo música con este instrumento tan valioso.

Gracias por compartir 🥺🥺😍😍😍👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

Gracias, queda algo de rapidez en mis manos todavía :))
Los años no pueden conmigo jajaja :D

the beginning of the song was very move O_O and strong, it surprise me because scare me, i have the volume of my pc at max jajaj. Great song and as always, wonderful to see you playing mipiano

Hahaha, I know. After my intro, the composition started very loudly hahaha. It was a trick, to put the volume on your PC to the max and then Santa came to Scare people 😂😂😂

{risa malvada}


Thanks for stopping by and listening to this video 🎶🎶

😍😍 no podía faltar @mipiano, con esta maravillosa pieza,🎶🎶 es muy hermoso lo que haces, Dios bendiga tus manos y tu vida, me gustó mucho tu presentación, las niñas y yo la vimos como 4 veces jeje nos encantó , saludos

No podía faltar, pero casi no se me publicó el post. Bueno, arreglado ahora y aquí está. Jejeje, que bien por las niñas, quizás se animas un día para tocar el piano :)) si ya cantan tan bien, añadir un instrumento sería bien 🎶🎶

Jejeje en eso están Ruth le gusta el piano, solo que por estos lados no hay escuela qué den clase , pero en lo que se de una oportunidad, la pondré jejeje, saludos y abrazos

Espero encuentras algún sitio para aprender el piano para Ruth 🎶

Amén así sea querida amiga 😇🙏🏽


How you caress you fingers on the keys is always so striking and heart-warming. You're such a great musician I must say

I thought this piece was not about caressing :D
Poor piano, it was shaking sometimes 😂


Excellent play @mipiano, those chords makes me feel relaxed..... I love it.

Really, you feel relaxed with this music?

Well, we all can perceive music in different ways :D

Trust me.......

Hello @mipiano

This is so beautiful dear friend. I love the flow of the song and I'm really glad your shared this.

I really love the piano so well but I have not had the opportunity to learn sheet music. I play by ear and I love playing chords and singing along too... That gives me the best feeling ever.

I hope to connect with you on Facebook 🙏 ❤️

The piano can be played by ear too, yes, and as you say it's a good feeling playing chords and singing along.

Thanks for your comment and invitation, but sorry, I don't really use Facebook.

Okay, nice having you around here all thesame. ONE LOVE ❤️

yes, hive is my home :))

Hello, I loved that performance with your beautiful music. God bless you always, such a beautiful gift.

Thanks, I am glad you liked it!

Maravillosa tu interpretación!!! Como siempre encantando

Gracias David :)

The magical fingers doing what is best known is a very beautiful rendition

Thanks @gone-hive for being the part of the audience of this post :)

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Huge 🙌😎

Yes it is @mipiano 🌹


lo maximo er4es maravillosa tu arte musical no tiene limites, que buena manera de tocar, eres muy profecional y esta cancion se puede apreciar que no es tan facil hacerla sonar con esa fuerza y luego con esa sutileza magistral eres increible mi amiga querida saludos

Gracias @betzaelcorvo por tu apreciación, parece que todavía se puede tocar con fuerza y rapidez :)))

This is play piano so good, keep shining 🤍✨.

Thanks man, glad you liked it :))

Amazing,thanks for sharing


You're welcome ☺️

Hola amiga @mipiano excelente interpretación, de verdad que me gusto mucho! éxitos y bendiciones.

Gracias por tu visita @orlandobello 😇

I'm so glad to see you again at Hive Open Mice 😌😇 lovely playing and full of peace ❤️🎹

Hey @discouragedones

Thanks for checking out, and for your comment 🎶🥂

Yes, I know, it has been a while , well maybe just some weeks, not that long time ago :)))