Hive Open Mic 147 - "I Am Already Enough By Fearless Soul" Cover [ENG/ESP]

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I've never been more excited about a theme like I am about this theme "A Grateful heart" chosen by our beautiful spotlight artist @hopestylist with the powerful voice (can't say less than that lol). My everyday life is a result of God's greatness and mercy that I'm benefiting from Him. I wish I could show my gratitude in more ways than I know.

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A grateful heart is a satisfied heart... I have a great God by my side and that makes me feel grateful and happy for the things I have and enjoy as a little human.

If there is a theme with so many songs suggestions, it is this particular theme because everyday comes a new reason to give thanks to our Creator and our loved ones, birthing new songs about gratefulness. I didn't have a hard time finding a song for this theme but I did an extra finding a song I knew nothing about to make me feel much more grateful for all the abilities God has given me.

I am grateful...

  • For His mercy in my life and my family
  • For giving me the voice to sing
  • For giving His Son to die for me
  • For providing all my needs even when I don't remember to ask for it
  • For keeping me in good health always
  • For giving us HIVE
  • And I'm grateful for what he's going to do for me, my family and friends.

That makes this song a perfect selection for me... I AM ALREADY ENOUGH

Saying I'm enough doesn't mean God's great plans for me aren't needed, this is just me being grateful and contented for what I already have that many have toiled so hard for but never got. My being able to enjoy life as a gift is enough for me, being able to find peace in Him is enough for me and being able to achieve success from life's troubles is enough for me.

They are all thanks to God for doing all the work because I'm only his creation 😩 What a love I found!

With that in mind, I hope you do enjoy my cover of the song "I am already enough" by the Fearless soul singers featuring Rachael Schroeder. The song got me really emotional from the first time I listened to it up till now that I made my own cover and I hope it also touches you as you listen.

I included the lyrics on the video to emphasize on what the song says to each of us and why we should always remain grateful... Do well to share your thoughts on the song and of course, I welcome every corrections to become better at my singing.

Special thanks to the community, great musicians and to our spotlight artist for making all this possible with their own quarter of contribution in it. Listen and be grateful!!!




Nunca había estado más entusiasmado con un tema que con este tema "Un corazón agradecido" elegido por nuestra hermosa artista @hopestylist con la poderosa voz (no puedo decir menos que eso jajaja). Mi vida cotidiana es el resultado de la grandeza y misericordia de Dios que me estoy beneficiando de Él. Ojalá pudiera mostrar mi gratitud de más formas de las que sé.

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Un corazón agradecido es un corazón satisfecho... Tengo un gran Dios a mi lado y eso me hace sentir agradecido y feliz por las cosas que tengo y disfruto como un pequeño humano.

Si hay un tema con tantas sugerencias de canciones es este tema en particular porque cada día surge un nuevo motivo para dar gracias a nuestro Creador ya nuestros seres queridos, naciendo nuevas canciones sobre el agradecimiento. No me costó mucho encontrar una canción para este tema, pero hice un esfuerzo adicional para encontrar una canción de la que no sabía nada para hacerme sentir mucho más agradecida con todas las habilidades que Dios me ha dado.

Estoy agradecido...

  • Por su misericordia en mi vida y mi familia
  • Por darme la voz para cantar
  • Por dar a su Hijo a morir por mí
  • Por satisfacer todas mis necesidades incluso cuando no me acuerdo de pedirlo
  • Por mantenerme en buena salud siempre
  • Por darnos Colmena
  • Y estoy agradecido por lo que va a hacer por mí, mi familia y amigos.

Eso hace de esta canción una selección perfecta para mí... YA SOY SUFICIENTE

Decir que soy suficiente no significa que los grandes planes de Dios para mí no sean necesarios, solo estoy agradecido y contento por lo que ya tengo y por lo que muchos han trabajado tan duro pero nunca lo han conseguido. El poder disfrutar de la vida como un regalo es suficiente para mí, el poder encontrar la paz en Él es suficiente para mí y el poder lograr el éxito de los problemas de la vida es suficiente para mí.

Todos son gracias a Dios por hacer todo el trabajo porque solo soy su creación 😩 ¡Qué amor encontré!

Con eso en mente, espero que disfrutes mi versión de la canción "Ya soy suficiente" de los cantantes de soul sin miedo con Rachael Schroeder. La canción me emocionó mucho desde la primera vez que la escuché hasta ahora que hice mi propia versión y espero que también te conmueva mientras la escuchas.

Incluí la letra en el video para enfatizar lo que la canción nos dice a cada uno de nosotros y por qué siempre debemos estar agradecidos... Haz bien en compartir tus pensamientos sobre la canción y, por supuesto, agradezco todas las correcciones para mejorar en mi cantando.

Agradecimiento especial a la comunidad, grandes músicos y a nuestro artista destacado por hacer todo esto posible con su propio trimestre de contribución en él. Escucha y agradece!!!

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being able to find peace in Him is enough for me and being able to achieve success...

There are so many reasons to be grateful to God and that is why the onewho says that there is no God is only deceiving himself.

Your song is really touching and so is your presentation. I think you should do more of these songs subsequently because they really fit your voice and gives it a great padding.

Thank you for sharing Sis. Have a beautiful weekend.💖💖💖

Wow really? I'll think more on that, thanks so much for the suggestion.

God lives, who says otherwise is only deceiving him or herself indeed 🙂

You're welcome dear. 😊

Yes yes...

There's nothing missing in my life because I am already enough and every thing I need is within me...
What a powerful message this song carries dear..

I love it.
And i am grateful to you for sharing it with us today.

Beautiful rendition my love ❤️😘😍

I'm glad you think the same about the song, thanks dear 🥰


Ahan!! My beautiful damsel don show
I hope say na me u dey in love with bah🙄🙄
Nice rendition dear
Keep shining
But you fine sha o

Don't start abeg 😂

Ok, I been don start but make I stop here
You are welcome

Thank you 😂

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