HIVE OPEN MIC 147 | Thank you Lord by Don Moen (Cover)

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Hello my Hive Open Mic Family and Community. You are welcome to Hive Open Mic week One hundred and forty-seven. The Theme of this week is "A Grateful Heart", and this theme was chosen by Madam @hopestylist. She radiates gratefulness, so I'm not surprised that she chose that theme. Weldone ooo haunty Hope.



"A Grateful Heart", this sounds so simplistic and ordinary prima facie, but when you have a closer look at it you will discover the depth of its meaning.

You can choose to analyse and explain each components, and then synthesise to get a fuller understanding. Going by this, we'll have:

  • Grateful or Gratitude:
  • Heart; and
  • Grateful Heart.

To be grateful or to show gratitude is one of the numerous synonyms for being thankful, albeit it is deeper. I see it as an act of appreciation that isn't baseless or shallow; one that is prompted by a prior act of unmerited love or sacrifice by the other person. In other words, you show gratitude when you have practically felt the love someone has showered upon you or the sacrifice he or she has made for your happiness. Sometimes, you ask yourself if you actually merited this; the answer isn't always in the affirmative... you know, right?

The heart! The heart! The heart! The crazily important human organ that pumps blood to almost every part of the body. It is so delicate yet important, and with this I can comprehend why it has been forcefully made the "love-king" (Yes, forcefully... did it ask for it?) Love itself, is so delicate yet important. At this point, it is as though I have missed my route (lol). But, you know what? Imagine if this organ pumps blood to all part of the body... don't you think if it has hatred, wickedness or anger in it, it will pump them to all parts of the body?

Hence, if the heart is filled with gratitude, won't it pump it to every part of your body? O yeah! Little wonder, whenever we have that genuine feeling of happiness, it radiates all over us, and others can feel this happiness from afar. In fact, we can br smiling like "mumu" (someone who is crazy) just because of such experience.


Okay, my smile actually makes me guilty (lol).

God has indeed shown me mercy, unmerited favour and blessings. Sometimes I ask myself, "Why always me?" "Why me?"

At the point of my utter hopelessness, he gives me hope; He gives me strength when I am weak; He makes way for me where there seem to be no way; He consoles me and lead me in a path of light; He has always been my guide and will always be; He raises me high when I am down and depressed; and he prepares *better jollof rice and chicken with coooooold Pepsi, when "SAPA" (poverty) wants to embrace me so tight.

He was, He is and will always be my God.

Don Moen's Thank You Lord, sits perfectly for this theme. I hope you enjoy this little piece.


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Wow brother how great to see you, this instrumental was fascinating, the editing of the video, you are an amazing guitar player and you know how to reach the listener through those strings. Don't stop!

Thank you so much for your lovely comment. I am so grateful.
Sure, I won't stop 🥰 I'll continue giving my best at all times.

The boss is on it again. The strings sounds awesome @ksam. A delightful venture listening to your contents bro. You're an incredible dude on this, you just know your way around the strings so well that spirits and souls are lifted to God.
Weldon bro✌

Thank you so much brother
I greatly appreciate your wonderful comment

You had me put this on repeat.
It's lovely boss, making me jealous cus I can't play guilter.

The more I watch the more I want to rewatch
It's really nice 😊

See as Adam just blushing here ooo
Thanks dearwe


Abi na, you need am 🥰


Thank you so much 🥰

Ahan!!! Senior man with plenty vibes. Guy how far nah
Which day u go sing nah.
In fact I am giving you a mandate, in your next post you must sing if not I will.... u know nah (ur babes are at risk 😅)
You dey always finish work. Clean touches. Weldone bro

Oga mandate
You are on your own ooo
The spirit never move me yet
When e move me
I go sing

Hehe, issorite
Spiritual man

Hola @kami gracias a tu post tengo otra percepción mas profunda de un corazón agradecido, viendo desde el punto de vista del organo humano, que ordena la distribución de la sangre a nuestro cuerpo. El Tema de esta semana va mas allá de lo que se lee. Le distes otro enfoque muy interesante.

Hi @kami thanks to your post I have another deeper perception of a grateful heart, seeing from the point of view of the human organ, which orders the distribution of blood to our body. This week's Theme goes beyond what is read. You gave it another very interesting approach.

I am glad that you were able to see the unique point of view I gave. Honestly, I was also shocked when I discovered what I wrote. Lol

The truth is that, before writing it I didn't have that in mind. I simply decided to do an analysis of the 3 terms... but as I began to write it, the thoughts just filled my mind. And I'm glad I wrote it because this is something really wonderful.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment
I really appreciate

Un corazón agradecido habla bien del ser humano. Somos nosotros mismos.

A grateful heart speaks well of the human being. We are ourselves.

I'm surprised why it took me so long to see this but happy I came back, I had too because I knew you dropped an entry and you did not fail to give your best.

I love your smile and expression as you played, it gave your presentation away, I could feel every bit of it and it was absolutely lovely. Thank you so much very much for joining in for my chosen theme ❤️🥰.

That was do special,
You continue to amaze me.
Is there anything you can’t do?
That melody will brighten even the darkest rooms.

Thank you for your lovely comment
I appreciate
Well, I'm still learning 🥰