Hive Open Mic Week 147 - (Hillsong Worship) Worthy is the lamb cover by @jessicaossom

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Hello and welcome to the Hive open mic community. This week's theme was chosen by the community's recent spotlight artist @hopestylist. The theme is 'A grateful heart'.

The reason I love this theme is that it makes us ponder the necessity of being grateful for what we have in life.

Being grateful makes us appreciate what we have, and it often makes us realize how much we have to be thankful for. It also helps us to be kind to others and to recognize the beauty and goodness in each day. By showing gratitude, we can learn to be content with our lives and appreciate the small things. It can also help us to focus on our blessings instead of our problems and to be more compassionate toward others.

Why do you need to have a grateful heart? By having a grateful heart, we can start to recognize the good around us and in our lives, which can lead to improved physical and mental health. It can also promote a feeling of security and peace, as well as help us to foster meaningful relationships with others. For instance, take time each day to write down three things that you are thankful for. This can help to cultivate a more positive outlook and appreciation for life.

What are you grateful for? You can achieve a greater sense of fulfillment and joy by being grateful for the small things in life that bring you joy and fulfillment.

Does anyone feel the need to express gratitude for anything in their lives? Being grateful for the small moments of joy and fulfillment can help create a more optimistic outlook on life. In addition to helping us appreciate the good things in our lives, it can also allow us to cope better with the difficult times we may face in the future.

I also downloaded the song online from

The image used in this post is mine and was edited by me.

Full Lyrics here

Worthy is the Lamb

Seated on the throne
Crown You now with many crowns
You reign victorious.

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Without a doubt the act of giving thanks allows us to be in a good physical, mental and spiritual tune... what a great message in your writing, with it you show how great you work in your own life; there is nothing healthier than a heart that is grateful and detaches from false ego, selfishness and any resentment... well said Jessica 👍😉!!!!

It's a pleasure to visit you and listen to you doing another beautiful work of harmonies; doing that you positioned yourself among my favorite artists who manage to make with their voices pure magic... I loved it 🌹💖!!!!!

A very relaxing song, with beautiful lyrics and performed by a great Hive singer. There are minimal details of sound with the main voice, I mean the microphone, you know that little by little you have to improve it because the rest was perfect Jessica, you are great and I will love to see your evolution in that aspect because your voice is a blessing 🙏❤️!!!!

By the way, the link to the lyrics does not take me to a page of the same, if you can accommodate it as it seems to be the same link to download the song.

A hug Jessica, thank you very much for joining us again on the world stage of the Hive Open Mic.... You Rockkk!!! 🙌😀💛

Thank you so much for the feedback and encouraging word. I will improve in those areas too🙂

I will check the link to confirm that.

Thanks for the support, the contribution and everything.😇

You are welcome Jessica 🌹💖... keep rocking the world!!! 👍😉🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🥂💥💫💯

Just wow! For a second there I didn't believe it was your voice I was hearing. You sang so proffesionally and beautifully.
I was great what you did with the harmony!
I enjoyed your presentation dear!
Keep giving us hot hot!!

😄 Thank you Magicfingerz, the voices you heard are all mine, just in different parts😊
Thank you for watching and dropping me some nice words🙂

This is so nice and enjoyable, I love your song choice too and you didn't disappoint me with your entry, I can help but imagine the efforts you put in this and the more you do it the better you get.

Yeah, you are right. Thank you Hope, the theme is an interesting one too.🙂

The awesome jessicaossom😊😊
I love this song, you did a great job here dear..
What app do you use for your editing..

I use inshot for the video edit. I also use audacity software to edit the sound.

The inshot I have doesn't have were I can synchronize two videos together..🥺

Wow! Beautiful as you do present your songs.
It's always amazing when we are grateful even for the little we have because it's bring a better outlook of being optimistic each day of our lives.
I love to be grateful for what I have instead of complaining what I have not.
Great performance and choice of song too 😘

Ahan!!! She don show
Boss lady wey b Church girl 🙄
Always beautiful how she sings and produce her videos. Abeg you go give me small tips on how you do your editing. Starting from the app name.
Nice work here Ossom
I love this one dieeeee

Thank you so much 😃
I use inshot and audacity.🙂

Issorite. Tanchu ma

Ser Agradecido debería ser una norma de primera hora en cada casa del mundo, me encantó tu interpretación 😎🙏

Thank you so much 🙂

Hermosa presentación 🥰 tu voz es muy linda

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Thank you for rendering your song, it's really good to give thanks to God, even when everything is not going on well,we should still acknowledge him.

That's right. Thanks for stopping by to watch🙂

A grateful is a living soul because when you are not grateful for the little you have you can't have more and when you don't have more life become hard

So we should always be grateful

Awwn, it's always so refreshing coming to watch your videos, I love your song choice and of course your beautiful voice and effort you put into your music career.

#dreemport brought me here 🤗

This is absolutely beautiful woah! And your voice is so magical! I love how you do this whole thing.