🎵 “When I Sing” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 116

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: Trumpet Sound. For this occasion, I have a song that works well with a freestyle trumpet solo. I don't exactly have a trumpet, but I have a vocal trumpet that sounds kinda cool to me. It's a whirring sound, similar to the cicadas we hear a lot this time of year here in Austin, Texas.

I haven't played the song this way before, so it is exploratory, with a multi-layered loop recorded live. One part of the soundscape is a melody called The Sun Earth Blessing song, by Madi Sato, who is the founder of Song Carriers.

On a personal note, I'm feeling pretty good emotionally, but I'm not feeling my best physically. At least one of my kids has COVID right now, so I think my body is just wrestling with the exposure and trying to work it out. The kids are bummed to miss some special trips with friends. We're taking care of each other, and in the meantime I'm killing the croquet games.


When I Sing

When I sing
And I strum the silver strings
Connecting me
To everything

I remember
The ones who are with me




Hive Open Mic - Week 116 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Trumpet Sound". We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.


It is too bad that covid is still in our lives, here at home it has not been easy either because we have been visited again by this disease. I hope this passes quickly for both of us. This week's theme has been a bit difficult for many users, but I feel that everyone has managed to connect in some way. I like the background singing in your video, I like it when you say that your voice simulates the trumpet, because it really does. The trumpet is an imposing and strident sound, very hard not to be heard, and your message, at least here on Hive Open Mic has always come through loud and clear, no wonder outside the platform as well. Congratulations my friend, I always go away very happy when I visit your music...

Brother, this comment of yours is outstanding. You connect with me on the levels of mind and spirit, I feel. I'm grateful for your depth, being so generous with your time and energy, and gracious with your friendship. I see that you witness this expression in its relevance—with the trumpet sound, and you also connect in the story's relation with you life, and all our lives, as we deal with disease. You are a beautiful soul, and I am blessed to know you. Thank you.

Una canción original con mucha armonía, me gusta como ejecuta todos los instrumentos con mucha sencillez y ademas que la habilidad que tienes son frutos de tus 0racticas y del amor que sientes por la música, de verdad que gracias por compartir.

Thanks for your supportive words, friend. Wishing you joy.

Gracias por tus palabras de apoyo, amigo. Deseándote alegría.

I hope your son can be healthy very soon.

I admire your creativity for this song, you did a great job with the editing and all the instruments you played, congratulations.

Thank you, friend, it feels wonderful to connect with you through the music we share.

Seems like you can play all instruments..... Cool

I like to explore. It's a joy to try to play new instruments, whether or not I play them well. 😊

Brother... The combination of your Artistry creativity together gave a very pleasant music..
That tune from your lip buzzing was awesome and perfect too dear brother, I tell you that's a great way to position a trumpet for some great harmonic play😄🥰🥰
You are a great friend and musician dear @cabelindsay
So sorry about your kid health's issue and it's my ernest prayer that sound health be restored 🙏🙏🎸🎸💜

Thank you for being so kind and supportive. Really happy our community is bringing such a nice array of good, uplifting songs for this weeks theme that you originated: Trumpet Sound! I'm grateful to you, brother, for your awesome presence in Hive Open Mic.

The pleasure is all mine dear brother..
I am happy to be among this great family of Hive Openmic..♥️♥️🎺🎶🎸🙏🎵

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Receive a big hug and greetings from me @cabelindsay!!!!!

First of all I wish you can get better and get out of this whole Covid thing, it's not easy as I know how it can feel. God keep you!

Regarding your interpretation I congratulate you once again for what you have brought us! I don't know if I told you but I love guitars and much more to relate sounds and voices at the same time!!!!

Congratulations, a hug friend!!!!

I'm thankful to hear from you @yetxuni. You're such a bright light in this community, you know. Hugs.

This is beautiful, I love all the harmonies you created, they fit so well.

Thank you, friend. Wishing you joy.

You're welcome and thanks for the good wishes.

Every day at the Hive Open Mic is special, but when Cabe Lindsay makes a post and shows us his music and talents we are filled with a special energy and joy. The vibes you transmit with this song remind us that there are exceptional people who make this planet a better place to live. There is no doubt that we connect when you sing and play the silver strings 😉. Get better soon brother, we love you!

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-08 at 10.21.54 PM (1).jpeg

Love you too, my brother and sister. I am blessed to know you both, and of course we all know that you two are some of "those exceptional people who make this planet a better place to live." 💛🌟 Feels good to be appreciated, you know—thank you so much.

Mi querido amigo, fue muy hermoso oírte, está canción te quedó muy hermosa, tu talento es único, tocas todas clase de instrumentos y eso lo admiro mucho, 🥰 gracias por compartir, tus hijos son muy hermoso, confía en Dios que el le dará la sanidad a tu hijo en el nombre de Dios, ya declararlo sano, un abrazo y saludos

Thank you, friend, yes, I am with you. Trusting these kids and I, and all of us, are safely held in God's embrace.

Gracias amiga, sí, estoy contigo. Confiando en que estos niños y yo, y todos nosotros, estamos seguros en el abrazo de Dios.

De luuujoo amigo cabelindsay 🤩🤩.

Me gustó todo, y casi al final hicistes un sonido era sonido como de trompeta verdad🙈 jejejej exelente amigo.

M encantó la edición también
Todo quedó herrrmoso, muchas felicitaciones querido amigo.🤩🤗😇

Dios tiene el control de tu bella familia amigo Dios está contigo 🥰❣️🙏✨

You're such a bright ray of light! Thank you. Yes, that sound I made intended to be like a trumpet. 😊 I am with you in the belief that God is in control, amen. 🤗

¡Eres un rayo de luz tan brillante! Gracias. Sí, ese sonido que hice pretendía ser como una trompeta. 😊 Estoy contigo en la creencia de que Dios tiene el control, amén. 🤗

Thanks for the ray of light 🙈🤗 your beautiful words my head 😇 And so it is my head, God never leaves us alone. Sometimes we can think that we are alone but it is not so, he is on our side to help us through the difficulties. cheer up 🤗

Gracias por el rayo de luz🙈🤗🥰 bellas tus palabras mi cabe 😇

Y así es mi cabe, Dios nunca nos deja solos.

A veces podemos pensar que estamos solos pero no es asi, el esta de nuestro lado para ayudarnos a pasar las dificultades. animo🤗🥰

Muy bien amigo @cabelindsay , como te había mencionado en otra oportunidad, no sé de dónde sacas tanta creatividad e inspiración para componer tantas canciones, ojalá yo pudiera tener esa maravillosa capacidad de hacerlo cuando yo quiera jaja. Esta grabación es una de las más complejas que te he escuchado interpretar a lo largo del tiempo que llevo en la comunidad, y es por el simple hecho de que mientras estás cantando las estrofas, se escucha una voz de acompañamiento de fondo, y resulta que la haces antes de que sonara algún tipo de melodía, lo que lo convierte en un canto a acapella totalmente afinado, impresionante de verdad. Saludos amigo.

I sure appreciate your encouragement, friend, thank you. Nice of you to notice that detail of the background voicing. That part is inspired by an indigenous song called the Sun Earth Blessing.

Seguro que aprecio tu aliento, amigo, gracias. Es bueno que notes ese detalle de la voz de fondo. Esa parte está inspirada en una canción indígena llamada Bendicion Sol Tierra.

Pues suena fantástico amigo. Felicidades

Wow! @cabelindsay your original song always touches me in a special way.
The effort you put in other to create quality contents always inspires me. And you are preety good with the looper!
Oh and my heart goes out for your child may she be healed soon! Amen!

Thanks for connecting on a heart level, brother. You're so kind to compliment my music - it helps me to feel encouraged to keep on sharing, practicing, and developing the craft.

Muy bien amigo@cabelindsay, muy buena la instrumentación, trajiste una canción original con mucha armonía wooao felicitaciones... Felicitaciones y éxitos... Bendiciones para ti amigo..

Blessings to you too, thank you, friend. I'm grateful the harmonies resonate with you.

Bendiciones para ti también, gracias amiga. Estoy agradecido de que las armonías resuenen contigo.

I love your interpretation of the song❣ and your creativity is top notch👍💚💚

Thank you, friend, it feels great to hear from you.

Hello, Cabe.

It's always a pleasure to watch your presentation.
It's been a while since I last noticed one of your posts so am happy to see this one..

We've really missed you.

This was artistically stunning and
You consistently display excellence in performance.
Good work came..👍👍👍👍

I'm so sorry about your kids, but am rest assured that everything will be fine.

Much Love ❤️

Lots of love, Benita! I've missed you too. I had to limit my time on Hive for a little while, because I was focusing my efforts in some other areas. I published a book, for example. Feels good to have ample opportunities for creative expression, and naturally this path brings me back to Hive Open Mic.

Such great things you have being doing outside the Blockchain..

Greater heights sir

And have a Beautiful month,❤❤❤🌹

I loved this musical composition. Thank you for your entry in this week. 🖐

It is wonderful to hear from you, friend. High-five! 👋

Que bueno y agradable sonó esta entrada, que creatividad tienes amigo @cabelindsay , es una música que te transmite paz, me encanto, felicitaciones, espero que mejore tu hijo. 🤗👋👋👋🎶🎵🎼💫💜🎺🎺🎤🎤😂🌟💖✨❤️💚💕

Happy you feel the peace in this music, my friend. Thanks for your well-wishing. We are on the road to wellness. Hugs.

Feliz sientes la paz en esta música, mi amigo. Gracias por tus buenos deseos. Estamos en el camino del bienestar. Abrazos.

Hello, brother Cabe! I loved the layering of this song, especially when you did the energetic strumming. Great original job!

I hope you and your kids are in good health, blessings and good vibes to you all!

Hey Sisterlove, it feels great to connect. Thankfully, the kids are healing up fast. Sending a hug.

La canción es muy linda, y la forma que hizo el video queda aún más tierna.

Thanks for seeing and hearing the cuteness. I sure appreciate your encouragement.

Gracias por ver y escuchar la ternura. Seguro que agradezco tu aliento.

What a magical melody and a very enveloping and spiritual sound... Always full of talent and showing great performance with audiovisual productions. I hope your son recovers soon from covid. Strength. Greetings and infinite blessings brother

infinite blessings brother

Same! Sending lots of grateful vibes.

Receive a special greeting from me, raising a prayer for God to grant health to your son 🙏 and everyone in your family to be healthy. Whenever I have the privilege of listening to you, your creativity and impeccable voice catches my attention, the original instruments with which you accompany each song, you are a great artist!

Thank you for sharing your music with us, and above all the love with which you permeate the entire community. huge blessings🙏🎵🎶

Feeling you, friend, thank you. It is a joy knowing you, you know. Hugs.

Hello, I just went through your channel to thank you for your support in my video... I already subscribed... Greetings and I wish you a great day...

Right on, I'm glad to begin knowing you. Thanks for your note.

This is very cool, it reminds me of Buffy Sainte-Marie mix of rock and native music :D Congratulations

Oh how fun - I'll check out the artist you mention here. Yes, my music is influenced and inspired by the indigenous cultures. Thanks for noticing that.

Que bueno me pareció muy impresionante mucho exito amigo.-

Hello my beautiful little friend, it's good to see you, I enjoyed a lot with the song that you have shared with us, you always bring out the most beautiful things from very simple things. A fraternal hug friend

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brother how special it is to listen to him live his music is extraordinary greetings and successes always