🎵 “This Little Town” (Cover) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 111

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


Our 111th Hive Open Mic event is a special occasion, inviting us to sing a song together as a community. As simple as it is to sing together, this action has substantial benefits. It can be massively healing for people, because it unifies us and harmonizes us. The gifts of community, such as these, are especially supportive during times of hardship. Music lifts us up from the heaviness, allowing us to live in love and lightness.

Global Harmony is our grand vision in the Hive Open Mic community. We work to achieve this with each song we share, along with every comment and upvote we offer as listeners. As lovers of live music, we understand the gifts of a pretty melody, a meaningful message, an artful voice... We know how satisfying it feels to express ourselves musically. We know how gratifying it feels to make connections through the music that joins us on a vibrational level, where we can share our presence.

Regarding the music, I immediately resonated with this song when I first heard it. @ebingo performed the song for Hive Open Mic week 106 (see the Original Post), using it as background music to set the tone for a soul-stirring news story. The music impressed me, along with the intention behind it. Listening more closely to the music, I felt it would be a song that our entire community could appreciate through the intimate action of singing together.

My offering here is a live music looping performance, which I cleaned up by removing the space between takes. First, I loop a guitar part, then carry the melody as it is written. Then, I improvise a lower and higher harmony. I'm thankful to have a simple setup in my garage, which allows me to practice, and manage the equipment, and achieve the green screen effect. I feel grateful for the freedoms that this makeshift music studio gives to me. And, I'm glad to have the Hive platform as a garden where we grow and flourish.

This Little Town

This Little Town is written by Dr. Ebingo Kigigha, who we know by the Hive username: @ebingo. He wrote this song in response to a tragic event that happened in his nation, Nigeria, where his friend and fellow doctor was shot and killed, along with many others. This song is one that connects us worldwide in reverence, I feel. Through the music, we can empathize with a heavy feeling. Together, we can lift it up and live with lightness.



Hive Open Mic - Week 111 is underway right now, with the current theme: “This Little Town". We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.



Music unites us, fills us with life, connects us as human beings beyond any differences that may exist, it is a channel that allows us to coincide in something very beautiful: "Global Harmony" 🙌😀💛.

When I saw that post of our brother @ebingo I felt a lot of sadness and a little anger, I can not deny those emotions, I felt that for the simple fact that in my country something similar to what happens in Nigeria happens and because here in Colombia there are also many families in mourning because of armed groups that do not stop doing things like this, I know that in many other countries this happens, but censorship does not allow to viralize this information, without a doubt, I am in solidarity with these humanitarian causes 🤝🌏🌎🌍💞.

Cabe brother, your interpretation was beautiful 💖, you connected with this song in such a way that you made it yours too, this is the work that each one of us must do as a tribute to the fact and also to raise more the voice of our brother @ebingo!!!!!

You are light and we will make a lot of light this week, blessings to you and thank you for setting the example for us, I love you brother.... You Rockkk!!!! 🙏😊🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟☮️🕊️💫💯

I'm glad we are in one voice...Always glad to hear from you

My Brother, that's right we are in one voice, this week will be very cool, you have made visible a reality that concerns us all, I am also very glad that you have inspired this week, that's what the great ones do 💖..... You Rockkk Bro!!! 🙌😀🔥🎙️🎸🎹🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯☮️🕊️

Thanks for sharing the nice music sounds you enjoy practicing music. Good luck for more covers.

Amigo cabelindsay suena herrrrmosisimo 🥺😍✨ me encantó verte, tu voz muy profesional, espero poder participar de este maravilloso evento❣️♥️💖

Ooh, I hope you can participate this week. It is always a pleasure to hear your sweet singing, and your voice brings a wonderful honey in these community-wide singing events. Thank you for encouraging my singing too, it means a lot to me, because I really want to be a good singer.

Gracias mi querido Cabe🤗❣️ ya eres un gran artista!! 🤩😍♥️

Greetings my dear friend. A pleasure to be here watching and listening to your participation.

Excellent performance with your guitar, voice and everything else. Receive my congratulations for such a nice job!!!! I'm sure @ebingo will like it! Best regards!

It blew my mind...I hope it can bring attention to our community and what it is we are doing.

Thank you for the mention!!...take care

Happy hearing from you. I enjoy seeing your comments here and elsewhere in the Hive Open Mic community. Thank you. Your presence is a real pleasure to see.

Beautiful and amazing 🥰😍😍

Thank you, friend. Learning through witnessing you and all the other musicians in our community. We are blessed.

It's absolutely wonderful...@cabelindsay. You are such a blessing to this community, a guide and a friend...then this gift, the wonderful work of art you brought here...you modified the song...

Thank you so much.

Happy to hear from you, my friend. I'm glad this cover works for you. It is thrilling to imagine what will happen when everyone brings their contributions here, and we combine our voices into a unified expression of your great song. I think it will be awe-inspiring.

Great job man keep doing your open mics you sound really good, and everyone on open mic always keep your music and pride with you (: by the way I made a nice project with Hive called Beatzchain you can always use #beatzchain & #beatcz a great place to network with other hive artists here's a link from your post connected https://www.beatzchain.com/hive-105786/@cabelindsay/this-little-town-cover-live-music-for-hive-open-mic-111

Cool, thanks for your supportive words here. I hadn't heard of Beatzchain until now, so thanks for bringing that to my attention. I admire your intention to amp up the music scenes, encouraging artists to express and connect. Cheers!

Cheers man definitely I'm all support of original music and wonderful performance I guess I can say it's like proof of music and proof of performance lol. Actually it's proof of work

This is wonderful! 😍
Glad you've come out so early in the week with this.
I have no idea where to start yet.. 🙈😁

Thanks for noticing. Yes, I hope you can participate in this week's special occasion. This is our third time offering a chance to sing and play with the entire community, in order to create a mash-up of everyone's involvement. Your musicianship is excellent as it already is, so I encourage you to just be who you are, and play the song just like you ordinarily would. Please be sure to include a metronome at the 120 BPM tempo, so you're in the same rhythm and key. Hugs. 🤗

Thanks, Cabe! Will do! 😀

My favourite part of your performance is usually the whistling. Splendid rendition.

I'm glad to feel your approval of the whistling, even though I have room for improvement in that area, and others too. Fun to give it a whirl!

Brother, this is pure beauty! The fact that you took the time to put together this presentation with the different voices, and the various details you added is a sign of your commitment and dedication to this cause of global harmony. Congrats on your wonderful and heartfelt work.

Like you, I hope this song can be healing and consciousness raising.

You are great and authentic, you are a person full of light. A big hug.

I hope this song can be healing and consciousness raising.

Thank you, sister. 🤗 Yes, I think the song is working wonders. It feels like a love vibration to me. Let's all put our hearts into the pool, and let the love ripple out.

Wonderful rendition🥰 i loved every part

Thank you, friend. Sending a hug.

You're welcome😊 Hug received

Hello Wild Voices😊😊😊

There you go again with your amazing voice, powerful music and top notch video editing.

I totally loved the harmonisation; so so beautiful.

It alway feels good watching you perform and listening to your music.

Much Love ❤ cab.

Do have a lovely new week.

Love you, sister. Thank you for your sweet words, and for your supportive presence. I feel so fortunate to know you, and to be blessed by your friendship, and tremendous musicianship.

Friend, what a great presentation. It is great the movement that you intend to bring this week through the Hive Open Mic. I will always be grateful to life to know a soul like yours, a person who always thinks about the welfare of his brothers. I have been a little busy these days, but I hope to be part of this experience of week 111 soon. Thank you for sharing this excellent example with everyone...

Openmic in English.jfif

Right on, brotherlove. I greatly look forward to your participation in this event, in however you choose to bring your presence. I am so thankful to you for showing up and shining as a leader in the Hive Open Mic community. Wow, what a star you are! 💛🌟

What a great beauty you have brought us Cabe, each of the arrangements to this song is pure magic, only someone like you could have done something like this, I congratulate you not only for your great interpretation, but for guiding this great community towards a single voice, singing together and praying together.

Have a great week.

singing together and praying together.

Ahhh. Your comment feels so comforting to me. Thank you. Yes, I think you're right that prayer is an aspect of what we're offering in the Hive Open Mic community. This is the first time I've realized that. Yes, much of the music we see and hear in our community is a prayer song, in its various forms. And even outside of the songs, there is an aspect of reverence, and positive intentions... much like a prayer. 🙏

That is what makes each of the participants in this community and the community itself great. I thank you very much for being that light that illuminates us week after week in a positive way and invites us in each meeting to look at life in a positive way.

Beautiful interpretation, also your voice so beautiful that I love ❤️ Very excited 😁 because it would be the first time that I am going to participate in this great special, I know it will be a great success 🤗

Happy to hear you will participate in this week's special invitation. It's a pleasure to get to know you through the music that brings us together!

Wow, muy hermoso querido amigo, felicitaciones lo has hecho muy bien 🥰

Thank you, friend. Sending a hug. 🤗 Hope you and your family are feeling the blessings in life.

We love the way you added guitar arrangements and vocals, this of course speaks of your originality and genius, you have very useful tools that you know how to use very well.

The purpose of this week's theme touches our hearts and intensifies our empathy for the unwanted situations that shake different parts of the world and generate a lot of pain.

That is why we applaud this initiative, this musical contribution and our prayers undoubtedly serve as a source of positive energy.

Thank you for being who you are, we send you a big hug!

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This sounds so good and it's soul lifting. I love the feeling it evokes even as it reminds me of the feelings that radiates in the minds of most of us here in Nigeria.

I hope that one day everything will fall in good shape in my dear country. 😢 😢 😢 😢

Thanks for this entry @cabelindsay

How gorgeous! I believe that love can transform everything, hopefully this prayer made a song will stop so much evil!
I am ecstatic with so much musical beauty, you have done something wonderful, my respects to you friend!

Hermosa presentación hermano. Me gustaron mucho las luces. Excelente trabajo con el pedal loop. Felicitaciones.

Beautiful presentation brother. I really liked the lights. Excellent job with the loop pedal. Congratulations.

amazing thing, I'm glad to see

This amazing @cabelindsay , You added chorus vocals to this song, and added sweet whistling, making this song really beautiful

you nailed it! hope I get to join in soon. 😍

Sensacional interpretación... De verdad que el toque de la guitarra y tu voz tienen un sello único...

Me gustaron los adornos de los finales, le añadieron originalidad a tu cover. Saludos!

Before I say anything I really love your guitar! 😍 The sound is so warm and soft.
Your rendition is so touching and also an expression of real dedication.
From the combination of different voices to the whistling, it turned out perfect!!!
Kudos!! @cabelindsay

I salute you, any song if you remake it will be something very character. 🤩👍✨🎵🎶🎸💯

I enjoyed this presentation so much that I had to use your chords as my backing track for my own presentation. This is so wonderful @cabelindsay

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Esa Participación estuvo muy bonita te felicito. Fue genial , saludos