🎵 “This Child Inside” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 113

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We all play various roles in life. In my working life, my roles include: video production manager, storyteller, teacher... and artist. In my personal life, I am a: dad, friend, brother... and son. Often, I forget about being a son—a child. In fact, my parents are faraway, and I am a dad to three kids, so it makes sense that I would neglect the child inside myself.

However, I still have a childlike curiosity, with a childlike sense of wonder. I am fun loving, explorative, playful, and wild. I also have childlike needs, for love and attention. Sometimes I make childlike mistakes. I am still a son, and I will always be a son. There is a vital part of me that holds the same needs and desires of a child. Nowadays, I honor that inner child. I hold this role close to my heart.

I think it's especially easy for parents to forget about the inner child. I suspect the reason why is because we have other infantile behaviors to deal with, and so by default we're positioned to play the role of guide and guardian. We have to play the role of authority figure, and this is truest when our children are young. But some of the best parents I know are the ones who get down on the kids' level and play with them.

This week's Hive Open Mic theme is: "Infantil," which is the Spanish word for: "Childlike." I'm grateful for this invitation to reflect and connect on this topic. I look forward to other musicians' expressions too. To me, connecting with the inner child feels good, right, wholesome at this time. Maybe it will keep us young at heart.

My final thought is that I also recognize a distortion of the inner child embrace: Peter Pan Syndrome—kids refusing to grow up. I'm not suggesting that we neglect our dad duties or our mom duties. We are our children's primary providers, and this requires us to be mature, responsible, respectful... And at the same time, I hope we will all make time for imagination, adventure, and freedom.

This Child Inside

This child inside
Is the truth the way the life
This child inside
Is love and light

The eyes of this child
Hold the keys to the kingdom
Of heaven in the sky
The holy heights

Father Joseph
I ask for your hand
To prepare me to provide
A safe haven for this child

Mother Mary
You are the precedent
Of motherly love
I call upon you

Soften my heart
Ease my mind
To support this child
To the best of my ability

Help me to endure
With strength for the good
Of this child inside
I say viva to this child




Hive Open Mic - Week 113 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Infantil". We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.


What an amazing song sir @cabelindsay 😍
I really like how you play the guitar with cool picking and rhythms, its so makes me enjoy the song. Thank you for presenting this very cool song sir 🤗

Nice of you to write, buddy, thanks. Peace be with you.

Gracias amigo . Dios te bendiga. Gracias por tomar en cuenta nuestra participación.

Awesome...you rock man💪

Muy bonita canción, y me encantó como la toco y canto, felicitaciones querido amigo ☺️

Thank you for being a friend to me and a steady source of encouragement on my music journey.

Gracias por ser un amigo para mí y una fuente constante de aliento en mi viaje musical.

very good music and the songs you compose are really really amazing Thank you for sharing here and of course people can enjoy what you show

Thanks for your kind words. Nice of you to connect through this sweet compliment. I see you are a singer—I invite you to join our Hive Open Mic community, if you feel called to jump in.

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Good melody @cabelindsay . I liked the guitar ritm and your voice. 🙂

Thanks for your note, friend. I'm glad we can connect through the music. Yours is inspiring me to reach for some more exotic flavors, as I often tend toward the simple chords. Peace.

Oh my God, this is the height of creativity!!
Firstly, I am deeply touched by your write up, explaining how despite your adulthood roles, you retain your childlike curiosity and exuberance!
Secondly your song is also super creative. Your invitation of Joseph and Mary to nurture you on how to take care of 'this child' also speaks to me in a special way, because for me, they are the best models to look up too, because they nurtured Christ himself!!!!
Bravo @cabelindsay
I really enjoyed this!!!

Thanks so much, brother. Yes, I'm glad we have this common ground in honoring the saints. Always, in the back of my mind, I remember that promise: When two or more are gathered in my name I am there in the midst. And every week this community sees that happening. We are blessed! Much to enjoy here. :)

Keeping our inner child is fundamental, if we lose that then we lose luster and freshness. In fact I think that if we pay enough attention to our children we will realize that we have a lot to learn from them, my nephews for example taught me many things with their witticisms and sincerity, sharing with them and their childhood touched my heart and allowed me to see life from different angles.

We loved your song dear Cabe, your compositions usually have a nice message and we received this one with total success. Thank you for always sharing with us. A big hug!

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-08 at 3.21.54 PM.jpeg

Thanks for your note, and thanks for relating with me here. Yes, the kids have much to teach us. In fact, my eldest son is my greatest teacher ever. I wonder if the two of you will have children one day. I eagerly await. :) It's a joy to connect with you through this community and in Spirit! Hugs.

Having children is on our agenda for the future but we also know that they are gifts that come without prior planning, we are anxious to finish building the foundations for an ideal life and take the next steps needed. Thank you for mentioning this, it is worth a lot to us dear brother. Hugs back.

For me, I was anxious to be a dad, but not prepared. And then, when I became a dad, I was willing, but not ready. And now that I'm a dad, I'm loving life with kids, and I see the gifts in it, and I see there was divine orchestration all along. :)

¿Cómo se puede llegar a tener tanta creatividad para componer tantas canciones? Es impresionante la cantidad de temas originales que tengas, y aún así no ser un cantante a nivel mundial (famoso). Muy interesante esta canción hermano, me gustó. Saludos.

I sure appreciate your encouragement, brother, thank you. I am just a regular guy with a passion for songwriting. I like to think my musicianship is improving over time, especially with all the great musical examples in this community, including you.

Thank you for that. A hug my friend. Keep doing good music 🎵🎵🎵

Que siempre viva nuestro niño interior para poder ver la magia de la vida y todo lo que nos rodea, bella canción. La amé.

May our inner child always live to see the magic of life and all that surrounds us, beautiful song. I loved it

Si. ¡Viva la magia! 🌟

How nice that you named the Family of Nazareth in this song, it reminds me of those bible words : "we must be like children to enter the kingdom of heaven". We must nurture that inner child, not let him die, so life is more bearable and joyful.

Beautiful song! Blessings, brother Cabe.

Oh yes! Thank you for reminding me of that verse. Well-timed. Perfectly stated, yes. Bless you, Sisterlove.

Muy bueno de verdad

Calidad esta canción de claro y lindo mensaje y su agradable swing. Bendiciones de Dios.

Thank you, uncle. It is always a pleasure to feel your presence in my life. I sure appreciate your encouragement for this musical path. And I so enjoy hearing the songs you carry. Sending a grateful hug.

Gracias, tío. Siempre es un placer sentir tu presencia en mi vida. Seguro que agradezco vuestros ánimos por este camino musical. Y disfruto mucho escuchar las canciones que llevas. Te mando un abrazo agradecido.

Me gustó la canción hermano. Felicidades, tienes buena energía y talento. Que sigan los éxitos 🤘🤘🤘🤘😊🤜🤛

I'm grateful, brother, thank you. It is a pleasure to connect with you through the music. The recognition of talent is mutual.

Estoy agradecido, hermano, gracias. Es un placer conectar contigo a través de la música. El reconocimiento del talento es mutuo.

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Very well explained what you comment Cabe, despite our roles as we grow up if we lose contact with our inner child, we age faster, our energies are depleted and our world becomes chaos, the good thing is that you have your little guides to remind you of this always 🙌😀💛!!

How beautiful the lyrics of your song, it seems like a call, an invocation, a reminder... you mention two important pillars of human history, what a cool presentation brother 🙏💖!!!

How ironic it all is, one as a child wants to be an adult to not take orders and one as an adult would like to be a child to feel freedom 😅, I think wisdom is based on learning to balance our burdens as teenagers, adults and elders, with the demands of our inner child 💞

A hug dear Friend and Brother.... You Rockkk!!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

So kind of you to relate with me on this topic. I appreciate your mention of the teenage times too, yes! Personally, my teenage years were my hardest. For me it was a time of trauma and tragedy, and I still feel those wounds at times. I empathize with all of us for that time of transition, between childhood and adulthood, and the discomforts that come from stretching, growing, maturing... Peace be with us all.

You achieve a beautiful empathy, I think that must be the positive part of all the bad things you went through, because without those wounds, you would not be the wonderful human being you are now 🙌😀💛

Peace be with us all Brother 🙏💖

Hello I liked the way your voice in this song good performance

Igual que tú querido amigo, me gusta maravillarme como un niño en las cosas más simples y sencillas. Y aunque nos corresponde asumir el papel de padres siempre es bueno adentrarnos en la infancia y fantasía de nuestros hijos, eso nos permite acompañarles mejor en su crecimiento y aprendizaje. Ha sido un gusto escucharte gracias por compartir con nosotros. Un abrazote

Like you dear friend, I like to marvel like a child at the simplest and most simple things. And although it is up to us to assume the role of parents it is always good to enter into the childhood and fantasy of our children, that allows us to better accompany them in their growth and learning. It has been a pleasure to listen to you, thank you for sharing with us. A big hug

Thanks for connecting, and adding your voice to this topic. I appreciate your mention of fantasy, and marvel too! These attitudes are signs of creativity and wonder—positive traits that we can still maintain as adults. I'm grateful for the insights you bring. Yes, I think I sacrificed those parts of myself at some point, for the sake of growing up and acclimating to the world I thought I knew. But truly, the world evolves and it is largely our creativity and wonder that shape it into existence. Hugs.

Gracias por conectarse y agregar su voz a este tema. Agradezco tu mención a la fantasía, ¡y maravilla también! Estas actitudes son signos de creatividad y asombro, rasgos positivos que aún podemos mantener como adultos. Estoy agradecido por las ideas que traes. Sí, creo que sacrifiqué esas partes de mí mismo en algún momento, por crecer y aclimatarme al mundo que creía conocer. Pero en verdad, el mundo evoluciona y es en gran parte nuestra creatividad y asombro lo que le da forma a la existencia. Abrazos.

WOW 😱 Cabelindsay siempre me dejas sorprendida con tus canciones, como cantas y tocas..
De verdad que Dios bendiga más.

De verdad que Dios bendiga más.

And you too, my friend. Sending a hug.

Y tú también, mi amiga. Enviando un abrazo.

How wonderful that you are honoring today that intrinsic inner child of being in general brother. We must always preserve and remember that eternal child that lies within us.
The vision you have put forth regarding the roles you play in life is so beautiful, it is something we all do in this play called life. Best regards brother @cabelindsay

We must always preserve and remember that eternal child...

So right! Thanks for stating it exactly like that. Feels good to be acknowledged and supported in this area. Peace be with you.

Dios te bendiga amigo que hermosa canción 👍 Excelente 😃

Wow My brother! This is an amazing piece of art that You bring to us this week
Sounds really amazing and I like a Lot
The vibes of the sound. Fantastic!

Thanks so much. It feels good to connect with you through the music, brother.

yeahhh right! my openmic from this week connects me with my mom, and for me was an amazing week and theme, blessings and thanks a lot for the openmic

Creo que no pudiste elegir mejor manera para homenajear a la temática de la semana 113. En esta canción expresas mucho de lo que siempre he visto en ti, ya que tu mirada refleja tu alma. Me encanta que estés conectado con tus sentimientos, eso te distingue y te hace resaltar como hombre, como una persona fuerte, como un niño soñador. Bravo!

Ah, I cherish your words. Thank you. It means so much to me to feel your acknowledgement here. I'm so glad we can connect on a vibrational level through the songs we carry.

Ah, aprecio tus palabras. Gracias. Significa mucho para mí sentir su reconocimiento aquí. Estoy tan contenta de que podamos conectarnos en un nivel vibratorio a través de las canciones que llevamos.

Me gusto mucho el ritmo y tú voz amigo y el mensaje que contiene esta canción , un gran abrazo✌️🌟👏👏👏🎶🎵🎤💫💚💙❤️💞

Thank you, my friend. Happy this music feels resonant with you, just as your music feels resonant with me.

Gracias mi amiga. Feliz, esta música se siente resonante contigo, tal como tu música se siente resonante conmigo.

Qué bonito!!! Transmites sensaciones muy bonitas y relajantes 🤗✨ lo disfrutamos todos 🛸✨

Thanks a lot, brother, I'm really happy to hear from you. Grateful for your note. 🌟

Cabe, this is awesome brother! Loved it! Great playing, amazing singing, and incredible song message! I love the lyrics :) I will check you out on youtube and leave a comment (I'm CHOEY G - I have some original songs too!:) )

Peace and love!

Sweet! I'll find you on YouTube. Thanks for doing that. And thanks for your comment here. I'm glad to know you, friend.

Awesome dude! Thanks :) glad you know you too, friend!

Que bonita reflexión permita DIOS que nuestros corazones se mantenga como los de un niño aunque vivamos en el cuerpo del adulto, hay momento para todo solo tienes que saber aprovecharlo con los hijos , con la familia, con los amigos y los seres queridos. Bendiciones a ti y toda tu familia.

Aw, thanks so much for your wonderful comment. I'm glad we musicians have this weekly invitation to "play" music, and this is the spirit that allows us to be like kids again, and always.

Oh, muchas gracias por tu maravilloso comentario. Me alegra que los músicos tengamos esta invitación semanal a "tocar" música, y este es el espíritu que nos permite volver a ser como niños, y siempre.

Que bonita reflexión permita DIOS que nuestros corazones se mantenga como los de un niño aunque vivamos en el cuerpo del adulto, hay momento para todo solo tienes que saber aprovecharlo con los hijos , con la familia, con los amigos y los seres queridos. Bendiciones a ti y toda tu familia.

Gracias 😁 querido amigo.