🎵 “Good Morning Sun” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 120

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


As usual, I find relevance and timeliness in this week's Hive Open Mic theme: "Mi Felicidad" (My Happiness). Honestly, these past few weeks have been challenging for me, emotionally, so I've literally been checking in about my happiness. I think one of the primary factors in my struggle is the brutal summer heat, which feels much more intense than usual here in Austin, Texas. In fact, it feels oppressive.

It presents a real challenge for me, because I think the sunshine is a natural source of energy and joy, and yet is also burns like a fire, when it comes with such a strong force. I think a lot of things in life are like that: too much is overwhelming, overstimulating, overconsuming...

Doing my shadow work, aiming to illuminate the struggle here, I see that the sun is a source of my inspiration. I see the way it shines, and I want to shine. I see the way it creates life, and helps life to flourish and bloom. I want to do that too. Naturally there are consequences of my resistance to the sun. Maybe I can supplement it with extra vitamin D. Maybe I can look deeper into the reasons why the sun inspires me, and maybe I can find that inspiration elsewhere. Maybe it's time for me to embrace the space, the stillness, and the quiet of the night.

Last night, I laid awake in bed for hours. Why? I could've been up running around like a night owl, chasing rabbits, spelunking... But no, I just stayed in bed, wishing to be asleep. I guess I just felt like that was the responsible thing to do, to just commit to sleeping, even though my mind and body had other plans. Ah, I still have so much to learn. Anyhow, here's the song that sings me this week.

Good Morning Sun

Enters the sun
Onto the horizon
Rising with the children
Indigo blue

Enters a feeling
Of happiness I am
Receiving the blessing
Of sun energy

I am inspired
To echo the sun
Casting my sunbeams
Illuminating shadows

I am invited
To shine with all my might
Radiating light
In every direction

Viva to dawn
In the golden hour of morning
When the open eyes
Gaze upon the light

Good morning sun
Thank you for this new day
I believe
I am born again again




Hive Open Mic - Week 120 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Mi Felicidad" (My Happiness). We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.


@cabelindsay, me encantó su presentación. Una canción original muy melódica. Aparte de que toca la guitarra muy bien, esos intervalos con silbidos son sumamente relajantes y hermosos. Me gustó mucho visitar su post.Saludos desde Venezuela. Mil bendiciones y mucho éxito en todo lo que se proponga a nivel personal y artístico.

@cabelindsay I loved your presentation. A very melodic original song. Apart from the fact that you plays the guitar very well, those whistling intervals are extremely relaxing and beautiful. I really liked visiting your post. Greetings from Venezuela. A thousand blessings and much success in everything that is proposed on a personal and artistic level.

Oh hi, thanks so much for your beautiful comment here. So kind of you to notice these pleasant aspects of the music. It means a lot to me to hear your words, and I'm grateful. Glad to know you as a friend, as well as a fellow musician.

Oh hola, muchas gracias por tu hermoso comentario aquí. Tan amable de tu parte al notar estos aspectos agradables de la música. Significa mucho para mí escuchar tus palabras, y te lo agradezco. Me alegro de conocerte como un amiga, así como un compañero músico.

Maaaaann, you just simply loveable musician bro @cabelindsay. I am curiuos if this song you compose special for this moment, aren't you? Or you already work on it before?

Anyway, you just amazing. What a gifted you are🤗

Thanks so much brother. This is one that I wrote a while ago. It just happens to be a great fit for this week's theme, and in fact I think this invitation to focus on "My Happiness" helped me to get through kind of a gloomy spell. Grateful for this community. Happy to know you!

Excellent for the whole package, brother. The music catch the ear, the lyrics are meaningful, you also sound deep in voice. It's a big woow indeed..💝 Happy to know you as well. Have a good time brother🤗

Wow I really love the melody of this song the tranquility and the Enjoyment with which you sing it is something exceptional you are very good at this and the whistle What are you doing is also very good it is a very good song Thank you for bringing it

Hey, thanks a lot. I'm glad you can feel the peace the music brings. I appreciate you, friend. Looking forward to getting to know you through the songs you share.

This video is a little bit different than the previous ones. I like this concept and natural music. Well done @cabelindsay 👏👏

Yes, thanks for noticing the difference. It's a more simplified approach than my usual route. I'm trying new things, and sometimes succeeding. I appreciate you, my friend.

how beautiful it sounds.. Wonderful 👏👏👏 blessings to you. a strong hug 🤗

And a strong hug right back at you. Thank you, friend.

The melody is so sweet and I enjoyed the lyrics too. So beautiful and meaningful. This is surely a wonderful performance @cabelindsay 👍

Nice of you to leave your precious compliment here, friend, thank you.

You are welcome 🙂

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@cabelindsay I loved this performance a lot, your creativity as a song writer is so unique and outstanding. I love the background of the video the butterfly caught my attention and it made me love it more❤

Thanks for sharing such melodies price with us and my the whistling, everything is just so beautiful ❤

Oh cool, thanks for noticing that detail of the butterfly. I play in a band called Cosmic Butterflies, and I really love butterflies. That's a place where my kids and I like to splash around the paint. Thanks for your wonderful comment.

The sun is a curious element that makes us think and reflect, when it is embracing it can cause us physical discomfort but we also understand that they are only natural consequences of a giant that is the source of life on earth, we can not be annoyed with it, on the contrary we should be grateful.

Your song is beautiful dear brother, as always you inspire us with your talent and good music, it was an honor and a pleasure to listen to you. We send you a big hug!

WhatsApp Image 2022-06-08 at 10.21.54 PM (1).jpeg

Your words feel like a hug, thanks for sharing your reflection, voicing your feelings. Wonderful contribution to the conversation about the sun.

Hola querido amigo, que canción tan linda.😍

De verdad que disfruto cada vez que subes un vídeo, me gusta mucho como editas los vídeos, y aparte eres un cantante y exelente músico.

Gracias por compartir con nosotros mi querido amigo💗

Seguimos aquí en #openmic😉😘✨

Seguimos aquí en #openmic😉😘✨

So happy we're still here. So happy you're still here, Yulimar! Such a treat to see you sing, you know. I feel so blessed by you.

Tan feliz que todavía estamos aquí. ¡Qué alegría que sigas aquí, Yulimar! Es un placer verte cantar, ya sabes. Me siento tan bendecido por ti.

Que bonitas palabras cabe, gracias.
Dios te bendiga 😇🙏❣️

Hola, querido amigo, 🥰 saludos Dios le bendiga, nos encantó este gran tema que nos ha traído está semana, cómo siempre tus canciones muy hermosa 🥰😍 y la tocas muy bien, saludos bendiciones ❤️

Thank you, sweet friend. So nice of you to listen and send your friendly note.

Gracias, dulce amiga. Muy amable de su parte escuchar y enviar su nota amistosa.

@cabelindsay, hi, you create many songs, thats amazing, i think you should compose the music to make many instrument inside the song, nice song by the way

Thanks for your suggestion! I try to do some music looping for that reason, in order to add some more instruments. I aspire to play the keys well one day. In the meantime, I play with a band called Cosmic Butterflies, and fortunately I get to play these songs with some pretty rad musicians.

Our very own and amazing @cabelindsay, constantly shining with the perfect songs.

You have brought to us another lovely and performance.
I enjoyed every bit of it.


Aw, thank you for your too-kind words. I'm flattered. I'm so glad we have each other and this community to encourage and inspire each other to reach up and stretch out and be blessed.

What a beautiful tribute to the sun king, this song is a poetry written from the depths of vital energy!!!!

I think your self took you to what represents what happens with that heat wave, you must meditate in extreme conditions to consolidate more your wisdom and way of facing the day to day, take this as a necessary mental training!!!!

Just as you say, now you must enjoy the night, somehow it connects with silence, awe, beauty, mysticism, something in it calls you without doubt dear brother!!!!

Your song makes me imagine a sunset, a prelude to the night and when you whistle I imagine all living beings taking shelter to rest... what a great song Cabe, thank you for sharing it with everyone 💞!!!!!

I send you a hug, one of those that transmit the stillness of the night that made you think... I love you brother 🙌😀💛.... You Rockkk!!! ☀️🌙☮️💖

Mm hm, that's an awesome point you raise about mental training. So right! Yes, I have to condition my mind and body to cope with the intense heat, and acclimate, in order to make it through the summer season. Love you, bro. Hugs!

Thats is lovely my friend , reminds me of towns van zendt and Jonny Cash 😍

Ooh, I highly respect and admire those two musicians, thanks a bunch for your comment!

Great song man, I dunno why more folks don't just look up in awe of the Sun. 👏

I know. I'm with you in that thought. The Sun definitely deserving of our awe and admiration.

Wooooooaaaaoooo amigo cabelindsay hermosa melodía me transmitió una tranquilidad, y en el ambiente que lo hiciste me encantó tu trabajo... Felicidades y éxitos amigo, bendiciones para ti..😇🙏🍀🌞🌈✨🌟🤗

Happy you can feel the calm energy in it. This is a song that uplifts my spirits and helps me to feel grateful. Thank you, friend, sending a hug.

Feliz de que puedas sentir la energía tranquila en él. Esta es una canción que me levanta el ánimo y me ayuda a sentirme agradecida. Gracias amiga, te mando un abrazo.

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Exelente melodía me gustó mucho

Hey, @caeblindsay long time no read. Beautiful lyrics, beautiful song, sorry about the harsh weather there. Things are changing a lot and fixing them is so complex. I heard the UK had a record temperature of 40C that is scary.

Estimado amigo @cabelindsay gracias por traer esta canción , su letra es bellísima y la melodía es cautivadora, tienes un don natural para llevarnos en tus interpretaciones a una paz en el alma, me encanto amigo.sigue creciendo espiritualmente para que nos sigas deleitarnos con tu música. Un gran abrazo☺️😄💓💓🎶🎶🌹🎵🎵💫🌟🌤️😉🎇💚🎸🎸♥️💚✌️💜❤️💙😄

The music notes you make make people happy. You have chosen a very good music for this week. Good luck my dear friend.

Wao!!! me ha gustado mucho tu post, excelente tema good morning sun!!!