🎵 “Close To You” (Original) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 144

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I believe in the power of positive intentions and positive affirmations. They shape our reality in a favorable way.

This week’s theme in the Hive Open Mic community is this: Melodic Dose. That’s a curious concept, and I’ve enjoyed thinking about it. I often think of music as medicine. This medicine works in wonderful ways for health and wellness in the body, mind, and heart. Maybe even on the soul level too, the music supports us as a whole. I wonder if heartwarming music is just what the world needs to remedy whatever form of sickness causes coldness, isolation, violence, and other forms of suffering.

To me we are here on earth to walk in beauty and keep the joy in our journey, peacefully and harmoniously. If, and when we experience pain, maybe we can embrace it in exploratory ways, knowing it is an ordinary part of our learning and growing, bringing us closer to love and maybe even expanding what love means to us. Unlike unconditional love, romance is an area of love that is temporary, changing over time. I think romance is an expression of energy, and energy is not a constant as constant as love. Energy is not infinite. Energy wavers, energy shifts.

I used to say I fall in love every day, but more accurately I’m just a romantic with a lot of energy in that area. There’s abundant beauty and brilliance in the world, and so much to love. Naturally, a few months ago, I fell for a lady, who was everything I was looking for in a partnership: a self-respecting cutiehead who shows up fully, with a bright mind, beautiful heart, and willingness to go deep. We dated and made mountains move, but she is moving away this week, so we're saying our goodbyes. She wants to live in Asheville, North Carolina, while I’m committed to Austin, Texas, because my kids live here. Honestly, my heart hurts, although all is well.

This song feels like medicine to me, just as a "melodic dose" serves its remedy for heartache, loneliness, or whatever else. It is a statement about the love I’m calling into my life. It helps me to imagine a future romance with all five earthly senses: feeling, seeing, hearing… all the goodness, even before it’s here. I believe positive affirmations work like a magnet, drawing us closer and closer to whatever we desire in life. I understand this idea is even supported by one of my favorite verses: "Where your heart is, there your treasure is" (Matthew 6:21).

Close To You

I can feel your heartbeat
Pumping through your chest
And it makes me feel
Close to you

I can see your vibrant eyes
Smiling into mine
And it lets me know
We both feel close

I can smell the roses
Telling me to go slow
And it feels like home
With your hand to hold

I can taste cacao
Warming up my mouth
And I feel your kiss
On my lips

I can hear the wind chimes
Telling me it's time
And it feels so right
I could cry




Hive Open Mic - Week 144 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Melodic Dose," chosen by our community's recent Spotlight Artist: @lyon-89. We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.


Friend Cabelindsay, happy to see you, your presentation has left me crazy how beautiful I loved the sound and your voice even more so, it's a delight. blessings friend.

Bless you too! Wonderful of you to find the delight and beauty in this gong, mirroring the beauty and delight in you. Sending you a hug like a rainbow after a rainstorm, with all the colors on a misty morning. ✨🌈✨

Thanks my cabe.😉👏🌟🙏☺️✨❣️

Wow! I was just smiling and nodding all through your video because it was so peaceful and gracious.
Your Fingerstyle on the guitar and the unique chord progressions are professional masterpieces.
Thanks for bringing us this beautiful interpretation and performance!

Thank you! So brotherly of you to see these virtues in me. Really kind of you to show your encouragement in this way. And I'm happy for the peace and grace you feel. I'm right there with you, smiling.

Love is everything to me, and it manifests itself in so many ways, and if romance is one of the most beautiful of its manifestations, I am sure that a being will come into your life who is on the same path as you and you can express love in a constant and perfect way.

The lyrics are as sweet as your voice. I embrace you and thank you for giving us this dose of melody that touches the soul.

"...Express love in a constant and perfect way."

Yes please! Nice of you to share your assurance that a special someone is preparing for me, just as I am preparing for her. Thank you for complimenting my lyrics and voice. Sending you a hug, my friend.

I don't know if someone has told you how wonderful you are on the strings. And you sung so well too.
Weldone friend for that great presentation

Thanks so much for your encouraging words. What a nice set of compliments. Wishing you a wonderful day.

And you too dear

Oh.. el intro en guitarra es verdaderamente mágico. Felicidades!! Tu voz me trasmite mucha paz. 🤗

Glad you're feeling the peace. And happy you're hearing magic. Hope you and your family are enjoying yourselves these days. Bless you.

Me alegro de que estés sintiendo la paz. Y feliz de que estés escuchando magia. Espero que usted y su familia estén disfrutando estos días. Salud.

Hermano, esto es demasiado sentido y profundo, esos arpegios están llenos de magia y tu voz se acopla perfectamente a ellos para complementarla, me gusta la naturaleza y seguridad con la que fluyes, sin duda eres un gran artista hermano, gracias por compartir, te mando un abrazo !!

Thanks for sending a hug - right back at ya. Grateful to know you, and to share this virtual stage with you, being the talented musician and kind-hearted person you are. Cheers!

Gracias por enviar un abrazo, de vuelta a ti. Agradecido de conocerte y de compartir este escenario virtual contigo, siendo el músico talentoso y la persona de buen corazón que eres. ¡Salud!

que hermosa cancion❤

Wow bro, good topic. A hug

And a hug for you as well.

Dear Cabe, you have brightened our evening with this beautiful composition that is enjoyed from the first moment with an exquisite arpeggio that then merges with your prodigious voice. This song has a very catchy melody as well as a very intimate lyric that appreciates the fullness of a being beautiful to our eyes, it is simply great, this is now one of our favorite songs.

It's great to see you dear brother, we are so glad you are here with your smile and positive energy. A hug!

Yeah! Feels good to connect with you two lovebirds over there. Brings me joy every time I witness one of your music shares, and also when I feel you through the wonderful words of encouragement you give. Thank you both for being among most delightful people I know on planet earth! Hugs.

Hello Cabe😊👋👋🌹

Happy New year specially to you🎊🎊🎉

Its been a while since i saw your post and am more than excited that I stopped by today..

You know, Cabe, I really agree with a lot of what you mentioned in this post today, including how positive affirmations shape our reality, the ability of words to move us toward our goals, and the fact that we shouldn't rely solely on romance because it generates a fleeting energy. Love, however, endures forever and without conditions.

Cabe, I'm so sorry about your relationship with that wonderful woman, which seems like it will end due to distance. However, I want to encourage you to have hope because anything is possible and miracles are possible.

Like always, I loved your rendition and could sense the love.
It was a true pleasure reading and listening to you, Cabe.

Have a wonderful year dear Cabe...

Best regards and
Much love ❤️❤️😊❤️❤️🌹🌹🌹

I feel so grateful for your warmth. You are a dear sweet sister-friend. I'm so fortunate to know you. One day, I would greatly enjoy giving you a hug in person, and hearing you sing, and seeing you smile... Thank you. Happy new year to you too!


Hola mi estimado!! Que hermosa composición en conjunto con esa letra es la amalgama perfecta de esa descripción o acontecimiento de amor. Hermoso!!😊🤗

hello my estimate!! What a beautiful composition in conjunction with that letter is the perfect amalgamation of that description or love event. Handsome!! 😊🤗

Brother what a pleasure to hear you again, I must tell you that this song is very beautiful, one of the best I've heard from you; from your voice to the guitar, that was amazing Cabe 😍!!!!

The song itself, are pure positive affirmations and is that even science says it through Neurolinguistic Programming... as long as we nurture the mind with positive feelings, words, thoughts and actions based on human values, everything we need will come to us in a great way, and if we add to that our faith and ability to be resilient, everything will always be a blessing 🙏💖!!!!!

Brother I loved the verse you quote, that further reinforces the above and is that as you rightly say, we must be love for all and more if that is in our essence, being so, we will suffer yes, but our soul will always be at peace because we did the right thing!!!!

A big hug Cabe, I love you very much brother, have a great weekend and hey, don't be sad, with what you lived you know that your heart is still burning and more alive than ever, the ideal girl is still looking for you and she will come..... You Rockkkkkk!!!! 🙌😀💛

That's great you know about NLP. You have such a richness of wisdom, you know. Absolutely brilliant. And so kind to show up for me (and many, many others) as a ray of light in our lives, giving your encouraging words and sharing your musical talents too. Really is a wonderful gift knowing you. Hugs right back at you, brother, with lots of love.

Hello @cabelindsay , you have said it all. Music for me is also a medicine and I can really testify to that. There were times in my life I felt all was over but I got myself back after listening to some good gospel songs and praying to God too. Music for me is spiritual and it has all it takes to affect our feelings which I think are spiritual too. I encourage you to listen to more beautiful music and you will feel better about the going away of the one you fell for.

Thanks so much dear friend for the beautiful entry you shared with us this week. You have never been less a star. Keep shining and spreading joy all over the world dear brother. ONE LOVE 🎶 🎹 🎵 🎻 🎤 🥁 🔥

Yeah, it's true, Gospel songs have an especially uplifting feeling to them. Maybe it's because of the multitude of voices singing in those choirs, and the energy each voice brings while singing alongside a spiritual family. Right there with you in feeling the spirit in the music. Thanks for resonating with me, and giving your words of encouragement. Lots of love, brother.

Big hugs dear brother 🤗

Wow this is super lovely... Your fingerstyle on the guitar and your melodious voice is just so amazing. I really enjoyed watching.

Thanks for sharing this Masterpiece with us dear friend 🥰✌️

Aw, thanks for connecting. It's a pleasure to begin knowing you. I'll check out your Travis Greene cover song - I like that artist.

but she is moving away this week, so we're saying our goodbyes. She wants to live in Asheville, North Carolina, while I’m committed to Austin, Texas, because my kids live here. Honestly, my heart hurts, although all is well.

It's quite heartbreaking. Is there no way for you guy to go about it?

Thanks for dropping that scriptural verse, no wonder it is also written that we should guard out heart.
It's a privilege to listen to your original song.

It is indeed a melodic dose that calms the mind.

I enjoyed listening to your original song and lovely vocals.

So nice of you to write, and connect with me in this way. I sure enjoy this community. Yeah, I wonder if it might be possible to keep our relationship intact at a distance, but I want to be able to hold someone, and be held. You know what I mean? Sending you a spirit hug.

but I want to be able to hold someone, and be held. Do you know what I mean?

Yeah, people talk about distant relationships but it is not always easy.

I understand...Let's just say 'God's will be done'.

I know of a lady who got married about 2years ago or 3. Not too long after the wedding, her husband traveled to the UK and visits only once in a very long while.

I wonder how the lady copes, newly wedded at that.

I don't think I can bear it. At the same time, I think they've both discussed it and agreed or something.

A veces me recuerdas a John Lennonamigo :c

Happy to hear John Lennon comes to mind for you. He is one of my biggest musical influences.

Feliz de escuchar que John Lennon viene a tu mente. Es una de mis mayores influencias musicales.

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I believe positive affirmations work like a magnet, drawing us closer and closer to whatever we desire in life.

True indeed!

@cabelindsay, you have such talent; what a gem! I love this melody and am in awe of your fingerstyling. I wish I can play the guitar as awesome as you do. 😊

Thanks for sharing this! You are extremely talented! Felt the positive vibes! Reblogging to feature on our weekly curation post!

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Siempre Ud. me ha parecido un excelente músico. Gran ejecutante de la guitarra y una voz muy expresiva y afinada. Ud. es todo un ejemplo de artista a seguir. Felicidades siempre por su originalidad y gran talento! Saludos!