🎵 “Canon in C” (Cover) - Live Music for Hive Open Mic 107

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Hive Open Mic ( #openmic ) is a global community celebrating live music on Hive. Each week is a new event, encouraging musicians to share songs with an international audience.


I admire this week's invitation to express a song without words. It inspires me to look at a pattern I have in my songwriting process. My pattern is to try to make a melody into a message, always striving for an expression in words. But really, though, I think the melody itself is where the highest vibration is. The melody is closest to Source, in my view.

Of course, I respect songwriters with well-written lyrics, and in fact I have often prided myself on being an aficionado of good lyricism. Sometimes I think my ego gets a little over-inflated when I look at my own songbook. Not one of my 100+ songs is an instrumental song. I haven't yet left that option open. I aim to change that now.

Words can be limiting. In poetry, for example, some juvenile writers try to rhyme the lines, like Dr. Seuss. I do acknowledge that this is a talent, but I think this practice is limiting in the storytelling. I am also a student of indigenous music, where there are fewer words, and more vocables: expressive vocal sounds.

Maybe the music's feeling is more important than the way it makes us think.

Cannon in C

Last week, I suffered a nervous breakdown, and it caused me to re-assess some patterns in my life. I shed a lot of tears. Even when I knew I could manage my emotions, I surrendered to the sadness. I felt alone, isolated, lost, and abandoned. I questioned my path, my faith, my existence…

Questioning everything, I brought my energy into the garden, and went to work weeding. The radio was playing "Jack & Diane," by John Mellencamp, in which the words say: "Life goes on, long after the thrill of living is gone." How sad! I always thought of that as a happy-go-lucky song, but the underlying message is about an old age without any thrills.

In my sad state, I remembered a tune that soothed me in my younger years. It was a music box that played the melody to “Love Me Tender,” by Elvis Presley. This feeling reminded me of my childhood home, at a time when my mom played “Canon in D,” by Pachelbel, on the piano. Slow and cozy, the soothing music vibrations made lasting impressions that continue to reverberate and resonate, years later.




Hive Open Mic - Week 108 is underway right now, with the current theme: “Undisclosed Words". We introduce new themes every Sunday, inviting musicians to share a common current. Musicians always have full freedom to bring whatever music feels inspired in the moment. There is still time to jump in and enjoy this week's Hive Open Mic event!


Enjoy? Join in.


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I've made a lot of wishes, I've never seen a shooting star festival before, it was sensational, the sound the universe.

Oh, shooting stars are delightful. I grew up in a rural mountain town, where we could see the vastness of space and stars at night. Once in a while, under a meteor shower, we would see dozens of shooting stars in a single night. Keep on wishing, brother, regardless of whether or not the stars are falling!

Amigo mío cómo mencionas a veces una melodía por sí solo nos permite disfrutar y transportamos a través de ella a diferentes lugares y momentos,
. También en nuestros momentos de debilidad y fatiga terminan surgiendo hermosas melodías que trascienden tiempo y espacio. Que bueno trabajo muy bonito y agradable al oído y el fondo todo un espectáculo con esa lluvia de estrellas.. mucho éxito u abrazo

Your comment here means a lot to me, thanks brother, I'm hugging you right back. I'm really grateful for this week's practice of of letting a melody stand for itself.

Tu comentario aquí significa mucho para mí, gracias hermano, te devuelvo el abrazo. Estoy muy agradecido por la práctica de esta semana de dejar que una melodía se sostenga por sí misma.

Huh, Cabe...

There are moments we feel those breakdowns, and sadness is the only thing that comes... but the important thing is how we manage those emotions, how we adjust them to learn and step into a stronger phase...

The memory that came to you, your mother playing the Canon in D... made a beautiful reflection in your song, Canon in C :)) Inspiration came 🌞

Yep, it seems like there's a breakthrough at the end of a breakdown. 🌈✨ Maybe it's because love is always there, behind any emotion - a search to return to the love.

Yes, love is always there, we just have to find the path to it through the mist 🤗

Dear @cabelindsay, I wish you well for your inconvenience. You approached this week's theme from a different angle and presented us a beautiful melody, congratulations for that. You reminded us that there are things in our lives that words cannot express. Sometimes a shout, sometimes just a breath tells us a lot. I hope these breath-tasting melodies will give you peace, too. See you...🙏🙏🙏

Sevgili @cabelindsay geçirdiğin rahatsızlık için geçmiş olsun dileklerimi iletiyorum. Bu haftanın temasına farklı bir açıdan yaklaşmış ve bize güzel melodi sunmuşsun, bunun için ayrıca tebrik ederim. Hayatımızda kelimelerin ifade edemeyeceği şeyler olduğunu hatırlattın. Bazen bir haykırış bazen sadece bir nefes bize bir çok şey anlatır. Umarım sana da bu nefes tadındaki melodiler huzur verir. Görüşmek üzere...🙏🙏🙏

Your comment is resonant, yes! Thank you for these insightful reflections, my friend.

¡¡¡¡Wow, at one point I thought you could do three voices at the same time hahahahahaha, I thought to myself wow who is that alien. It was great dude!!!

:) Yeah, I can imagine an alien with three voices. ✨ I thought about keeping the whole video intact, so people would understand I'm using a looping pedal. I cut away the empty space to clean it up and keep it feeling sweet. Thanks for listening!

This was very relaxing Cabe, it is noticeable that you drained and calmed down what you felt because you gave a lot of peace to the interpretation, I felt like you were in the phase of reconciling again with yourself, that is wise and let the emotions flow knowing that it is something temporary, that is intelligence because our physical body needs to purify itself...

This work has been beautiful, I loved the background you used, that was what allowed me to feel more calm to listen to you; your guitar and you turned this legendary piece into a mantra, I congratulate you, I hope you feel better Brother, always remember that... You Rockkkkk!!! 👊😎🔥🎙️🎸🎶❤️🌟🍻💥💫💯

our physical body needs to purify itself

You speak the truth, brother. I'm grateful for the way you relate with me here, finding symbolic meaning in the energetic wave I experienced. Thank you. YOU rock!

Brother, I really liked all the voices you did in this piece of music, each one adding nuance to the song. Ypu did a great job! Keep it up, always so authentic and original.

Thanks for listening, and encouraging me. I'm happy it feels authentic and original, even though this is a cover song. I thoroughly enjoyed playing with this sacred chord progression and finding newness in it. Sending you a hug, sisterlove.


NICE POST !!!! ;)

We're bringing our music community to Peakd, Music Hive. I would like to invite you to the discord:

--> https://discord.gg/2kxXDDbYCT

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Odysee Radio: https://odysee.com/@musichive:3/radiolive:d

Come exchange ideas with us, share work. We have many projects and we need musicians working here!

Remember to always use the hashtag #musichive.


Cool, I'm wishing you the best of luck with that. It's beautiful the way Hive allows musicians and listeners to express and connect. We find this as a doorway to Global Harmony.

Wonderful performance my dear friend. Really nice how you're using your voice to make the strings

Thanks for noticing that. Yeah, I wish I was musically studied and sophisticated enough to know I was mimicking the strings. I was honestly just recalling little snippets of the orchestral arrangement, and filling in the gaps with some sounds that felt fitting. I don't exactly know what I'm doing, but it feels good to feel it out. Know what I mean?

If there is something normal in life is to shed tears while we feel uncertainties, inexplicable sadness or with reason to be, they seem distant or infrequent feelings but we believe that it is more normal than it seems. From our point of view tears help us to heal, we would even say that they are magical and liberating, after they finish falling we have no choice but to continue.

Your entry is a gift dear Cabe, we enjoy your inspiration and improvisation, your talent has no limits and we have the honor to experience it first hand. A super hug! We love you!

Oh, it feels so relieving to hear you say that it is a normal part of life to cry. Yes! I really need to soak in that message and integrate it. Too often, I have tried to hold back the tears, when the emotion wants to flow. Yes, I agree that it seems like a healing and a liberation. Love you!

Greetings brother! What a beautiful song you have brought, the music you play and sing brings much hope and peace.
I understand what you are going through or what you already went through, what can I tell you? I have faith that you have the tools and the will to transcend that. Crises are part of life, otherwise you wouldn't be able to call life "life". I send you a hug and greetings dear brother. A thousand blessings, we are with you. 🤗🤩🎵🙏💥🎶🙌🎼💯🎆

I feel you with me in Spirit, brother, and it brings me peace. I'm so glad knowing you, and growing right alongside you in musicianship. And by some miracle, I imagine we are building a brighter future through the Global Harmony we envision, and imagine, and realize as a community.

Rest assured, this is how we as individuals are connecting, supporting and growing through these spaces of art and spirit. I appreciate this interaction, brother, it is a gift to know you. 🤗⭐🌟💥⚡💯😎

Nicely done man 👏

Last week, I suffered a nervous breakdown, and it caused me to re-assess some patterns in my life. I shed a lot of tears. Even when I knew I could manage my emotions, I surrendered to the sadness. I felt alone, isolated, lost, and abandoned. I questioned my path, my faith, my existence…

Everyone has, or will go through this phase of life where everything will seem tiring!
However, the goodness of it all is to learn the lessons why going through this hard times.

And I'm glad you have reasons well enough to pull out this tune which pleases my heart.
@cabelindsay pls be strong and don't allow situations to overcome you.

I believe in you, we hive open micers believe in you.
Keep riding brother!!✊💙🎸


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It's very nice to listen to your music, I manage to relax with the melody, I admire your creativity and way of expressing your feelings between arpeggios and chords, without stopping admiring the technical part that looks incredible! Thank you once again 🙏

How nice, thank you! You are making incredible contributions to the Hive Open Mic community, my friend. It's an honor to know you, and to be connected through the music we share.

Genial! yo me encuentro muy feliz y honrada en poder hacer mis contribuciones para esta gran comunidad! Gracias abrazos!

Muy hermoso trabajo 👏😍 felicitaciones cabe, cantas y tocas espectacular, es de abmirar yo disfruto mucho viéndo este hermoso trabajo😍✨🤩❤️

You're so kind to send this beautiful compliment, oh so sweet. Thank you, Yulimar!

Eres tan amable de enviar este hermoso cumplido, oh tan dulce. ¡Gracias Yulimar!

Sending some love your way bro! Lovely guitar and singing!

Thank you. These animated gifs of your are tons of fun. I appreciate the message you're sending with this one especially. Lots of love to you and your family.

Hey you do a lot for music on the blockchain and it is appreciated!

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Hola @cabelindsay aveces nos sentimos como descargados. Es algo normal, quizas acumulamos cossas hque nos pasa y no las expresamos y lo dejamos pasar, pero nada es para siempre, pronto volverás a sentirte en confort espiritual. Tu melodía la sentí como una forma de soltar todo eso que nos ahogaba. Feliz día.