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I believe that this theme is the perfect theme for the moment, owing to the fact that a new month has just begun.
Despite all that may be going on, I think I have a lot to be grateful for, and this theme has made me consider all of that.

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I am grateful for my life,for my family, health, love, this lovely community, Hive, all the amazing people I have in my life, for strength and for everything else.

And most especially someone with a grateful heart knows how to say thank you. That's why I will be saying thank you to God for loving me unconditionally through this song.

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I hope you all enjoy it.


I'm nowhere close to a perfect man
And it takes a supernatural to even understand
That beyond the walls behind, the mask and confident smile
Was a broken man trying to grow up and make life worthwhile
And I know there were times that you probably shouldn't
But I thank you for always lovin' me
And I know anyone else they probably wouldn't
So I thank you for always lovin' me
Now I know there were days I looked at myself
I felt like less of a person compared to everyone else
What about this flaw to big to small, can I exchange?
And trying to make-up for where I fell short, I let sense slip away
And when I look in the mirror and don't like what I see
Oh, I just thank you for always lovin' me
And I know I get bad but you wait patiently
I just want to thank you for always lovin' me
Oh, I just thank you for always lovin' me
I wanna thank you for always lovin' me
So you just keep lovin' me (lovin' me)
you just keep lovin' me (lovin' me)
And you don't let go, you just keep lovin me (lovin' me)
I just wanna thank you for always lovin' me (lovin' me)
Though I know I don't have everything that it takes you keep lovin' me
And regardless of every mistake that I make, you keep lovin' me
And it probably don't matter what I do or say, you keep lovin' me)
And even with the pimples on my face, you keep lovin' me
So you just keep lovin' me
Keep lovin' me, oh, lovin' me
Oh, I just wanna thank you for always lovin' me
Thank you for always lovin me

Source: LyricFind
Lovin' Me lyrics © O/B/O Capasso




Creo que este tema es perfecto para el momento, debido a que acaba de empezar un nuevo mes.
A pesar de todo lo que pueda estar pasando, creo que tengo mucho que agradecer, y este tema me ha hecho pensar en todo ello.

Estoy agradecida por mi vida, mi familia, la salud, el amor, esta comunidad encantadora, Hive, todas las personas increíbles que tengo en mi vida, por la fuerza y por todo lo demás.

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Y, sobre todo, alguien con un corazón agradecido sabe dar las gracias. Por eso le daré las gracias a Dios por amarme incondicionalmente a través de esta canción.

Espero que la disfruten.

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No estoy ni cerca de ser un hombre perfecto
Y se necesita un sobrenatural para siquiera entender
Que detrás de los muros, la máscara y la sonrisa confiada
Era un hombre roto tratando de crecer y hacer que la vida valga la pena
Y sé que hubo momentos que probablemente no deberías
Pero te agradezco por siempre amarme
Y sé que cualquier otro probablemente no lo haría
Así que gracias por quererme siempre
Ahora sé que había días en que me miraba a mí mismo
Me sentí menos persona comparada con todos los demás
¿Qué hay de este defecto tan grande tan pequeño, puedo cambiar?
Y tratando de maquillar donde me quedé corto, dejé que se me escapara el sentido
Y cuando me miro al espejo y no me gusta lo que veo
Oh, solo te agradezco por amarme siempre
Y se que me pongo mal pero tu esperas pacientemente
Solo quiero agradecerte por amarme siempre
Oh, I just thank you for always lovin' me
Quiero agradecerte por siempre amarme
So you just keep lovin' me (lovin' me)
Solo sigue amándome (amándome)
Y no me dejas ir, solo me sigues amando (amando)
Solo quiero agradecerte por siempre amarme (amarme)
Aunque se que no tengo todo lo que se necesita tu me sigues amando
Y a pesar de cada error que cometo, me sigues amando
Y probablemente no importa lo que haga o diga, me sigues amando)
Y aun con los granos en mi cara, me sigues amando
Asi que sigue amandome
Sigue amándome, oh, amándome
Oh, solo quiero agradecerte por amarme siempre
Gracias por amarme siempre

Fuente: LyricFind
Lovin' Me lyrics © O/B/O Capasso

Thank you so much for stopping by,
Until next time



We have lots of reasons to be grateful 🥰 If we begin to count these reasons, we may not complete it in a whole year.... and yet again, we'll keep adding newer reasons. 🥰

This was a lovely presentation dear. Your voice is lovely... as always.🥰

Thank you so much dear

I appreciate your comment ❤️

The beautiful Benii always doing great work, your voice, that gift you have is unique! We can't get enough of admiring you and being inspired by you.

Thank you so much dear @musicandreview.

I appreciate your kind words 😘

It's a beautiful thing hearing and seeing you sing this beautiful morning @benii. I have really missed seeing you around. I love your smiles in particular. 😍 Your voice is so exceptional.❤️ Beautiful entry by a beautiful and cheerful young lady. Cheers 🥂 😍❤️

Thank you my dear friend.. I really appreciate your love and support.. It means alot.. Honestly ❤️❤️

Omo that smile is just so sweet
Hmmm! Perfect girl, e sha ur voice perfect and so you are indeed close.
Nice work @benii your voice sweet sha o
How far u go chop pizza?


Thank dear..
This really means alot..

I appreciate your kind words..

**How far u go chop pizza?

I go chop oo..

Make I send azza?!!

Hehe,I no get new note to transfer for my account and them No dey collect old notes again. So I for send u something
But no worry when I get new notes I go let u know


Na so...

No problem dear

I will wait.

Thanks again dear 😊

You are welcome again sweet bae🙄

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