Hive Open Mic #123 - Gonna Make the World a Better Place (Original song)

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gm everybody!

It was raining cats and dogs this evening, so I decided to stay in and have a stab at this week's HIVE Open Mic! It's my very first one and definitely not my last.

I started playing with some ideas with my instruments and managed to put something together worth building on. The song is definitely not finished, but I wanted to show you how it's coming along.

I'd be thrilled to share the files with you or collaborate, so feel free to hit me up.


well…price goes up
the dollar goes down

put on a smile and
take off that frown

‘cause we’re buildin’
on the blockchain

ain’t got no VC
no CEO
you can’t sensor me

it’s the blockchain

This ain’t YouTube
This Ain’t Twitter

I got my private Keys
no need to see ID
my H.I.V.E. belongs only to ME

I can send you three
event an NFT
don’t need to spend gas fees
only RCs

*this is the #HIVE blockchain *


Gonna Make this world a better place
gonna make it a better place

Hope you like it.

  • RC = Resource Credits.

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Jajjaaa yeahhhhhhh
Long time I wanted to see and listen to you in Openmic!

This is Hive Blockchainnnnnn.. First Hive song I know of! Brilliant

Thanks to the rain!

I was a bit shy!

I think you will see me in open mic more. It was an incredibly fun first experience for me.

Let's keep growing together on the Hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive Blockchain! 😄

(rain or shine)

Bl.. brilliant! You wrote a Hive hymn! 😄
We'll all be singing that together!!
Love it! 😍👏

Haha 😄 well thank you!
I wouldn't mind if we made a little collaboration out of this. I'll keep the files close by just in case.

😂🤣 Yeah, you do that! 👍

Well... We finally have it... The HIVE hymn is born!!!!
Thanks for creating it, Alex!

I have picked this post on behalf of the @OurPick project and it will be highlighted in the next post!

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the HIVE anthem!!🙌😄 sounds cool!

I just got the ball rolling.

It would be awesome to add some more lyrics and instruments to it and sing it as a community. We can It can be a HIVE thing.

Welcome to hive open mic , this was a very cool first entry! Great beat and a fantastic lyrical flow with some deep block chain inspired lyrics , very creative and inspirational stuff sir.

Im looking forward to more of your content, this upcoming week 124s theme is "Moonshine" I'm excited to see what everyone comes up with for that one.

Thanks so much!

I didn't want to just sing any old song. My thought was if I'm going to join the fun, I might as well make a brand new song for the occasion. This is what came out 😄

I'll do my best to participate in Hive Open Mic #124

A perfect Hive song.

Gonna Make this world a better place
gonna make it a better place

Indeed and I did like it! :)

Haha Yes!! thank you!!

We can certainly stack some more lyrics on top of that base. You are also welcome to use whatever elements and add to it if you wish. :)

Aaaaaah esto es perfecto!! Me recordó a "El príncipe del rap en Bel-Air" 😎🎶🎶 qué bonito espacio de trabajo tienes ahí!! 🏞️✨✨

😄 Si!! algo así jajaja. Qué risa. Es lo que salió de una sesión de experimentación y lluvia de ideas. Me lo pasé muy bien y espero seguirlo haciendo.

Muchas gracias amigo!

OMG!! I love that! Really good fun.

It was more fun than a barrel of monkeys!

Had a great time coming up with the lyrics 😄

Hope to hang out more 'round here.

Wow, Alex, I am so happy I can give you the welcome to Hive Open Mic family 😎

Wow, and more of it, sooooooooooooo cool song, it is AWESOME!

Looking forward to seeing you the next week too 😃


Thank you so much!! I feel right at home!

Yeah, I had so much fun making it, I ended up making a lyric video too, lol 😆

WAGM TWABP lyrics.png

I'll do my best to participate every week.

great, looking forward 😎

This is an AWESOME song!! Love it!!

Thank you so much! I had a lot of fun making it. It wasn't in the plans until it started raining <3

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Thank you! I AM encouraged that you checked out my video.

I also use Ecency daily; love it.

hahaha very funny your song and telling many truths in a funny way.

Haha Thank you!

I find telling truths in a funny way is the best way to be heard. I'll save the music for this one; maybe someone will like to collaborate one day and finish the song.

¡Jajaja interesante y divertida propuesta musical te haz gastado @alex-rourke! La disfrute al ritmo de este rap ✌️

Muchas gracias! jaja

Es mi primera vez participando en Hive Open Mic y decidí hacer algo divertido que salió sin querer queriendo 😆